Prepositions after "utter"

"utter by" or "utter in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases utter by is used

Almost each word uttered by Mr.

T his is also true of oaths uttered by way of execration, such as that of St.

Last words Those were the last words uttered by Gamini Dissanayake, Presidential Candidate of the UNP.

The Tiananmen line was one of many hyperbolic one-liners uttered by Santorum during his 1994 campaign.

The notion that people need to ' give back to society ' is uttered by many people who have been successful.

I always love hearing this words uttered by our dear ex PM Goh saying we strive to become the Switzerland of Asia.

Some word might have been uttered by Fyodor Pavlovitch, some exclamation which showed the prisoner that she was not there.

Many articles keep repeating the notion, most recently uttered by Vic Toews, that in Guantanamo Khadr had been interacting with older hardened terrorists.

They also blamed the government for keeping quiet, while religious hate statements were being uttered by certain media outlets and religious groups in the country.

The first desire is to believe in the Olympic oath that was uttered by Britain's Taekwondo star Sarah Stevenson, who lost both her parents as she prepared for the Games.

In 27% of cases utter in is used

They shuddered at the blessing of love; to their ears it was uttered in a demon's name.

Some others have stated that, it is slander when uttered in the presence of the person and defaming when speaking in his absence.

If a hadith is narrated by a number of narrators and there is additional words in some of them, then it should be looked into whether the hadith was originally uttered in one sitting.

Origin The phrase was first uttered in the 1984 comedy film Ghostbusters by Dana Barrett (played by Sigourney Weaver) who hires the team to remove a ghost from her New York City apartment.

In 7% of cases utter on is used

And how Dave Ulmer and Navicache and Robin Lovelock became words that you dare not utter on geocaching.

Bob Dylan croons and Bob Kaufman utters on the small, smoke-fogged stage while heads in the audience tip together in debate about important things.

The highly unusual criminal prosecution over words uttered on a soccer field comes as English soccer officials fight to stamp racism out of the sport, with mixed results.

In 4% of cases utter with is used

With few exceptions, those statements could be uttered with honesty by most Democrats and Republicans.

In 3% of cases utter as is used

How much did the death of Stephen really influence Paul? Was it those words of forgiveness that he uttered as the stones rained down on him? As the Church would say later.

In 3% of cases utter during is used

Only a few choice words were uttered during the process.

In 1% of cases utter around is used

When it's uttered around Culiacn, it's usually in a whisper.

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