Prepositions after "turn"

"turn to" or "turn into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases turn to is used

We turn to the periodical press.

All we need to do is turn to Him.

Isabelle turned to Amory shyly.

AMY GOODMAN: I want to turn to Coleen Nolan, an English singer and television presenter.

The hooded angel turns to me, raising his palm and emitting a globe of hot white light.

Isn't it ironic that Americans have to turn to Pravda to get the facts? God help us all.

Im really worried about her sometimes, she wont get help and there arnt many other people she can turn to for support.

After problems with his job, he returned to Switzerland in 1882 and spent the next thirty years regretting the move.

Sherm finally landed a good-sized specimen and we returned to camp for a hearty meal, and an early departure to bed.

Since your decision to abstain from pre-marital sex is based on your faith, that faith is what you should also turn to.

In 31% of cases turn into is used

And then what did it turn into?

Old songs were turned into new.

Turns into three points for PLU.

Therefore, Internet has turned into a part of each and every individual's existence.

Like samuel said, we are turning into AC milan, by relying on these ageing players.

None of the Comrades grand announcements has turned into anything decent since 2007.

What started as a simple query with what I figured would be a quick thanks and move on turned into an hour or two.

City of Karachi has always been the country's blooming financial hub, has been targeted to turn into a Violence Hub.

Please keep stay with us and look for next post such as how to create a blog and turn into money Generating machine.

No, it's no real threat to Obama's re-election, unless he stumbles somehow and this turns into a neck-and-neck race.

In 13% of cases turn on is used

Then the joke was turned on me.

I was told Now turn on your computer.

A new report from the Halifax confirms that this situation has now turned on its head.

I turned on the radio, tuned it away from NPR which had entertained me on the way down.

He told CNET following his panel that the process isn't as easy as turning on a switch.

He'll notice when he tries to turn on his computer in the morning to find that all of his data files have been erased.

There is always the danger, of course, that the mainstream media could really turn on Dix and rally support for Clark.

What to do after your phone comes into contact with liquid: DO NOT TURN ON POWER! In doing so the board will be fried.

This should take roughly 10-15 mins depending on temperature so turn on the oven mid-way through the preparation steps.

In 5% of cases turn in is used

Everyone turn in your final assignment.

But a key can be turned in two directions.

We hear the tide is turning in this case.

He sat half turned in his saddle, appearing to scan the upper slopes of the mountains.

How many preppers will really risk life in prison for not turning in their guns and gold.

And turn in repentance to Allah together, O you believers, in order that you are successful.

Morton Grove didn't see an increase in crime, but 80% of the people in Morton Grove didn't turn in their guns, either.

Third, and perhaps most important, I couldn't turn in my homework, because I was writing love poems to Malia McCarthy.

I had several nieces all sitting behind the wheels of their fabulous vehicles, taking turns in transporting me around.

There have been a lot of blind eyes turned in the past, especially when it comes to politicians and political activists.

In 4% of cases turn off is used

Someone had turned off the muzak.

I turned off the laptop with Windows 7.

It turns off the predatory drive of a man.

A parent who's a hazard on the road or forgetting to turn off the stove can be a worry.

A simple first step is to start turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth.

They were also more likely to turn off the lights in their room once it was time to leave.

As a mother, I know the stories of missing kids haunt me long after I've shut down my computer or turned off the TV.

For the first time in many weeks, I turned off the TV and remained in a good, almost excited mood for much of the day.

Romney is going to find his vicious assault against conservatives has turned off a more than a few actual conservatives.

With a lot of people now knowing that WPS can be brute forced for access to the network many are turning off the feature.

In 2% of cases turn against is used

He saw his own supporters turn against him.

The tide of opinion started to turn against him.

IMHO Big Government has turned against the people.

The Southern States turned against me when I didn't let the army go to North Korea.

If fate is written against us and the people turn against us then we will be patient.

When you talk too much, not only do you hurt yourself, but you make others turn against you.

My grandmother was the leader of an exiled clan, turned against her origins and resided under the Scourge's protection.

