Prepositions after "treat"

treat with, as, like, to or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases treat with is used

They are treated with antibiotics 3.

Then Trick or treating with cousins.

Most cases are treated with artificial insulin.

The green fruit is cooked and treated with salt or taken with syrup, honey or sugar.

Children at least 8 years of age may be treated with a 10-day course of doxycycline.

They described Mr Mtei as a highly principled man who should be treated with honour.

The man does not know what it is like to be treated with the same respect, the same rules, like those around him.

We wanted to ensure our third sector partners were treated with respect with a completely new approach to funding.

Can it be treated? Most bipolar mood disorder illnesses can be successfully treated with mood stabilising medication.

Malaria can be treated with a regimen of antimalarial drugs based on the type of infection and status of the patient.

In 14% of cases treat as is used

They all have to be treated as MURDERERS, PERIOD.

Being thus pardoned, he is treated as a righteous man.

Sinharaja is treated as an treasure of Flora and fauna.

Is this property be treated as the HUF property as per Hindu law or any court of law.

Borrowing and lending money are business transactions and should generally be treated as such.

The frame is treated as a grouped set of frames, even when you started off with only one frame.

He was treated as an equal in a world where more often than not, people with disabilities are discriminated against.

Since this hole represents the absence of an electron from the valence band, it can be treated as a positive charge.

Essentially, white space should be treated as if it does not exist after tokenization of the expression has occurred.

Furthermore, the Greens believe that drug addictions should be treated as a health problem, not as criminal offences.

In 13% of cases treat like is used

Was treated like a hypocondriac.

We were treated like bloody dogs.

Trust me, their reciprocation towards us is being shaken down and treated like dirt.

It is a disgrace and shame to our country that a national hero be treated like this.

Students were treated like real consultants and their presentations judged accordingly.

Self-centredness: within the family the child is usually treated like a prince or princess and behaves selfishly.

After all, an absolute must in conservative American portfolios is ownership of someone to treat like Typhoid Mary.

Kudos to a country that at least recognizes that people should be treated like people, not hated and called names.

If some Idiot has dragged Religion into Politics to gain favor of ignorant, why still Ahmadi are treated like that.

In 12% of cases treat to is used

Housemates were treated to a Jamaican feast.

If you do, you'll be treated to an ad-free experience.

I was treated to a sample of a few sips of Luwak coffee.

The rest of us will be treated to the results of their cowardice, lies, and hypocrisy.

The crowd was treated to entertainment from various artistes, among them P-Unit and Jua Cali.

It didn't really feel like a junior event because we were treated to such a unique surf spot.

We walked all around Belfast City centre and we were treated to the skills of street entertainers almost constantly.

Alas, what did I know? I am treated to the spectacle of Swann and Broad, of all people, taking apart the Indian attack.

TV viewers on the Sunday were treated to shots of a long tailback of cars arriving at track half an hour after it started.

In 10% of cases treat in is used

The first patient was treated in 1977.

College occasions should be treated in the same way.

In USA the Africans were treated in a very harsh way.

Baye uses the ' empty chair ' as a symbol of the way he feels he is treated in Japan.

And I do not like to see someone i apreciate and like being treated in a derogatory way.

Five Shades Off Ironically, Calvin himself knows how it feels to be treated in this way.

If this is happening, it is still classed as a type 2 condition, but it will need to be treated in a different way.

They had no rights and even when they got their rights they still were treated in an ill manner and with disrespect.

Find information here on self harm in schools and at home; how self harmers should be treated in hospitals and peer.

In 7% of cases treat by is used

How passengers are treated by transit staff.

I did Pini's teeth and Riduwan was treated by Dr Dini.

They were eventually harshly treated by the Catholic church.

The dogs ' temperament depends almost entirely on how it is treated by those who own it.

That being said, the health of an Axolotl is dependent upon how it is treated by its owner.

The actual survival results for Ti lesions treated by radiotherapy show local control of 91%.

Treatment Options In the early stages, bladder cancer can be treated by removing it from the lining of the bladder.

The captives were harshly treated by their escort, and many of the children perished from the rigours of the journey.

In the last few months, the way she has been treated by her boss and some co-workers has been bordering on outrageous.

Under Labour legislation you have the right to insist that you are given the choice of opting to be treated by the NHS.

In 7% of cases treat for is used

I was treated for my wounds and discharged.

Abbott, had to be treated for a crushed foot.

Bear was injured and was treated for his injuries.

The victim was taken to Medway Maritime Hospital where he was treated for broken ribs.

Patients treated for uncomplicated malaria at the hospital were sampled for the study.

In 2004, he announced to his employees that he was being treated for pancreatic cancer.

On the down side, you may see insurance companies insisting a person be treated for a disease he or she doesn't have -- yet.

Of the 130 children at the Kingston Hospital treated for trampoline injuries, more than half did not use a safety enclosure.

This provision stated that all Regulations and other instruments should be treated for interpretative purposes as if they were Acts.

In 3% of cases treat at is used

She was being treated at Vanderbilt's Burn Unit.

If such conditions occur it must be treated at the nursery level.

He was found to be intoxicated and was treated at a nearby hospital for.

He was treated at our vets who investigated his seizures and medicated him accordingly.

Unless you plan on going Trick or Treating at the Playboy Mansion, this costume should never be worn.

Men especially those in the rural areas who had long suffered from hernia are getting treated at no cost.

Ferketich's group used medical records from 4,200 lung cancer patients treated at eight cancer centers around the country.

All patients were treated at the discretion of the ICU staff in charge; there was no specific protocol for any intervention.

But he has been treated at two different sex-addiction facilities, including Pine Grove in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where Tiger Woods was a patient.

He was treated at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, and his legs were amputated below the knee because of the severe malformations of both feet.

In 1% of cases treat of is used

Pains of Hell Let us now treat of the pains of Hell, and first of all, of that of sense.

Thus we shall know beforehand of all tricks preparing against us and shall nullify them by getting ahead with explanations on the subject treated of.

In 1% of cases treat on is used

Patients should be treated on the basis of clinical findings.

After this age, each case should be treated on a case-by-case basis.

I understand that she was not treated on the same level but she also didn't try to change that.

While each case will be treated on its merits there will often be previous decisions for guidance.

When I was offered to treat on this track it all clicked -- I'd do a dramatised version of his life for the video.

These two competing claims / hypotheses are not however treated on an equal basis: special consideration is given to the null hypothesis.

It is related that People disagree about how the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was treated on the Day of Uhud.

Pate had been rested until the second afternoon fourballs and then had been treated on the course as he and Pavin lost to Langer and Montgomerie.

In 1% of cases treat through is used

Within the drug rehabilitation centres in California, patients are treated through variations of therapies.

Potable Demonstration Scheme An additional side stream is further treated through a series of three filters; namely a 30, 5 and 0.

In 1% of cases treat under is used

In this Guide, Macau is treated under each chapter following Hong Kong, with emphasis placed on those areas where the business climate diverges.

But the lesbian co-mother and gay co-father(s) will be treated in the same way as a social parent is treated under the law; they will not be treated in the same way as a birth parent.

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