Prepositions after "trek"

"trek to" or "trek through"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases trek to is used

From here, you can trek to little Meru and return to the saddle hut for o/n.

Late evening there will be an opportunity to trek to the big rock or around the area.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is a gradual affair, and perhaps Diamox is not needed.

It takes under an hour to drive to the lower slopes and about 3 -- 4 hours trek to the summit.

Standing at 4,167 metres (13,671 ft) this makes for a memorable experience trekking to and up.

After lunch you will trek to the impressive Sunken Crater and will be camping overnight at the rim of the crater.

Your trek today will give you a real understanding of how hardy the Maasai are, who walk these distances regularly.

We all had to trek to Camden Town to get our bomber jackets or you'd risk exclusion from the cool corner of the playground.

The climate will be very, very hot and dry and may be quite a different style of trekking to the training you may have undertaken.

Today you will have to leave the camp early before sun rise trek to northeast of Kitumbaine mountain on mixture of rocky and dust terrain.

In 16% of cases trek through is used

Happiest when trekking through South East Asia.

We will trek through sugar bushes and lichen covered trees.

As I said before this was a trek through the Atlas to that summit so the varying views made it far removed from a slog of a single climb.

Before that I traveled through SE Asia and India, appearing in a Bollywood music video and trekking through the Himalayas along the way.

Nice Staghorn Fern A 45-minute boat ride to the opposite end of the lake and we were trekking through a tropical evergreen forest to the cave? s mouth.

The goal was to trek through valleys, over passes, up the side of other mountains and culminating in the Mt Toubkal summit itself after enjoying the journey.

In 11% of cases trek across is used

We trekked across very barren, dusty, dry land to approach the school.

No visit to Girraween National Park is complete without trekking across the rocky slabs to Mount Norman, the highest point in the park.

One such instance was when we were trekking across its mountainous range and we engaged porters to carry our bags; each roughly weighing up to 20kgs.

Inspired to do something to help, Winston set out on a 5,000-mile trek across Southeast Asia to raise money and awareness for the ICSF -- a mission he dubbed Smile Trek.

Longido, a sacred Maasai mountain, you will trek across the floor of the Great Rift Valley right to the foothills of the visually stunning Crater Highlands with the Maasai as your guides.

In 11% of cases trek in is used

One piece of advice, its best to trek in the morning, than in the afternoon.

Trekking in Horombo, Barranco, and Moir Huts (shira hut is also sometimes included).

A wonderful experience, trekking in an area with no tourists and almost no impact from the western culture.

Alternatives might work better depending on the audience, for example: An atheist was trekking in the woods when he came across an angry bear.

May be, it is not as much fun as trekking in the hills, but it is definitely good enough for taking away the boredom of a young person who has nothing to do.

I was a little worried as I had visions of myself toppling over going down the stairs, but effort of will keeps me going, and it's not as hard as trekking in the Himalayas after a night of vomiting.

In 9% of cases trek for is used

From there, trek for 8km through the Dumbara Jungles and the Water Falls could be seen to the right.

Generally, we would trek for several miles and then stop and have long sessions of quiet observation.

You'll discover alpine meadows, squelchy bogs and crystal clear tarns, all without having to trek for days on end.

In 7% of cases trek on is used

Now, remember the dark road we trekked on the way to the island?

We chose to trek on Day 1 because we got bored of waiting for our bus, which never came.

Trekking on rocky trails, the way ahead looks daunting as we draw closer to the Western Breach.

After that, we travelled for one week and we visited amazing places such as Agra, Amritsar, Dharamsala and we went trekking on the Himalaya.

In 7% of cases trek with is used

At 8:30am leave Moshi for Machame Gate where you will meet the Summit Odyssey porters, guides and cooks that will spend the next seven days trekking with you to the Uhuru Peak, the roof of Africa.

In 4% of cases trek from is used

Two blatantly **25;10115;TOOLONG showmen, yourself and Scherk, trek from the swamp up to SOLO.

A lot of them have access roads to the top where you can picnic and with older kids you can trek from the base.

In 3% of cases trek around is used

I like to trek around Mahiyanga next.

In 1% of cases trek at is used

Usually people keep a day for tiger's nest, that way you can trek at your own convenience.

In 1% of cases trek into is used

After setting up camp we began trekking into the jungle.

In 1% of cases trek like is used

If I was doing super-long treks like you, Chris, the NEX would be the obvious choice.

In 1% of cases trek out is used

When the episode ended, it was too late to trek out of town, but voters still had time to get to the polling station.

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