If this in fact ever happens, then technology will most certainly be turned against the majority for the minorities gain.

It sucks to have a former friend turned against me but I decided to be patient and let the mess unravel itself eventually.

The people again tried to dissuade him, reminding that the Kufans could not be trusted and would turn against him at any time.

In 2% of cases turn away is used

Turning away from military and corporate power.

Drusilla sighed and turned away from her doggies.

Kalyani is, thus, turned away from marrying Narayan.

Turning away from the cows I spot the luxuriant brush of a fox bounding into the gorse.

In fact, doubt is not an indication that one should turn away, but an invitation to go deeper.

When his attention turns away from her because of all this, she goes about crying and weeping.

Vegas ' performance was so high, that many eager patrons had to be turned away from the already overflowing venue.

If he is angry with you over something and abstains from talking with you, do not turn away and abstain from talking with him.

And so I wonder where this change will come, when my home country will turn away from me, and what direction it will come from.

She turned away from him in the bed, and he wanted to reach out towards her, but he was too proud, or too frightened he'd be rebuffed.

In 2% of cases turn from is used

The ICC doesn't like the ball turning from day one.

The plot came later and turned from a single book to four.

And that is when Karachi turns from a heavenly abode to hell.

While I am with Him I fear nothing; but the least turning from Him is insupportable.

A car in front of us was trying to turn from Ermington towards Modbury, on a tricky junction.

Tell him that you want to turn from your sin and turn to him and do his will rather than your own.

Be daring and start fusing the two cuisines together, we say, and then maybe this restaurant can turn from a slight.

The lamps rotation function, design lighting can turn from left to right 360-degree rotation around the vertical axis.

The situation is turning from bad to worse with no serious attempt taken to weed out the growing cancer of corruption.

Herod who had expected the man to plead for mercy turned from fury to fright as the words of Zachariah pinched at his heart.

In 1% of cases turn at is used

Frequently a young bull will turn at bay for a moment.

When turning at a road intersection, always give way to pedestrians who are crossing.

From our house we ran out the hard tarmac path and turned at the Glenmacnass Waterfall -- 10.

I often find that conversation too will turn at some time to food and favourite dishes, restaurants and the like.

The intersection is already congested and it would become more so if another service were added to turn at that location.

Southnet got four runs in each of their first three turns at bat against Takanini and didn't need to bat in the fourth inning.

The EME was formed during the peak period of mid-World War II when the tide of battle was turning at EL-ALAMEIN and STALINGRAD.

Doumbia is also really good at manipulating the space he's in, he can turn at pace and often gets a shot on goal in the tightest of situations.

For example, dedicated right-turn pockets widen intersections and encourage motorists to turn at higher speeds and make walking and bicycling less safe.

A 90 degree right turn at a 60 degree bank angle, at an airspeed of 130 knots is calculated to require a steady loading of 2g in calm air and in level flight.

In 1% of cases turn by is used

The deceased had no right to get on the cupboard, &; it was turned by a girl named Briggs.

I watch people on Twitter flirting, fawning and having their heads turned by nameless avatars.

The mill - This consisted of two circular stones, one fixed in the ground, the other turned by a handle.

Traditionally, they were not businesses that had their heads turned by the sight of a bit of economic skirt.

Postscript Quote Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.

Another way to burn off speed is to do a quick S turn by kicking the front wheel over hard one way and back the other way.

You can hasten the rate of turn by leaning forward to put more weight on the front wheel so that it slides less and turns more.

In 1741 or 1742 he converted a large warehouse in Birmingham into the first cotton mill, with the machine turned by two donkeys.

With it's easy to understand voice prompted, turn by turn directions that actually speak the street names, speed limit indicator and emergency locator.

Start the turn by turning the kite downwind in the direction of your planned turn, then follow with the buggy turning as sharply as you feel comfortable.

In 1% of cases turn for is used

They feel there is nowhere to turn for help.

These could definitely turn for an boost of your value of the country's currency.

