Prepositions after "travel"

travel to, with, in, from or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases travel to is used

I owe my love of travel to him.

Then travel to the Camino start.

Tourist usually travel to enjoy.

That's the last time the Huskies traveled to Berkeley, where they play Friday night.

Every year, hundreds of groups travel to twinned cities to foster international bonds.

The Bulldogs travel to Beloit College for the Olde English Classic on September 29 th.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 While traveling to New England this past week, I discovered a wonderful power food.

A pardon should be useful for anyone wanting to travel to the United States who (1) has never travelled to the U.

They suggested that he traveled to Kenya to meet up with al-Shabaab militants he had known from his time in Yemen.

I look for unaccompanied 10-year old kids traveling to their grandparent's house for the first time on their own.

In 12% of cases travel with is used

Will not travel with the stream.

I was to be traveling with my cats.

It can be a safe way to travel with money.

So, I traveled with my Norwegian boyfriend during that summer after that semester.

If you want to travel with a companion or group, we allow and encourage this option.

Children aged 14 years, or under, must travel with an adult (aged 16 years or older).

Jenny and Eric, Cyprus, January 2005, who travelled with Scenic Tours It was the best trip I have ever been on.

Mitchell travelled with Vagabond tours and can't recommend them and in particular tour guide Rob Rankin enough.

Prepare a set of strategies that you can use with the person you are travelling with if your flight is delayed.

You can also click here! Click here to listen to a testimony from Tommy Cowan, whom used to travel with Bob Marley.

In 9% of cases travel in is used

They sometimes travel in family groups.

Traveling in a train I meet a stranger.

It's travelling in an upwards direction.

We traveled in Egypt in 2008 for 2 weeks on less than 2500USD not including airfare.

Years ago traveling in Afghanistan I met a young Englishman who was raped in Kabul.

The EUR/USD value is likely to travel in the same direction the deficit amount does (i.

When travelling in Mauritania you should make sure you have confidence in your individual security arrangements.

So imagine the distance light could travel in one year? The answer would be One Light Year or 9,460,800,000,000 km's.

Our mujtahidin have also discussed the issue of qiblah for those who travel in space-crafts or visit other planets (e.

Incorrect: What is the time in your watch? Correct: What is the time by your watch? Incorrect: We traveled in train.

In 6% of cases travel from is used

We shall travel from Timbucktu to Mopti.

Specialized playleaders travel from playground.

She knows what it's like to travel from town to town.

It will also serve as guide to travelers when they travel from one place to another.

Travelling from Kuwait to USA, Geneva to Dublin she has brought her wisdom to many.

Many have travelled from Dungarvan, Tralee, Enniscorthy, West Clare, and even America.

She made arrangements with artificial flowers and people would travel from miles away to pick up her arrangements.

We had travelled from Leeds and had I have realised I would have taken my own food with us to eat upon our return.

For many generations before Samoa was discovered, the Samoans travelled from island to island in home-built canoes.

If you are traveling from a country where yellow fever is present you will need to take a yellow fever vaccination.

In 6% of cases travel on is used

The man travels on private jets.

And we both traveled on weekends.

So travelling on foot could be dangerous.

Here's info on Estonia for people travelling on a budget: http: **35;3051;TOOLONG.

The USSR had collapsed before I became financially stable and able to travel on my own.

If you anytime watched Torchcopse and saw the S afterpiece, you would beneathangle what is traveling on actuality.

You must present this when requested by a member of staff whilst travelling on the train or to enter/leave a station.

If you want to hire an extra worker, then they can't travel on average, and they certainly can't use another drop of fuel.

Travel on the cheap - Life has a way of grinding you down, pushing and stretching you until you feel your ribs will crack.

In 5% of cases travel through is used

And being meat, they can only travel through C space.

Traveling through the heart of the Namibian desert recently, Dr.

Radiation and Life Radiation is energy travelling through space.

It takes me to travel through time and space and explore the slices of human experience.

I had travelled through China, but I wanted to see a bastion of socialism in the west.

Days 10-12: Overnight at the port town of Quy Nhon and travel through spectacular coastal scenery to Nha Trang.

You will then travel through an ancient Joshua Tree forest to the West Rim, home of the Hualapai Indian Nation.

It was a scene often repeated as the cortege travelled through towns and villages before arriving at Dundalk.

The train takes four hours and travels through stunning scenery full of rolling hills and picturesque villages.

In 4% of cases travel at is used

Travel at night is particularly hazardous.

Indeed, an observer travelling at, like, 0.

After a few moments of travelling at Mach I.

Both were travelling at moderate speeds and he was wearing a a helmet, thankfully.

The route is very scenic in places but you may miss some of it by traveling at night.

It was so faster than me and I reckon it would be travelling at a speed of 200km/hr.

When the majority of traffic is traveling at the same speed, traffic flow improves, and there are fewer accidents.

