Prepositions after "trawl"

"trawl through" or "trawl for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 73% of cases trawl through is used

Trawling through the lists proved tedious but fruitful.

Luckily, I have trawled through the records so that I can set them straight.

I have trawled through numerous text books and searched the web but to no avail.

We used to go trawling through Disney's archives and those guys are great at helping us find stuff that we think is cool and meets our requirements.

We always used to trawl through sounds and samples to find something exciting that we could use to make a good bassline or some interesting element to a track.

Please help if you can, it may not even be a sea slug but heaving trawled through this forum it seemed to me that if anyone can identify this mystery its you guys.

I clicked on ' here ' and ' South Africa ' but after spending ages trawling through all the gumpf (who writes this stuff?) I couldn't find anything about a number.

I have no doubt there are SNP researchers at this moment trawling through the Official Report looking for examples where oppositon MSPs have said things which were not accurate.

I trawled through my old blog posts to dig this old gem of a screenshot out: Side note: Saw this screenshot again and realized that it was just the day before that Najib added me on Facebook.

In 17% of cases trawl for is used

The MSM only ever trawl for the bad Catholic experiences to suit their own agenda.

But that doesn't address the situation facing political activists, where police may trawl for interesting information and feed it into their various ' intelligence ' data bases.

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