Prepositions after "unite"

"unite in" or "unite with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases unite in is used

It's time for citizens united in force.

Never before had they united in such a manner.

Schnee and Miss Lila Scully were united in marriage.

Silvestre joined United in the summer of 1999 for 4m and left nine years later for Arsenal.

In the process to fulfill the goal, the whole team had to unite in the culture of Core Values.

Yet that did not cause any kind of problem as everyone was united in the anticipation of hearing Dr.

The former centre-forward is fondly remembered for scoring a historic back-heel flick which relegated United in 1974.

In return, Art goes straightaway to the barricades to provide them with morale and meaning united in slogans and song.

Woman was created to be a suitable companion for man, and a single man and a single woman were to be united in marriage.

We have built up trust and credibility from all sectors of the community, and we are all united in what we want to achieve.

In 19% of cases unite with is used

For God; s sake unite with the spirit and stop focussing on trifles.

We will be more successful if we are united with a more mature approach.

If it unites with the sperm that contains a Y chromosome, the baby is male.

This one flesh occurs when the sperm of the male unites with the ovum of the female.

By serving Shri Guru, all sins perish and the soul becomes pure and united with Brahma.

In 1932 Primitive Methodism united with other branches to form the Methodist Church of today.

In the third stage the yogi, as the incarnated soul, may have the experience of being united with the higher soul.

Background Somalia was created in 1960 when the former British Somaliland united with the former Somali Italian colony.

One, who is united with Brahma in meditation, realises Kundalini, Brahma Randhra and formlessness and gets salvation without doubt.

ARTICLE V: Federal Protection of the States Only Congress has the power to admit new states that desire to be united with our country.

In 8% of cases unite by is used

As people, we are united by our shared experiences.

But I do think many of us are united by a broad approach to public policy.

When we're united by associations, it solves our problem together then it is more.

If a majority be united by a common interest, the rights of the minority will be insecure.

Republicans seem more united by their own aversion of Obama than their affinity to Romney.

The lawyers at Vogel LLP are united by the common goal of delivering successful legal solutions to clients.

Any which way, these appeasers of violence are united by their whitewash of Islam-inspired violence or even the mere threat of it.

From giant caesalpinioid rainforest trees to tiny papilionoid annual herbs, legumes are united by descent from a single common ancestor.

It is also known as the law of the polar union, and the symbol is two fiery balls united by a triangle of fire, thus picturing the triple interplay between all atomic structures.

These survivals were manifested specifically in the division into tribes which honour common ancestors and were united by traditions of mutual assistance and joint ownership of pastures.

In 7% of cases unite against is used

All the forces of the world will unite against it.

So the Pharisees and Herodians, these natural enemies, unite against Jesus.

And, of course, New Zealanders will unite against the Maoris and their pesky rights and demands.

The audience was divided on climate change; and (seemingly) united against racial discrimination.

The Cullens band together with vampires from around the world to stand united against the Volturi.

Then after telling him your feelings, turn the conversation to you both united against this world.

He asked the Shia and Sunni people to join hands and get united against the elements creating feud among the people.

They consist of muslims, christians, jews and other races who stand united against the war on terror which Israel has perpetrated on Palestine.

In 6% of cases unite to is used

In the practice of these we become united to the will of God.

The greatest grace I have received is that I have always kept united to the bishops.

Many theologians speak of a gratia unionis - the ' grace and glory of being united to the divine Logos '.

But these two natures are so united together in one person that they are not even separated by his death.

He said he was more united to God in his outward employments than when he left them for devotion in retirement.

All who believe in Christ, and are united to him by his sanctifying Spirit, will share the privileges of Israelites.

The For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

There burns the fire which purifies the soul; there unutterable sufferings and pain, united to the merits of the Most Precious Blood, is the only expiation for sin.

How then do we say democracy is working? Having said this, it's obvious that Democracy is definitely not working in Nigeria and the earlier we unite to #SaveNigeria in 2015, the better.

The Gunners were invincible in the Premier League that season, but a Paul Scholes drive from 15 yards just after the half-hour mark took United to the final -- where they beat Millwall.

