Prepositions after "underline"

"underline by" or "underline in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases underline by is used

His importance was underlined by coach J Sanath.

This was underlined by the excellent patient compliance.

Emergence of the new garden is underlined by the early and a content summary only.

But I was under the impression that the allurements of peace had been recently underlined by Rudolf Hess.

His every gesture is underlined by a sound effect, he wears hideously embellished trousers and his eyes turn red whenever he is enraged.

This is underlined by the fact that a new target is being set, using the new set of up-to-date indicators, which are more realistic and in keeping with living standards today.

Still, the opening ' Open the Door (To Your Heart) ' is his most engaging song in years, a soulful and near-spiritual love song underlined by humming horns and rolling keyboards.

Similarly with the Uposatha days, the importance of which are underlined by a number of discourses on the subject in the Anguttara-nikaya, the Book of the Eights (see the Appendix).

As to the brightness, well, the rain poured down for most of my three days in Cadiz, and the worsening economic situation of Spain was underlined by yet another savage austerity budget.

This point is underlined by Margaret Flynn, the author of a ' Serious Case Review ' into the Winterbourne scandal which was commissioned by South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board.

In 19% of cases underline in is used

This strategy is underlined in other ways.

The role of PRASET in the Sahel has to be underlined in this respect.

The grammar also needs some attention (see underlined in blue comments for details ).

That is, they should call out the words that are underlined in the example text below.

The inward nature of morality A fifth point that, as we have seen, Jesus underlined in his teaching, is the inward nature of morality.

In 6% of cases underline for is used

A wartime poster used underlining for emphasis, capital letters for clarity and impact, and moving to a new line as a kind of punctuation -- but not consistently.

In 3% of cases underline on is used

In that regard, it might also be worth showing the hypertext for italics, bold, and underlines on that page, if the moderators consider those helpful for the general posting.

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