Prepositions used with "threat"

"under threat" or "of threat"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases threat under is used

The Jewish People are under threat.

It may be just your job that is under threat.

Such outstanding talent under threat either way.

More than 58 percent of coral reefs are considered under threat from human activities.

However, I am required (under threat of a fine or imprisonment) to comply with the law.

Under threat -- Napier/Gisborne rail line Before we go any further, I have not seen the report or any parts of it.

India negotiated the peace keeping operation under THREAT of invading, by having a armed vessel in Sri lankan waters.

Australia, herself come under threat of direct attack and the ships of the RAN formed Australia's first line of defence.

And it's caused by one simple fact: the human brain, that most sensitive of organs, is under threat from the modern world.

In 27% of cases threat of is used

We accept assertions of threat without question.

Only Craig Bellamy looked to pose any sort of threat.

An enormous sense of threat is associated with revealing the truth.

In making the kind of threats it is, the BJP is hurting the country, not the Congress.

The response to any kind of threat, real or perceived, is now one of overwhelming force.

Types and Severity of Threats Habitat conversion is the primary threat to the ecoregion.

We have to keep our reserves and the ability to call them up when we see this kind of threat is developing in the world.

As implied from its name the program is specifically meant to delete all sorts of threat associated with this very infection.

In the Eastern Province the people did vote them out in the midst of threats to life and armed thuggery, out there in the open.

But there's also a palpable sense of threat, of a mysterious and inexplicable but highly organised force already at work in the land.

In 6% of cases threat with is used

Some abusers talk the talk with threats against extended members but don't follow through.

It was easy to manage the MSM with threats, ad doles, investment by corporate giants, flashy awards and so on.

It is not a religion with ten commandments or seven deadly sins, with threat of excommunication for not obeying the rules.

They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves -- along with threats for failure to comply.

H e will also observe how prone Christians are to this sin; since it was not sufficient to give the command, but also necessary to accompany it with threats.

It just entirely shatters my heart when I hear her speak in a foul/abusive way to my parents or when she guilts them or spreads her negativity to them along with threats.

Here, a gaggle of Halls ' Ladies invade the town in a tipsy mess, stopping traffic with threats to ' feast on the locals ' and a line of our boys christen the local church.

Leslie Reagan traces the exercise and policing of abortion, which although unlawful was nevertheless commonly obtainable, but often with threats for each medical professional and individual.

In 5% of cases threat to is used

Religious freedom is in danger (Recently, Sanga sammelanya was cancelled due to threat).

Our bodies respond to threats with adrenaline, fear, alarm, and an abruptly fine-tuned vigilance.

This change from irritant to threat is best seen in a series of letters found after the war had ended.

So, drawing people's attention to threats is going to be easier than mobilising people around a vision of a better world.

One study linked meditators ' lower stress to changes in the amygdala -- a brain area involved in fear and the response to threat.

As there are various interests, including fragmented armed groups representing ethnic and ethno-communal interests, the media has been subjected to threats from certain quarters.

In 4% of cases threat by is used

The only way one got anything done was by threats of retribution via politicians, private civil suits, going to the media etc etc.

If the federal government can coerce individuals -- by threat of fines -- to buy health insurance, there is no stopping the federal government from forcing Americans to buy any good or service.

In 3% of cases threat against is used

However, identifying and mobilising against threats is by no means the exclusive property of the Right.

Protection of business reputation of an organization is the part of the overall organization defense system against threats by internal and external environment.

People took opposite positions on this new situation, some mobilising against the threats posed by industrialism, some mobilising against threats to on-going economic growth and expansion.

In 3% of cases threat despite is used

A gunman attacked Yousafzai, who campaigned for girls ' education despite threats from the Taliban, on October 9 as she was leaving school in Swat.

In 3% of cases threat from is used

Among its objectives are to protect turtles from threats, abuse and extinction and carry out turtle-hatchery programmes, conservation and research.

Since 2005, APEC has played a role in enabling the region to better prepare for, respond to and recover from threats and devastation caused by natural disasters.

Ultimately, the primary purpose of the SCO normative framework appears to be to protect regimes from threats to their power, rather than individuals from threats to their safety.

In 3% of cases threat in is used

The idea, that all around me people walk in threat, did not deter me.

Chris and I are not good travel partners, the end result usually ends in threats of divorce.

Their political position is now also in threat due to hundreds of years of believing they were impossible to ever be threatened.

These types of treatments gradually harm the water quality and leave the poor people, dependent on the flowing water, in threats of waterborne diseases.

In 2% of cases threat on is used

Their weakness is that they are tone deaf to value, lack vision, and place too much weight on threat.

Laws, regulations, taxation, legislation etc, all of it relies on threats of theft of wealth or threats of imprisonment.

Where is the hooded, wired prisoner forced to stand on threat of electrocution at Abu Ghraib? It says a hell of a lot more of the U.

We don't threaten work colleagues until they agree with our ideas, and yet we happily sanction threats against strangers to make them pay for ideas like the NHS etc.

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