Prepositions after "vacant"

"vacant for", "vacant in" or "vacant by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases vacant for is used

Senior jobs lay vacant for many months.

The lot has been vacant for over 3 yrs on.

And the pontificate was vacant for a month.

It's been vacant for the last two years, and he said renovations may not cost as much.

During this period, she rents it out for six years and leaves it vacant for four years.

The posts of clerks are at present remaining vacant for which the school suffers a lot.

In Gujarat the post of Lokayukta which was lying vacant for more than seven years, has been filled by the Governor.

Now is the time to deliberately, purposefully, let the position stay vacant for as excruciatingly long as possible.

It had been vacant for years until The Roundabout Theatre Company moved in 1998 and turned it into a Broadway house.

The paper abandoned the building in 1970 for its new waterfront headquarters and the tower lay vacant for several years.

In 13% of cases vacant by is used

Mary, of Youghal, was vacant by the death of Peter Walshe.

Mind will not be vacant by these endless wishes until the death.

Pro tip for the seller: The property is required to be vacant by 12.

They basically occupied the niche that had been left vacant by the departure of the Hoppers.

We need to think our way out of situations where houses can be left vacant by owner landlords.

The Harbour Heat returns after sitting out 2011 and will fill the spot made vacant by the Pistons.

The biggest hole will be the one left vacant by goalie Taylor Speed who will be with the LaSalle Junior ' B ' Vipers.

Ameobi has seen Senegal hit-man Papiss Cisse inherit the shirt left vacant by Andy Carroll when he quit St James ' Park.

When the See of Philadelphia became vacant by the death of Bishop Egan, Father de Barth became administrator of the diocese.

Sky Sports have speculated that the player will be handed the no 13 shirt left vacant by departed Belarusian Aliaksandr Hleb.

In 12% of cases vacant in is used

It has become vacant in meaning.

There wasn't a room left vacant in the town.

It says 65 units are vacant in the Maraenui area.

Look for the space vacant in the room and select the home theater system consequently.

Catherine's house was marked as vacant in the Griffith's Revisions some time around 1925.

If so, my seat in parliament will probably be declared vacant in accordance with a recent law.

A light is from our household gone, A voice we loved is still, A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled.

But, I had applied to become the General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association, when the position became vacant in 2001.

One precious to our hearts has gone, The voice we loved is stilled; The place made vacant in our home Can never more be filled.

In 7% of cases vacant at is used

And it? s vacant at the moment.

A room is vacant at Christian's house where Mara can safely stay.

He said the land that they once occupy is not vacant at any cost.

The Fernandos ' next door house, which was vacant at the time, was one of those houses.

There was an emptied table for 4, and 2 small tables for 2 were also vacant at the far end.

However, it is incorrect to assume the majority of properties attacked were vacant at the time.

More than 1/3 rd of the academic cadre posts in universities are vacant at this time for want of suitable applicants.

He is so deluded and spiritually vacant at that point, it's clear the emotional/psychological journey he began ends here.

This bid for membership follows on a number of African seats on the Executive Council that will become vacant at the end of 2005.

In 6% of cases vacant after is used

Carlow: Still vacant after Luke Dempsey's departure.

Waterford: Still vacant after John Owens ' departure.

Clare: Still vacant after Michael McDermott's departure.

With much of the land left vacant after the great catastrophe they now had their chance.

The position fell vacant after the demise of the Square Group chairman, Samson H Chowdhury.

The seat had fallen vacant after her husband Akhilesh Yadav resigned to take over as chief minister.

The Tirupati assembly seat fell vacant after the election of actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi to the Rajya Sabha.

The post of the MD fell vacant after Nobel laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus stepped down on May 12 last year?? to prevent.

She has been elected to the post that was left vacant after the death of Samson H Chowdhury, chairman of Square Group.

Geylang West On 14 Dec 1986, the Geylang West seat became vacant after PAP MP and Minister, Teh Cheang Wan, committed suicide.

In 4% of cases vacant on is used

When the post of the Chairman became vacant on 23.

There were almost 290,000 homes vacant on Census night.

There were almost 290,000 homes vacant on Census night, equating to 14.

However, the position was left vacant on the basis of affirmative action requirements.

Perhaps thrones lie vacant on some stars because we are hidden away here upon the earth.

National Vice-President: Also vacant on the Board is the position of National Vice-President.

In 1621,? Owen O'Hanlon?, Eugenio Hanlon, received a commission as captain which fell vacant on the death of Rury O'Doherty.

Then I had the misfortune to hear the Sex Pistols singing Pretty Vacant on an unguarded radio and I decided to go to University.

In 3% of cases vacant since is used

The site has remained vacant since then.

There are three significant claimants to the throne, vacant since 1870.

