Prepositions after "upgrade"

upgrade to, from, in, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases upgrade to is used

This unit was upgraded to the St.

Do I need to upgrade to access FT.

Am now considering upgrading to the 3.

Folks are killing me acting as if they are owed a discount to upgrade to the iphone5.

I hate stock Giant cheap stems but I won't be able to get it upgraded to other brands.

In high school he upgraded to a 286 PC, and he's been following Moore's law ever since.

It will be responsible for closing any identified gaps quickly and also for longer term upgrades to our capability.

The Polytechnics were upgraded to tertiary status: they had an important role in middle-level manpower development.

It is also expected that the New York and San Francisco flight schedules will also be upgraded to the same aircraft.

Posted by mss-ca Tuesday, May 22, 2012 178 days ago I thought it is not possible to upgrade to 10 because 4+5+6+7 =22.

In 9% of cases upgrade from is used

UPGRADE Upgrading from K2mart 1.

I really couldn't recommend upgrading from 12.

Posted by: Paul 03 Aug 2010 avg 9 Tried to upgrade from 8.

Upgraded from a mere spectator last year to a Nominee this year, it's not a bad achievement.

Teachers have Macbook Airs, the students are just about to upgrade from an iPod Touch to an iPad.

I was able to upgrade from an iphone4 in march of this year but i purposely waited for the announcement of the 5.

VA28 Sully Road was widened to 2x3 lanes and with interchanges upgraded from a surface arterial to an expressway.

Posted by MarcusX5 Tuesday, May 22, 2012 178 days ago no one in good state of mind would think that they could upgrade from OS4 OS5 OS6.

It should be known that you can not upgrade from Windows XP 64 bit as the upgrade assistant insists that SP3 is required and of course there is no SP3 for Win XP 64 bit.

In 4% of cases upgrade in is used

We should always be looking to upgrade in every position.

Of the 60 aircraft originally bought, 35 were slated to be upgraded in 2008.

While the entire telephone system was upgraded in the 1990s, the Internet will be upgraded gradually.

In today's tech poll I'd asking you to name one component you would most like to upgrade in your computer.

Facing southwards and enjoying an elevated site this well laid out home has been superbly re-developed and upgraded in the last couple of years.

Will you be able to afford to upgrade in 6 months time if you buy a Scorpio or gn? The Scorpio will go motorway speed, but you may not feel comfortable doing it.

COA routinely conducts energy audits of the campus with the goal of making existing buildings, which were retrofitted and upgraded in 2008, more energy efficient.

Industrial Training In 1993, the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) was launched by the government to encourage training, retraining and skills upgrading in the private sector.

He? s grateful that he didn? t use his Delta SkyMiles to book personal trips because he would have had to scramble to rebook vacations and upgrades in the wake of his account cancellation.

In 3% of cases upgrade for is used

I would like to upgrade my graphics card, however I have heard that I can not upgrade for some reason.

It's going to ensure further security while you will get on a daily basis upgrades for the many softwares.

The Macintosh car owners would have to buy expensive GM upgrades for their cars which would make them run much slower.

This is perfect for anyone looking for new affiliates for their own program, or for free multi-level programs with an option to upgrade for a fee.

If you have requested a cash out and you are already a premium member you must keep your account upgraded for the remaining time until you have successfully received your cash out.

In 3% of cases upgrade with is used

I really need to be upgraded with the new Galaxy pocket.

The Suunto Ambit has upgraded with the release of Update 1.

Not only the iPhone 5, but your previous versions of hardware also now ready to be upgraded with iOS6.

And the best bit, he says, is that these past phones can now be upgraded with the newest operating system (OS).

It's a modern facility, which Tieto will upgrade with its own operations management services and equip with the latest technology from Cisco, EMC, and Microsoft.

While EUPOL COPPS has been upgraded with a rule of law component in recent years, most donors have a hard time monitoring that their equipment and training are not used to oppress legitimate protest.

In 2% of cases upgrade at is used

This rejected tea could be upgraded at the factories once again.

Basically they need one more upgrade at left field or starter imo.

We would strongly recommend that students do not make hasty decisions to adjust or upgrade at what is a stressful and busy time.

I agree that the release cycle is moving too fast but it is not Google's fault that OEM's are not upgrading at the pace of the Nexus devices.

Steven Hartley at Ovum Telecoms Strategy said at the time that, while mobile capacity was being upgraded at transport and crowd hotspots, spikes in demand at peripheral sites could prove disastrous.

In 1% of cases upgrade by is used

This version is a resource hog, and since they are going to force me to upgrade by stopping the updates for 7.

The catch, according to some digging in the code, is that the Beta will only be available until Mountain Lion comes out, but you'll probably be upgrading by then any way.

Smith said global enterprise IT spending was expanding as expected, more due to the buildout of data centers powering the Internet than tech infrastructure upgrades by banks or other corporations.

In 1% of cases upgrade into is used

Midwest, where they are upgraded into gasoline and other refined petroleum products.

Just about a year ago four parliamentarians from my own political party (SLFP) wrote to the President requesting that they be upgraded into ministerial ranks.

In 1% of cases upgrade of is used

Another venture is upgrading of the Faculty of Education into a graduate faculty focusing on postgraduate studies.

The project, awarded to Julius Berger Plc, will cover the replacement of the roof, upgrading of the auditorium, elevators.

Money Despite reducing its fixed costs, capital is needed for activities such as purchasing inventory, purchase of machinery, upgrading of its workspace, utility payments, etc.

In 1% of cases upgrade on is used

I am often upgrades on over-booked flights because I dress well.

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