Prepositions after "undertake"

"undertake by" or "undertake in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases undertake by is used

No such exercise was undertaken by AO.

Enrichment is undertaken by Urenco at Capenhurst in a 1.

Two: Submissions received and consultations undertaken by the Group.

The offshore function will be undertaken by Premier and its partner Progressive Energy.

Reform efforts undertaken by 17th-century sultans did little to deter the onset of decay.

Presence on the field allow fast reactions to the process undertaken by Vinci for the work.

Afterwards this mission was undertaken by the Ministry of Fisheries in collaboration with the Happy Cook Company.

But when Terah died in Haran, then the call came to Abraham to undertake by faith what his father had feared to do.

Marriage (as we know it today) was initially confined to the aristocracy; and was not undertaken by lowly peasants.

In 21% of cases undertake in is used

These measures should only be undertaken in cases of emergency.

The tests had been in fact undertaken in a laboratory environment.

That was undertaken in Moscow by Konstantin Igumnov, in October 1908.

He returned to Norway to complete his doctoral thesis on work he had undertaken in Bonn.

Three reasons have prompted this work to be undertaken in spite of it being somewhat dated.

This is one of the key areas of the work we have been undertaking in the past three years.

He was yet to do some of the rituals a man should undertake in Ohafia and anytime we see his age mate we remember him.

The spending review due to be undertaken in 2008-09 should incorporate a European-wide participative budgeting process.

An abdominal ultrasound scan (USS) was undertaken in all female patients to help exclude gyanecologic pelvic pathology.

They have been formed within specific social contexts - and the research largely undertaken in respect of boys and men.

In 7% of cases undertake with is used

A search was immediatly undertaken with 11 patrol boats and airplanes.

Each festival was properly celebrated and civic duties undertaken with propriety, if not pride.

Shimmer was nominated for a project we undertook with The LAB gallery as part of the Innovation Dublin festival.

Both of these exercises were not undertaken with scientific and professional approach -- plus they were short-lived.

A separate workshop is then undertaken with all children and youth to participate in one of AC-AF's arts-based projects.

The entire enterprise Brad would seem to be undertaking with this entire blog is integrity with those processes and people involved with elections.

Much of the charitable work done by churches is proselytising, undertaken with the primary desire to obtain converts, rather than with genuine motivation.

For a blind staff member, some tasks require assistance, and/or can be undertaken with greater speed, efficiency and safety with assistance from a sighted person.

The view taken here is that Adventure Therapy is indeed a form of psychotherapy and not merely a specialised form of recreation undertaken with particular populations.

Deficit reduction - which according to the IMF is the key to macroeconomic stability (which in turn is supposed to be the key to economic growth) - was undertaken with a vengeance.

In 5% of cases undertake at is used

Wind measurements will be undertaken at 8 sites, 4 coastal sites and 4 inland sites.

Alternatives can be undertaken at dramatically lower economic and environmental costs.

It is a case-in-point example of the sort of collaborative work undertaken at Uppsala.

Accordingly a plan of action was developed and a series of activities was undertaken at national, upazila and village level.

Evaluations are also undertaken at other times, notably when a role changes or an organisation rearranges related responsibilities.

Such experiences however can not be undertaken at our centre due to the mixed-age groups of children and the hassles of meeting the adult-child ratios on such trips: - (.

In 5% of cases undertake for is used

However, new research that I've undertaken for the TUC, published today, leads me to seriously doubt this.

In recent years a major fundraising campaign was undertaken for the provision of a new wing, which is now home to the Gate Lab.

So, why am I on my soapbox? During the off season, you may see information about funding initiatives the market board will undertake for next year's market.

This was undertaken for four main reasons: In an effort to improve the commercial flock by eliminating an undesirable trait and To lower the average micron.

They are undertaken for the express purpose of simmering down discontent so as to prop up the wobbly (not Wobbly!) states which such discontent might topple.

Illness or Injury where the trip to the host country is undertaken for treatment or advice for such illness or Injury, except as expressly provided for in the certificate of insurance.