It may happen when patients do not turn for doctor's help and exercise self-treatment.

If we count in the other direction, we get a different number of turns for the same number of leaves.

Most of the students valued the knowledge, experience and helpfulness of the library staff to whom they turned for help.

So a table who ordered all of one beer couldn't be turned for 30-40 minutes, which could not have made the server happy.

Many of these individuals and their families are afraid to talk about their struggles, and don't know where to turn for help.

It wasn't customary in those days for a seminary student to be re- turned for a new semester by a young, attentive male escort.

They are Burundian striker Didier Kavumbagu who turns for Yanga and midfielder Kipre Tchetche from Ivory Coast who features for Azam FC.

Statistically, I think I'd right in saying that more women are qualifying as lawyers in the UK now than men, so the tide will inevitably turn for the next generation.

In 1% of cases turn out is used

One deer is turned out of the trailer, and forced to run.

It's such a shame that things turned out the way they did.

Who is offended - Hindered in, or turned out of, the good way.

When I turned out of a lane there someone was coming with some huskies in the opposite direction.

The World Youth tournament was Kevin's first at such a high level, and it turned out to be eye-opening.

For whatever reason, the dream of living and working abroad doesn't always turn out the way it was planned.

These guys are usually very good at color manipulation and are a great resource if things don't turn out the way you wanted.

Harris's book The Nurture Assumption: Why Children Turn Out The Way They Do (was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1999).

The epic conclusion I had in mind for the series didn't turn out the way I expected, and instead what I got was something acceptable, yet sorely lacking.

Reasoning that if the message of Noah were correct, nature would be turned out of her course, they made that message, in the minds of the world, a delusion--a grand deception.

In 1% of cases turn toward is used

Igor turned toward Captain Hanson.

His face is turned toward the past.

Turning toward the poor of all colors.

The buffalo immediately turned toward the hills, with the hunters hot on their heels.

Turning toward those trapped on both sides of the lines in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

In the last year of his life, John Kennedy was turning toward peace at the risk of his life.

Once it actually affects those who are shut off, the tide will turn toward financial proseprity.

There is a nip of autumn in the air and my thoughts are turning toward classic Victorian novels.

Then lower the head and turn it leftward, upward, with face up and continue to turn toward the right side.

Thus, the development process of Rudrapur Primary School turned toward village-socioeconomic development.

In 1% of cases turn towards is used

On the left everything is turning towards SYRIZA.

As I watched, the head increased to about a football size and turned towards me.

So a compromise was reached by both parties to bye- pass Kufa and turn towards north.

People who disliked his policies and Obama himself are turning towards visceral hatred.

As 1919 came towards an end the focus in the city turned towards the municipal elections in 1920.

So, many figured that if that same attention was turned towards a new, online entry great things would abound.

However, without turning towards me, she replied-? Being the elder of home, she has a lot of experience with her.

Ah Gil suddenly turned towards the ' Korean wave ' and started dating a ' Kimchi Man ' for 6 months! It was understood, Mr.

Begging is the last resort for survival for a poor person, unless he/she turns towards crime or other forms of illegal activities.

Chasing the kite: Like a moth drawn to a flame, the novice buggy driver often tends to want to turn towards the kite and this never ends well.

In 1% of cases turn up is used

And I had turned up to the limit.

She ended up having sex and 10 more players turned up.

Very few turned up to their burial, not even their own parents.

If she had walked in with however many men eventually turned up, then it may be clearer.

It's a bit like me turning up to an X Factor audition and trying to sing a number one hit.

I have twice turned up to a weekday mass when there was me and the priest and no one else showed.

It is undeniable that those who turned up to the meeting hardly looked like the kind to get out on the streets for their ideals.

The party has not forgiven him for failing to turn up to the funeral of John Button, one of Labor's favourite sons, in April 2008.

The lack of talent means Shearer turns up to a gunfight with John Key holding a bread and butter knife rather than a loaded firearm.

They usually turn up to the Casino with a wallet full of money and go about their gambling in the hope that luck will fall their way.

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