It was interesting to see that it took us nearly 45 minutes to get back to our Welwyn, traveling at roughly 100 km/h.

One travels at a speed of 30 mi/h in the direction N 50E and the other travels at a speed of 26 mi/h in a direction S 70E.

If you're travelling at late notice and going far then it could be worth checking out trusted sites such as Free Fivers.

In 4% of cases travel by is used

I hated travelling by bus, train etc.

We are travelling by car! That is a nasty one.

Sandals of flip-flops are great when traveling by air.

More than 30 thousand people travel by rickshaw in Science Lab-New Market road everyday.

The public expects and deserves the safest possible experience when traveling by air.

He said IOC president Jacques Rogge had travelled by Docklands Light Rail instead of car.

They travelled by donkey and cart and usually stayed overnight (probably in the fourpenny a-night lodging houses).

Visitors travelled by car, hackney carriage, electric tram car - which ran through Kingston every 24 minutes from 5 a.

MNAs who travel by plane, bus or train may be reimbursed for the cost of an economy class ticket as well as related costs.

Transportation can be pricy as it is often necessary to travel by taxi to get to lesser attractions or even between towns.

In 3% of cases travel around is used

I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world.

I said, ' Sure, but I want to travel around the world first.

Prabhu travels around India mostly, preaching the glories of the Lord.

Born in Lithuania, studied in the UK, traveled around Asia and taught in Africa.

You can also play our game and see how long it takes you to travel around the world.

We're travelling around Tanzania! Posted by Henry at 10:47 am, February 13th 2010.

How do I travel around London? Use public transport for the fastest, greenest, cheapest way to travel in London.

In other words, the Earth travels around the Sun in an ellipse, and the Sun is at a focal point of that ellipse.

Then again, I know a couple who sold their condo, quit their jobs, and travelled around the world for 7 months.

The city's Mass Rapid Transit system (metro) is one of the best in Asia and makes traveling around the city a breeze.

In 3% of cases travel for is used

I got mine 5 years ago and it now travels for the holidays.

They did not travel for pleasure since they usually had to walk.

Balakaduwa Falls Matale- Kandy Road (593/594) traveling for 6.

Day 3 Tourists will travel for a distance of about 216km from Cape Coast to Koforidua.

Although I worked on the frequent flyer system so never actaully travelled for work.

I was wondering why they would travel for 8 hours to a small place like kharghar to see me.

He is scheduled to appear in court April 9 when it will be known if he will be allowed to travel for overseas shows.

Sa'id ibn Musayyab is reported to have said that he used to travel for days and nights in search of a single hadith.

A pleasant and comfortable way to travel for long-distance daytime journeys, although slower than the express railcars.

Permission to abstain from fasting is granted to the travellers who do not travel for the purpose of breaking their fast.

In 2% of cases travel across is used

We follow Mouse as he travels across the sea with his friend.

A simple note which might be someone else's basis of traveling across the globe.

As he travels across Europe, the opportunities to adopt a new hat style are aplenty.

Countless millions of vehicles are traveling across structurally deficient bridges.

A quarter of our guests literally travelled across the world from the USA to be there.

How are they detected? When they travel across their sun, a dip in light can be perceived.

Leylop has traveled across Western Europe, South East Asia, South Asia and Western China.

Travel across South Sudan should be attempted only if you are fully equipped and experienced.

Our marketing staff has designed a special program that traces this message as it travels across the US.

We traveled across the Swiss Alps, down through St Moritz and finally by early afternoon we arrived in Trento.

In 2% of cases travel as is used

You just travel as the wind blows.

If traveling as a group there are local mini buses available.

She came back to the United States and traveled as an evangelist.

The hotel travelled as a couple Value Location Sleep Quality Rooms Cleanliness.

Room Tip: travelled as a couple Value Location Sleep Quality Rooms Cleanliness.

We do visit memorials when we're traveling as well as the ones that are near to home.

Travel as a couple can be a bit insular if you are not careful and I think you can miss out on new encounters that way.

Hopefully I will write soon that traveling as a couple is the best experience ever! I have been travelling solo most of the time.

Finding a tour within your budget during school holidays is tricky, but possible if you are willing to travel as a pillion passenger.

If you are travelling as group then this may not be as bad as you can always borrow money off your friends until you can arrange something else.

In 1% of cases travel within is used

Grain travels within a developing country unprocessed.

She can travel within London without the need for a mahram.

Six in the City makes traveling within downtown a walk in the park.

As of November 15, 2012, Canadians who are members of the NEXUS program travelling within the U.

I take teh services of one such when I travel within India and do on my own when I visit other countries.

About four of every 10 people surveyed said they would be more likely to travel within Canada if the tax break was in place, the poll found.

According to BMO Insurance's Summer Travel Insurance Study released Friday, more than 67% of Canadians travelled within Canada or to the U.

The previous mentioned means of transportation are used to travel within the country whereas the airplanes are used to travel from one county to another.

