Prepositions used with "pressure"

"under pressure" or "of pressure"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases pressure under is used

Wood had folded under pressure.

Ability to work under pressure.

The ACMD buckled under pressure.

Decision-making ability is bad especially under pressure no matter where he plays.

The other Indians may have struggled under pressure but Saina simply shrugs it off.

Shipping and rail loads are still under pressure, but this may entirely be to coal.

Under pressure from many high-ranking politicians, the President finally acted, imposing mandatory quotas on U.

I mean, we all know Frank is all talk, and panics anytime he is under pressure a billion times worse than Zach.

What makes Under Pressure relevant today? Childhood is always evolving and it has always been defined by adults.

Bankruptcy has also meant that airlines, which are under pressure to make a profit, can't reduce fares that much.

In 25% of cases pressure of is used

Yes, there was bit of pressure.

It put a lot of pressure on them.

But I felt women had lots of pressure.

Gerrard will be under a lot of pressure to get forward and support Suarez in attack.

The problem is, there are only a tiny handful of guys who can take that kind of pressure.

Its allot of pressure and a night out down the local boozer just does not cut it any more.

A slight pulse of pressure spreads through the North American continental crust and dissipates with little effect.

Lads could easily have crumbled with the amount of pressure they've been under but fair play to them, they didn't.

People here have a tough time and a lot of pressure but I think Ireland is way off the scale in terms of socialism.

However, the serial nature of the contacts could be perceived as some kind of pressure, presumably at my direction.

In 15% of cases pressure to is used

He responds to pressure by burying himself in detail.

But US attempts to pressure India on its foreign policy are not in doubt.

A leader who can make things happen without bowing to pressure from France.

The surface is sufficiently sensitive to pressure, sometimes there are false clicks.

I think the best way forward is to pressure such organisations to set up such journals.

Russia has resolutely refused to pressure Israel over its colonial settlement expansion.

It had to turn it into a moral and ethical issue before it could hope to pressure other governments to follow suit.

It would be easy to fall prey to pressure like that but instead he's actually offering honest critiques of the show.

The findings add to pressure to reform Parliament following the Bureau's other revelations about the House of Lords.

I believe that you simply can do with a few % to pressure the message home a little bit, however other than that, this is.

In 3% of cases pressure with is used

Massage involves manipulating parts of the body with pressure.

They are run like corporations, with pressures on getting the results up up up.

With pressure from conservationists, some form of open space figured prominently.

He should be able to deal with pressure so that on crunch situations he does not chicken out.

BREATH: Same as breath 15 and 16, make a small hole in your lips, and blow out with pressure.

With pressure from India also increasing it is clear that neither of the demands could be given.

With linen, you can also stretch pants back to their original length simply by ironing with pressure down the leg.

Gently but with pressure, iron down the leg, keep the pressure even across the width of your pant until the length is correct.

Wrighty this team can't deal with pressure, they've shown that over &; over, they are nearly men who suddenly hide when the stakes are high.

With pressure closing in, he escaped the first rushers, then moved alertly to dodge a pair of defenders, then weaved inside and outside, leaving another defender grabbing for air.

In 2% of cases pressure in is used

The rise in pressure changes blood flow to the brain.

This increase in pressure would also occur if the reverse were true.

One or two players may be in pressure but whole team should not play like that.

But we think we detect flaws in his character, don't we? We perceive that he wilts in pressure games.

Oh, I know he has played in tight matches and in pressure situations on the field, but he has had an easy run off the field throughout his career.

As magma rises to the surface, the drop in pressure causes its gases to expand violently like the foam that explodes out of a champagne bottle when first opened.

This position has been changed to some extent by an increase in party activism in the Labour Party/government and more generally by a post-1945 growth in pressure groups.

As the ukulele is actually a string instrument, and the strings are in pressure all the time, it is normal for the strings to become from tune a number of times once you have tuned it.

In 1% of cases pressure about is used

About pressure: I won't say anything.

Playoff basketball is all about pressure, how you can handle it.

It will teach you many wonderful things about pressure and heat.

You talk about pressure, pressure, pressure and as a manager you have to keep winning.

In 1% of cases pressure by is used

The sediment gets turned into rock by being buried and compacted by pressure from the weight above it.

Corns and calluses represent localised hyperkeratosis induced by pressure, most often on hands and feet.

Not fusing anything, the neutron star is held up forever against gravity by pressure exerted its own extreme density.

Parkinson's Law: Heat produced by pressure expands to fill the mind available, from which it can pass only to a cooler mind.

The social problems of contemporary America are not arbitrary or idiosyncratic problems but problems generated by pressures at work throughout the world today.

Honestly speaking, my fear of time running out, lack of confidence, being affected by pressure from family/friends, and of course the dreaded man shortage was driving me to make poor dating choices.

In 1% of cases pressure Despite is used

Jayewardene government despite pressure to the contrary by many national and international forces.

In 1% of cases pressure for is used

In other words, for any given set of values for pressure, temperature, density, composition, etc.

I always look for pressure because it means I'd up in the leaderboard and I have a chance to win.

Tension in return for pressure is perhaps a good interpretation for Saudi Arabias anti-Iran moves and policies.

In 1% of cases pressure on is used

Head to toe treatments focus on pressure points throughout the face, neck, shoulders, hands and feet.

What also is making models difficult is our inaccuracy of measuring the different atmospheric pressures as they are based on pressure on water and NOT on the atmospheric gases themselves.

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