The Bench said that the post of chairperson had been lying vacant since August 2011.

Came here in ' 95 and two residential blocks in particular come to mind that have been vacant since then.

Tiger Balm Garden T he mansion has remained vacant since being surrendered to the government in year 2001.

He was elected second assistant secretary general of the party in 1989, a post that had been vacant since 1984.

Both positions have been vacant since February following the resignation of Robert Bryan and Jimmy Adams respectively.

The post of the managing director of Grameen Bank has been vacant since May last year when Prof Muhammad Yunus stepped.

The post has been vacant since May last year when Prof Muhammad Yunus stepped down as managing director of the bank he founded more than three decades ago.

Paddon Memorial Home building formerly functioned as a Seniors Home for seniors requiring various levels of care and has remained vacant since closing in 2010.

In 2% of cases vacant with is used

You don't really believe this land was vacant with maybe just a few seagulls and scorpions.

It is evident in the houses long-ago foreclosed, still sitting vacant with boarded-up windows.

The following positions are vacant with our client -- A dealer in a popular Chinese brand of heavy duty trucks.

The final position on the Board, left vacant with the resignation of Mr Eddie Keogh was a two way contest between Mr Denis Toomey and Mr Ciaran McKenna.

Now most of the factories and offices are vacant with many of the smaller factories leased as cheap storage to families to store their boats, caravans etc.

He slipped effortlessly into the post left vacant with the death of his father, and appeared equally comfortable with politicians from either side of the divide.

Russell Brand is scheduled to perform a comedy version of the Sex Pistols ' song Pretty Vacant with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders -- all in full punk get-up.

The job became vacant with Kevin Bakhurst's departure earlier this month to become managing director of news and current affairs at Ireland public service broadcaster RTE.

Due to the intensive training needed in these professions, workers will be forced to practice at their highest levels, leaving lower-level positions vacant with no one in the pipeline to fill them.

In 2% of cases vacant due is used

After December, our secretary position will also be vacant due to Caity Therrien graduating.

A woman staff employee actually escorted my wife to a nearby hotel which had one room vacant due to a cancellation.

In the event the presidency becomes vacant due to death, permanent disability, resignation or impeachment, the vice president becomes the new president.

Labor Disputes The employer must assure that the job opportunity for which the employer is requesting H-2B certification is not vacant due to a strike or lockout.

Itinerant -- is a collaboration between Rose Lord and Mari Spirito which presents occasional exhibitions in spaces in New York which have become vacant due to the economic downturn.

Feizhou Guo of Shell China made a worrying case by showing a chart with a new CSR management structure where 22 local CSR positions remain vacant due to a lack of the right candidates to fill them.

In 2% of cases vacant during is used

The house is usually vacant during the day and we cook with gas and have cold water.

The hostel, where the boys stay during school times, was usually vacant during holidays, but the cooks were still there.

The premises should be vacant during an incoming and outgoing inspection, unless the landlord and tenant agree otherwise.

By-elections A by-election occurs when a seat in the National Assembly becomes vacant during the lifetime of a Parliament (i.

Before heading to Washington to resume his Senate duties (his seat had been kept vacant during his recuperation ), Charles Sumner visited Longfellow in Cambridge.

Like Jobs ' house, McFarlin had singled out other homes that appeared temporarily vacant during construction or renovation in upscale San Francisco Bay-area communities.

In 2% of cases vacant following is used

The post has become vacant following the elevation of then Vice-President Mr.

The Gazipur-4 parliament seat fell vacant following the resignation of Sohel Taj as AL lawmaker on July 7.

The CEO position became vacant following the expiration of the mandate of Fred Crentsil before the season started.

The office of Dean of Argyll &; The Isles has been vacant following the retirement of The Very Rev Norman MacCallum.

This was evident in the recent Dublin West by-election held to fill the seat left vacant following the death of Brian Lenihan.

The election was held for the position of Dramsoc auditor, which had been left vacant following the resignation of Enda Reilly.

The post of prime minister fell vacant following a Supreme Court? s order disqualifying Yousuf Raza Gilani for contempt on Tuesday.

The two seats fell vacant following the death of roads minister kiplaya kones and home affairs assistant minister lorna laboso in a tragic.

The 20-year-old becomes the youngest MP in the country's history, taking up the seat on the ruling NRM party ticket after it fell vacant following the death of her father.

In 2% of cases vacant from is used

This property is vacant from almost 22 yrs.

But, there have been many, many posts that I've been vacant from.

As of yet Spotify is still vacant from many other home media platforms.

The great Alexander, in times vacant from battle, delighted in that manner hunting.

Edit: The Adult Party stream is also vacant from 7am to midnight on ARQ-A (source bsaoc.