There used to be interest amongst Asians to travel to the West; there is now interest amongst Asians to travel within Asia, because standards have gone up.

I can say, I know more of Igboland than many other spaces in my native Nigeria homeland, in spite of having traveled within almost all states of the Nigerian Federation.

In 1% of cases travel throughout is used

I've traveled throughout the states doing book tours, seminars, and workshops.

I consider myself lucky to have traveled throughout the country and I respect every state and religion.

He traveled throughout southern France stirring up people to take the oath of the Cross and march on Jerusalem.

We had an apartment in the middle of Copenhagen where we stayed when we were not travelling throughout Denmark.

Clinton's been traveling throughout the country campaigning for Obama, most recently in swing states such as Ohio and Wisconsin.

The project, which last year reached more than 14,000 young people, will once again travel throughout the country ending in April 2012.

In my time in Ghana, I was able to see a lot of interesting medical cases, volunteer in an orphanage, and travel throughout the country.

In some cases, hadith scholars would travel throughout the Islamic world to locate the required information pertinent to a single hadith.

For the next fourteen years the Commission travelled throughout the province meeting with First Nations groups to establish reserve lands.

In 2010, a paper I wrote on this topic was published by the Georgetown Law Journal, and I continue to travel throughout the country speaking on this issue.

In 1% of cases travel outside is used

They meet with them anytime they travel outside the country.

Women should therefore bring some when traveling outside the Western World.

For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through Harry.

You should carry ID, especially when travelling outside Nouakchott (where you may encounter many police road checks).

However they then faced the trauma of having to travel outside the country, not to mention the cost, to have safe abortions.

Are you mainly focused on indoor attractions or unfazed by frequently changing weather? Then travel outside the tourist season.

Then do so with post-haste, given that you have travelled outside the country, you obviously have the means to leave completely.

In the first eight years of his presidency, FDR travelled outside the US only once, and by 1935 the US army was still only the world's 19th largest.

Indian Visa Whether you plan to stay in India or travel outside India, your child will need a visa to stay in India or an exit permit to travel outside of India.

Certain elements of the press, a number of influential Demo- crats, and even a few of his own party adversely critici2ed his travels outside the state on behalf of Eisenhower.

In 1% of cases travel into is used

Can I still use my non-New Zealand passport to travel into New Zealand? Yes.

Following the engagement we travelled into Ernest Jones in the Trafford Centre on Monday 5th November.

Women were excluded entirely, because the very concept of a woman traveling into space was preposterous.

I now definitely want to incorporate a stint of travelling into my twenties and am planning my next visit to the Tate Modern.

Day 2: Travel into the Vast Selous Itinerary Today you'll be transferred from New Africa Hotel to the Selous Game Reserve roughly a 4.

Q-If a soul or spirit were to travel into the past, would that not then become the present for that soul, with an alternate future? A-Yes.

If I were to travel into the future instantaneously, using no time myself to make the journey so that nothing in the 3rd Dimension changed.

Travelling into the turbulent memories of a filmmaker while exploring social or political issue is a relatively new form in animation film.

In fact, both Williams and Ford cast their votes from Russia, prior to travelling into orbit aboard their respective Soyuz craft, earlier this year.

This includes resort properties, apartments and other residences that are utilized by people who are traveling into the Dominican Republic for extended stays.

In 1% of cases travel between is used

Travel between the main cities by (cheap) train.

Last Sunday I travelled between the two countries.

Travel between Jaffna and Colombo increased considerably.

Hence travelling between these cities is fairly easy.

More than 1,200,000 citizens travelled between China and Australia last year.

I travel between Upali Newspaper Limited halt in Homagama and Public Library halt in Colombo by bus.

Earth Times reports a Hong Kong mother and son disappeared while traveling between Hong Kong and Taijin, China.

You fast travel between points on the map which makes everything seem much smaller than portrayed in the books or show.

Bangkok to Singapore by luxury train: There is one other option for train travel between Bangkok, Butterworth &; Singapore.

The entire group burst into giggles as we all confirmed that two days of traveling between continents had taken its toll.

In 1% of cases travel along is used

The lifting component, hoist travels along the bridge to lift materials.

He had traveled along the tracks of South America for nearly five years.

History suggests that the Luo travelled along the River Nile from Sudan.

On September 26, 1937, Smith was critically injured in a car accident while traveling along U.

A trail then travels along the plain towards the village of Kastraki for a total length of about 6 km.

Lewis said he was travelling along Perkins Boulevard, near Red Hills Road, when the incident occurred.

Seven died when a mortar landed on a mini-bus travelling along the western edge of the camp, the sources said.

While reading this book you are surely going to have a feeling that you are traveling along with Ginny on her quest.

Sturt accompanied by Hume travelled along the Macquarie and discovered the Darling River in northern New South Wales.

That would mean less water will travel along pavement and curbs, pick up toxins and pollutants, and get into the river, speakers said.

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