Prepositions after "true"

true to, for, of, in or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases true to is used

We will be true to the struggle.


Staying True to Our Values at Home.

I am still being judged at times (their habit i guess) but I have stayed true to myself.

The role of this team is to strengthen and encourage others to remain true to the faith.

Acts 14:22 strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith.

So, better to be true to the (DK weight) yarn and have a lovely hat which I need to find the right size recipient for.

You tell me what's in your heart, your mind -- any question I can answer, I will answer true to the words that I know.

It was true to life to present, as typical, working class characters, even central characters, who did not comprehend.

I believe it stayed true to the book and but also had its own special elements, such as behind the scenes of the games.

In 25% of cases true for is used

True for a lot of Indian women.

True for all cities in India 2.

This is also true for the lease.

The same holds true for the shark, which gets blown to smithereens a few minutes later.

I had believed the opposite to be true for the 32 years I'd been dealing with diabetes.

The same is true for the aerospace industry, whose order books have never been as full.

It is true for wall-street executives and bankers in USA, OR, politicians, industrialists or general public in India.

This was particularly true for the US, where the total net assets of MFs grew at an annual average growth rate of 22.

Whatever you do, Tania, is for yourself first and foremost; that is what, in the end, makes your writing true for us.

What people tend to miss, is that what I said there about C++ is to a varying extent true for all powerful languages.

In 19% of cases true of is used

It is from only true of our God.

This was also true of the GL 350.

The same seems to be true of the.

It may simply be true of the journalists who feel strongly enough to express an opinion.

As for the guys, I'd guess the cheaters don't really change (likely true of either sex).

Amazonas is a piercing look into the true of heart of darkness into which many men enter.

Turns out, and I think this especially true of men in power but also true of the general population, that the secrecy.

This is truer of women than of men, as 86% of men have successfully completed high-school compared with 89% of women.

Is this true of conducted heat also? Hard to tell, because in a solid we can't measure the flows going both direction.

In 15% of cases true in is used

This true in as far as it goes.

The same is not true in Canada.

It's not true in my experience.

So today is when we celebrate true independence and enjoy the ideology of ' one state '.

True in the last 6 weeks you want to restrict the diet to ensure the calf isn't too big.

Especially may this be true in the case of a distinct personality like that of Bishop M.

This is especially true in the current work environment since people often move from job to job every couple of years.

This is especially true in terms of justifying their investment of time and money into social media marketing efforts.

This is especially true in the case of poets -- a class of people often given to strange and unpredictable viewpoints.

In 4% of cases true with is used

The same is true with delusion.

True with the infancies on was.

The same is true with the bomb.

Don't give up bro! Insyaalah your dreams will come true with your sheer determination.

This is true with regard to Iran, the Arab peace initiative and the Palestinian issue.

This has rung true with my heart and reminded me of where to put my focus and my hope.

That's not true with an Internet business because people are accessing the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This couldn't be truer with vinyl and in a sense sums up what we realised was lost when working with other mediums.

The same is true with respect to radio and television defamation stories, those criticized have no freedom to reply.

Although this may be true with regard to God's forgiveness, I am not so sure that is exactly what Jesus had in mind.

In 3% of cases true about is used

That is true about the country.

Hope that's not true about Fox.

This is also true about an Imam.

And it's true about making conclusions like the ones you've just asserted to be true.

Believing many things that are not true about reality but trying to exist in reality.

IFILL: Senator? BIDEN: Can I clarify this? This is simply not true about Barack Obama.

When I reflected on my schooling I had to acknowledge that his statement is true about the teaching of the virtues.

What do you believe to be true about your life? Chances are that you have a number of things you believe to be true.

I just wrote something about yoga diversity (still have to post it) but it's often soooo true about what you've said.

I could as easily say conservatives are all steretyping angry snobs but I know that not true about all conservatives.

In 1% of cases true as is used

That is true as the US has shown.

That's true as a conceptual matter.

This is technically true as it had been 5.

That the offending 1% are mostly boomers is undoubdedly true as a mater of demographics.

That may be true with regard to the West, but it is not true as regards the whole world.

This is particularly true as a consequence of the elites ability to manufacture consent.

Reality: Via our viewpoint as a strategic thinking business trainer, this is extremely not very true as well as reality.

Do you think it is possible? A: No, that is not true as the power cuts were imposed due to the low hydro power capacity.

But never so true as for the sinner saved by God's grace and the believer trying to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.

They will strongly deny this, but Witnesses know in their hearts it is true as the above quotes prove beyond any question.

In 1% of cases true at is used

Not true at all that is a myth.

The same is true at claim stage.

It is not true at all my friend.

Now, this is true at the level of computers: hackers can transform all computer systems.

Both of them can't be true at the same time, using the same terms and in the same sense.

This is true at the workplace, in your church, at the Kiwanis, in politics, or at school.

This may have been true at one time, but unfortunately, as a frequent business traveler, I would have to dispute this.

What they said in those clips was what they believed to be true at the time they said it which is not the same as lying.

This is true at the intellectual level, as well as in terms of the pressure of the sea on political and state formation.

While Bob is talking about the music industry, I think there is something universally true at the heart of his thinking.

In 1% of cases true by is used

This is set to true by default.

That? s just true by definition.

It is, as made true by Scripture.

We know this to be true by reading the script laid out before us by the Republican party.

Stop denying and lying for your own and pretending you are all nice, not true by experience.

I agree, like Bill, with your NPV statement regarding seigniorage, as it's true by defiition.

Manav Gohil, the popular actor of television is making the above true by making his talent of acting useful to others.

If untruthful accusation but perceived to be true by the defendant is a defense, then ' truth ' must be a defense too.

The popular belief is that every pirated game is a lost sale and thats just not true by any stretch of the imagination.

Desperate quest of history distortion did not last forever and as always, truth has come true by burying all utter lies.

In 1% of cases true from is used

The reverse is true from 5 onwards.

It is just not true from what I've read.

Seems to be true from their track record.

Secondly, that the first assumption would be true from any other point in the universe.

They confuse people to the point that they can not distinguish the TRUE from the FALSE.

Still I need to find out if this really is true from my colleagues in Lamu and Malindi.

Developing one's taste, one might say, is largely a matter of learning to distinguish true from false transcendence.

But do the claims he made hold up? Wonkblog went about sorting the true from the misleading and the downright false.

If the view or view model returns true from that, it will be activated if its URI path matches the one being requested.

In 1% of cases true on is used

Very true on the rural hurdles.

And this is true on all levels.

That is true on the face of it.

Where did you get this stat? I might be true on RFD but not necessarily in other places.

Thus a rule COLOUR = ' RED ' is only true on the row with F611 AAA, and false elsewhere.

PITB is nothing without our fantastic readers and that was particularly true on Saturday.

So the Mandean text can be true on this point (but also may have known about the Q sayings in gLuke or/and gMatthew!).

Maybe I am not the best person to assess this anymore but it seems that it is more true on the Right for social issues.

There will always be those who don't do anything to help those embarrassing stereotypes, but that's true on both sides.

The article makes an excellent point about men being imagined to be overgrown children, and that's true on many levels.

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