Ruth was now vacant from her thoughts as she found herself sitting in the tiny bar just off of Hudson.

The search for new tenants for the building at the Regent - vacant from this Monday - is in the hands of Bayleys Whangarei.

Prometheus suffers from a lack of spectacle regards direction -- light and texture seem to be considerably vacant from this movie, but more of that later.

Nagpur University PRO post, which remained in limelight for all the wrong reasons due to criticism from media and NU bosses, became vacant from Wednesday.

In 2% of cases vacant before is used

They mentioned that the site was vacant before the monsoon rains of 2011.

Arbib waiting in the wings to contest any lower house seats that may become vacant before the next election.

If the office of the President becomes vacant before the expiry of the term of office, a Vice-President shall be elected by Council to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term of office.

In 2% of cases vacant of is used

When they dress the shoes, they have the large vacant of providing the shoes wearers.

The offices of illustrators John Howe and Alan Lee were similarly vacant of Smaug sketches.

A few stroll through here once in awhile, but usually its rather vacant of that kind of thinking.

I also reject God-claims that are so vacant of specifics as to be meaningless (God is the univers.

Climate projections that may appear in the IPCC AR5 will be completely vacant of physical credibility.

It's my belief that most Republicans would be happy with a two class society, one vacant of the well paid construction worker.

Nothing will happen in the DLF; that party is vacant of mind and populated by place-seekers collecting allowances in ministry sinecures.

Nothing will happen in the DLF; that party is vacant of mind and populated by place seekers collecting allowances in Ministry sinecures.

The Project (in a bit more detail) The general ambition in this project is to put colour and creativity into an urban space that is vacant of anything.

In 1% of cases vacant across is used

Commercial buildings remain vacant across the state.

In 1% of cases vacant without is used

Democracy is vacant without it, and so is art.

Last Thursday was a little vacant without your write up in this forum.

The exact centre of the house should be left vacant without any furniture in it.

In 1% of cases vacant under is used

The position was vacant under the caretaker government and it is unclear whether this Advisor on Energy position will continue to exist under the new Government.

Where the office of a member of the Council becomes vacant under subsection (3 ), the secretary to the Council shall forthwith notify the vacancy to the appropriate appointing body or person.

In 1% of cases vacant to is used

I was vacant to him for a good 3 months.

That lot also remains vacant to this day.

I can't explain why they appeared so vacant to me.

It was like a thunder blow &; whole world was vacant to me.

Leave the vacant to someone that really need a roof on top of them.

Are you vacant to take the time out of your tiring schedule to vacation? Not prone.

Speed of Hire also referred to as Time to Hire referring to the time the position fell vacant to the time a replacement is found.

As He can not possess it alone, without emptying it of all besides, so neither can He act there and do in it what He pleases unless it be left vacant to Him.

In 1% of cases vacant through is used

By s14 of that Act the salaried judges of the court were to be abolished as their offices fell vacant through death, retirement or resignation.

The seat is rendered vacant through Cr Shand deciding not to offer himself for re-election, and Mr Rudduck has been presented with a numerously signed requisition.

So thank you! Lorrae I do keep an eye on the roles that are vacant through SEEK and other websites and I have had some knowledge of Frog Recruitment and I have always really loved the name and brand.

In 1% of cases vacant as is used

There is nothing as stupid or morally vacant as an Obama voter.

A plant at Sao Martinho, double the size of Paraiso, sits half-complete, vacant as of February.

When the bishop is absent, that seat remains vacant as a reminder of the bishop's ministry amidst the presbyters and people.

The posts fell vacant as the holders completed their tenures on the 9th of this month, without renewal or extension of their jobs by the government.

The ECP can simply notify that a seat has fallen vacant as a result of the disqualification of Mr Gilani; and (c) Mr Gilani would not be able to stand.

In implementation of the Court's orders, the Commission issued a directive for the bye-election to a National Assembly seat which became vacant as a result of Gilani's disqualification.

In 1% of cases vacant because is used

High street premises are vacant because of restrictions on use.

Suitable employment does not include the employment in a job that is vacant because of a trade dispute.

One post has remained vacant because of perceived personality clash between the candidate and SBP management.

The law also allows a seat to be declared vacant because of a Member's bankruptcy, mental illness or conviction for a serious criminal offence.

During World War II when all the men are fighting the war, most of the jobs that were left vacant because of their absence were filled in by women.

The position will become vacant because of the appointment of the previous office holder to the position of Associate Editor for the Refereed Section.

Godin suggests that within 5 years we will see over 50% of CBD offices vacant because of this trend, and that many businesses and professions will disappear from the developed nations.

In 1% of cases vacant between is used

Any elective position that falls vacant between Business Meetings shall be filled at the next Business Meeting.

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