Prepositions after "tuck"

"tuck into" or "tuck in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases tuck into is used

Soldiers serving into Afghanistan tucked into flag-shaped cake while U.

He had the look of intelligent life but he wore his kurtas tucked into his jeans.

It's tucked into a row of seemingly nondescript LA bungalows on a busy street in Los Feliz.

While Tara set-up, we sipped tea (then champagne) and tucked into some magical little macarons.

Tuck into a tasty meals in the Bridge Brasserie, with its charming atmosphere and luxurious surroundings.

A study has found tucking into a bowl of pasta at night can actually reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The day I meet him, he is padding around his apartment in a pair of socks, his grey skivvy tucked into tight black jeans.

The cream coloured shirt was tucked into a pair of blue jeans, and I completed my ensemble with a pair of tan deck shoes.

All contamination from Fukushima needs to be relocated and tucked into the Japan Trench subduction zone 150miles offshore.

In 20% of cases tuck in is used

First, tuck in the top and bottom.

Tuck in the bottom of the top sheet and leave the sides hanging.

Now tuck in your chin and bring your head back to touch the wall.

Bob, I am not sure if that was a serious question or not tucked in there, but just in case.

Tucked in the middle of the room is a ' boudoir ' bar encrusted with Swarovski diamante-flower motifs.

I found them tucked in a corner of an op-shop in Castlemaine and just about had a little heart attack.

Here's an up-close and personal encounter with the lads themselves at a cosy corner tucked in Fuse Bar, Marina Bay Sands.

Some go a little further with finalists having the privilege of wearing trousers with short- or long-sleeved shirts also tucked in.

She's sitting on the porch, waiting for the mailman to arrive! Three lines, tucked in a letter, words so violent almost left me blind.

Note that in a real experiment, the light bulb would have to be smaller than in the figure and tucked in more tightly behind the slits so that the electrons don't collide with it.

In 10% of cases tuck under is used

They can be stored rolled up and tucked under some bungee around your tank.

There were three notebooks and some letters tucked under his armpit; they had to break his arm to retrieve them.

And I'd guessing the man on the right, wearing a suit and spectacles with a folder tucked under his arm, handles the accounts.

His brother usually does this not by carrying him as one does a baby, but by lifting him with one hand tucked under Anu's jaws.

Then with the record (all twelve inches of it) tucked under your arm, you made your way home on the bus admiring the art work the whole time.

His hand is warm when he wakes up, and he's really disappointed when reality sets in and realizes that it's warm from being tucked under his pillow instead of from being wrapped up with hers.

In 3% of cases tuck behind is used

In Polynesian cultures such as Hawaii, a flower tucked behind the right ear means you're single (and ready to mingle).

In 3% of cases tuck inside is used

Secure with a ribbon and hang on your door knobs or tuck inside your drawers.

Players shall be made aware that their jersey remains tucked inside their shorts and that their socks remain pulled up.

It's a quaint little restaurant tucked inside one of Washington State's oldest neighborhoods called Browne's Addition, established in 1883.

In 2% of cases tuck away is used

Their Scot-Irish heritage was rich in songs sung by generations of mountain people, tucked away from the world in the remote hollows and valleys of Appalachia.

In 2% of cases tuck beneath is used

The Southwest Florida city is tucked beneath a thick oak and pine canopy and is rich with archeological history,.

In 2% of cases tuck between is used

Thank God wen the guy pulled down his troussier, behold d ' thing ' neatly tucked between his thigh.

Tucked between narrow band of reserve forest on one side and the roaring Parvati river on the other, stands the Alpine Guest House.

It was all down to how he had come to see himself as a brave man who will not be frightened off like a dog with the tail tucked between his legs.

In 2% of cases tuck on is used

The garden's fenced entrance, tucked on a dimly lit stretch of Pacific Street, seemed to be a popular target for urination, and looked like a toilet by the end of the evening, Michelle said.

In 2% of cases tuck against is used

And they have one of our nicest skating rinks tucked against the side of the building.

In 1% of cases tuck down is used

Have a drink at Black Dog, Bali The trendiest spot in town, Black Dog is tucked down a side street in Seminyak near to Bintang supermarket.

Since it's tucked down towards the south of the island after Jimbaran and before Bingin, Balangan is secluded enough that it isn't packed with tourists.

In 1% of cases tuck for is used

It was nip and tuck for the first 20 minutes or so, with the sides trading scores of exceptional quality.

In 1% of cases tuck along is used

Use serveware that reflects the mood and don't forget to bring a happy flower to your guest -- it could be on their plate or for a slightly more formal evening tucked along with their napkins.

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