In 4% of cases unite behind is used

They're elite superstars all united behind a charismatic leader.

Polls show that 70-80 percent of Americans are also united behind his proposed plans along these lines.

It's easy to unite behind killing Godzilla, but killing 10,000 mice will test resolve well beyond the societal breaking point.

Forget uniting behind a cause on social media (uniting behind a cause always happened, it was just that it used to be less instant).

The Republican Party has been united behind this cause since the days of Abraham Lincoln and you, Gekster, will do nothing to undermine it.

In 3% of cases unite for is used

You have now united for the second time, and unity will be for eternity.

The Bench and the Bar are united for the cause of the independence of judiciary.

The human character will sacrifice and unite for a foreign enemy, but not if the enemy has always been the Elite.

The fact that we all can unite for something just empowers us and gives us hope to see a better world in the future.

A nation of healthy people united for the same effort will leave the greedy individuals fighting amongst themselves in the dust.

Stand up with courage and unite for this time is almost upon you and you will hear of these new practices, none of which adhere to My true Gospel, My Teachings or the Truth.

However, all the five ancient kingdoms were united for the first time by Iliyas Shah in the 11th century and records, written in Persian, repeatedly mention the name Shah-e-Bangalian.

It is an issue that requires politicians, who inevitably have a relatively short-term focus and an oppositional mentality, to pay regard to the really long-term and to unite for the common good.

In 3% of cases unite under is used

We march with a Leadership united under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought.

We are strongest when we are one people, united under the same set of laws, with the same freedoms and responsibilities.

Prachanda has urged all the leaders, cadres, fronts, forums supporters, well wishers and the grass root people to unite under the flag of the party more dedicative.

The struggle for African self-determination is the struggle for Africa without borders and united under a single government led by workers in alliance with peasants.

I find it uplifting to state that we are all united under a greater power, whether it be that of a deity of doctrine or a collective, spiritual sense of our country's connectedness.

Thirty two years, not 130, after the CP and UP met at Promontory the two lines operated as one system after they were united under the control of Harriman, but were they were not consolidated.

In 3% of cases unite on is used

Maori are united on this issue and will respond violently (figuratively speaking) to any legislation.

But surely it is in the interests of the Commons to unite on this issue? Cameron says Brown's pre-prepared jokes are no good.

Saturday, November 10, 2012 Yes this whole election has sort of kept citizen's united on the back burner because, if there is a tool in the shed to use, why not use it.

Parliament's cross bench MPs and senators are close to uniting on the issue with Tony Windsor, Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper joining Senator Nick Xenophon in supporting government action.

In 2% of cases unite as is used

We are in many ways united as a believing people.

If and when there is a settlement on this new CBA, whether this season or next, the NHLPA should unite as a membership.

In 1% of cases unite upon is used

You were united upon the Earth and were separated at death.

In 1% of cases unite Thru is used

The recordings and books are then picked up by the USO's United Thru Reading program and sent back to their family's respective homes.

The USO's United Thru Reading program collects children's books like Green Eggs and Ham or Goodnight Moon and delivers them to USO posts outside of the country.

In 1% of cases unite through is used

The origin and source of this new worship is the Eucharist, the offering of Christ Himself, to which we are united through the Liturgy.

In 1% of cases unite over is used

Ferdinand himself held United over a barrel when negotiating his own contract with the club in 2005, when interest from Chelsea coincided with his protracted talks over new terms at Old Trafford.

In 1% of cases unite of is used

FC United of Manchester Sponsor a Player This season, supporters again have the opportunity to sponsor a player or items of individual player's kit.

In 1% of cases unite into is used

Rather than sting United into action, the early goal merely encouraged their visitors.

Scientific evidence shows that there are many different facets to the universe, understood by different branches of physics but not united into a singular explanatory framework.

In 1% of cases unite at is used

We as Jamaicans should unite at this time when we need each other.

But de problem is this, will Igbo nation unite behind either of them or will Igbo unite at all for common goal?

In 1% of cases unite around is used

Jamaicans uniting around the core value of listening is a sure way to start the release of the choke hold of crime and to write a new page in our country's history book.

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