In 4% of cases undertake on is used

FSI dictates the amount of construction that can be undertaken on a plot.

MODES: The course can be undertaken on either a full time or part time basis (i.

Breivik publicly, aligned with but hardly predicted the bloody rampage he would undertake on Friday.

Once again, I would like to thank the committee members for the work they have undertaken on this bill.

Some exempt development works can be undertaken on heritage items and conservation areas where there is minimal impact.

You'll have to possess the might to do the work and also the organizational techniques mandatory to see the job undertaken on time.

Having been a delighted passenger on this ship, I have witnessed the training the captain and his crew undertake on a continuous basis.

In 2% of cases undertake as is used

Work undertaken as a contractor is eligible if it falls within the specified work definition listed above.

Work undertaken as a volunteer may qualify if the work falls within the specified work definition listed above.

Please be aware that some checks undertaken as part of your application processing may take longer than 90 days.

This is equivalent to 3 months full time training and should ideally be undertaken as a single full time allocation, but can be delivered as.

This action should be considered as different from the evacuation process and should be undertaken as the evacuation process nears completion.

In 2% of cases undertake during is used

Fluorouracil may cause a diffuse phototoxic reaction in the areas of application so sun exposure should be avoided; normally treatment should be undertaken during the winter months.

In 2% of cases undertake under is used

It is simply a reminder that some treatments (specifically chemical peels and microdermabrasion) are much safer when undertaken under ideal conditions.

It considers the integration of disaster risk reduction (DRR) into national policies and programmes among the specific activities undertaken under the second phase of the Nairobi work programme.

When the British took over they too ostensibly undertook under the Kandyan Convention of 1815 to protect Buddhist traditions and the special status the kings had accorded to Buddhism in the country.

In 2% of cases undertake to is used

News Ltd has now undertaken to post the code on every masthead's website.

Scotland needs a strong debating chamber to take it forward and there is very little evidence of productive debate being undertaken to date.

In April 2010, the Company undertook to buyback the minority shareholdings of PGI which was thereafter delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange.

Renewed efforts must be undertaken to rehouse them, and, if it is not possible to return them to Syria, then they should be given new homes in the US.

In 1% of cases undertake without is used

All this has been unnecessary, undertaken without merit, and deliberately intended to intimidate and control me and my family.

If a mood shift can be identified at an early stage, these complications can be prevented and treatment undertaken without the need for admission to hospital.

In 1% of cases undertake after is used

Tahaliyani, a vital procedure that is undertaken after the prosecution completes examination of all its witnesses.

Costs: Since collection procedures are normally undertaken after default, generally only costs incurred after default are eligible for repayment.

In 1% of cases undertake within is used

However, this is only undertaken within the framework of our legal obligations.

This issue has now become a matter of some urgency because the appointment of the next set of Ministers is likely to be undertaken within the next few days.

In 1% of cases undertake through is used

The path that China undertakes at present is the very path that Japan undertook through 1970? s.

Rehabilitation activities have been undertaken through small subcontractors, non-governmental organizations and semi-skilled community members.

Somerset Townsend, who undertook through motives of personal friendship to lay them waste, and who very prudently remained silent on the subject.

He said that development initiatives of the present government were not limited to a particular sector, and added that efforts were undertaken through development progress in entire sectors of life.

In 1% of cases undertake between is used

Because speed can vary when travel is undertaken between bodies in the universe, time appears to be variable (relative).

He reminded the Minister that the last new building to be undertaken between 1979 and 2006 was the College Library which was designed at the time for 750 students.

In 1% of cases undertake among is used

Policies and practices for the security discipline were rolled out and training was undertaken among security personnel in respect of the Voluntary Principles.

However, it would have been impossible without the restructuring process Ribeiro put in place, one of several being undertaken among Brazilian football's heavily indebted clubs.

The Allied and Associated Powers undertake among themselves not to revive with Germany any conventions or treaties which are not in accordance with the terms of the present Treaty.

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