Prepositions after "typical"

typical of, for, in, to or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases typical of is used

Typical of Facebook as a whole.

Typical of the real man, though.

Typical of the emerging Dublin 2.

However, if Martin is typical of the SNP it is doubtful if we will continue to do so.

And it is typical of this acrid age that what we all discuss is compulsory Communism.

What knowledgable therapod you are! Typical of me, I feel for the innocent bystanders.

But the reasonably drawn-out Obama vs Clinton struggle was unusual, not typical of the way these things tend to go.

Typical of trekking is that you can always see were you are going but there is generally a river valley in the way.

Later entries in the manifesto seem to confirm that Modern Warfare 2 was not typical of the games he liked to play.

Typical of modern big business, but lacking in moral fibre! It will come back to haunt them one of these fine days.

In 10% of cases typical for is used

You are typical for your people.

Both of us are typical for our era.

Fairly typical for a small company.

These groundless attackes instead of addressing the science is typical for the left.

Such a description is typical for the appearance of a freshly fallen iron-meteorite.

I am going to take a different approach than is typical for a Federal Reserve speech.

This allows RNSL to take care of most organisational aspects that are typical for a research project autonomously.

The weather was typical for a December/January day/night so was a bit rougher than I had expected for mid November.

Information is essential to identify opportunities for improvement, and the chart is typical for a production line.

And not just this, yet the data available is really (shocking) trustworthy, and this is not typical for this format.

In 5% of cases typical in is used

That's not typical in our resort.

But it is typical in the industry.

Pat's was typical in its curriculum.

Some minor disasters, which is typical in these situations, but other wise all was ok.

Ordering a full table of food and feeling extravagant is very typical in Hong Kong* 8.

Features that used to be typical in the elderly iris are now more common in the young.

As is typical in these cases it is doubtful that any steps to prosecute the culprits of this crime will take place.

But I think Matt and I are fairly typical in this: His main area of responsibility is as a provider for our family.

In fact, it's typical in many political campaigns for ads to often be tested, shot, and sent to stations overnight.

Proptosis does not respond to external beam radiation; improvements of only 1 -- 2 mm are typical in our experience.

In 2% of cases typical to is used

Rothstein is being very typical to this point.

Artwork focuses on scenes typical to the area.

Ground resonance is a problem typical to helicopters.

Duck two tone boots may also be very typical to the winter of 2011 **32;2890;TOOLONG.

It's always filled firmly via the cold wind typical to areas populated just by Inuit.

This resulted in the distinct eclectic shop house architecture typical to this region.

Having great levels of self attention and psychological intellect are features typical to all excellent management.

The variation was very good, and the prices ranged from reasonable to ridiculous, as is typical to events like these.

Despite the fact that Rajasthani people have taken enthusiastically to it, the tandoor is by no means typical to the state.

She seemed like she belonged to a decent family, wrapped in her broad chaadar, typical to the parda traditions in the region.

In 1% of cases typical with is used

This is really typical with bands.

Yet I think this is typical with spinoffs.

Middle insomnia is typical with alcohol abuse.

As typical with anglo mentalities, you arrest the underlings but never the top brass.

As is typical with Newman songs though, it's not entirely clear how serious he's being.

You can clearly see the dimpling in the middle of his tongue (typical with tongue tie).

An artillery option is nice to have, and as is typical with American lists they have a wide variety to choose from.

And because it is an optical system, there is none of the image degradation typical with electronic image stabilizers.

This means that type errors, when they do occur, can result in inscrutable error messages (as is typical with type inference).

Elegantly plated, and typical with most Japanese dishes, each dish feeds the eye before the palate, a true sensory experience.

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