Prepositions after "traumatic"

traumatic for, to, in, at or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases traumatic for is used

That was traumatic for everyone.

And it was very traumatic for me.

How incredibly traumatic for them.

I guess it was too traumatic for us, or maybe I just don't want to know the truth.

It was very traumatic for us all but particularly for the dogs and people involved.

Be sure to say the right things so this transition is less traumatic for your child.

We discuss where things have gone well, and where interventions have possibly been traumatic for the recipients.

Your daughters will pick up on this and it will be confusing and unpleasant - quite possibly traumatic for them.

I had planned for 12 months but when the time came it was so traumatic for him he stopped eating for a few hours.

This last year has been particularly traumatic for Lynne and I, losing not one, but three of our llama companions.

In 8% of cases traumatic to is used

This had been profoundly traumatic to O'Brien, Mr Williams said.

This is abuse that is far more traumatic to a kid than the quick smack to discipline.

It was not easy, it was teary and traumatic to some, but it taught us to stay strong.

Yes, breakup is traumatic to everyone concerned plus which involves we a ex plus the kids.

One means of low cost/free euthanasia is often viewed as too violent and traumatic to the owners.

Accordingly, the impact of parental alienation is particularly traumatic to the targetted parent.

But all three instances I would imagine will seem equally traumatic to the person experiencing them.

From experience, it can be traumatic to the guy too breaking up with someone he's known for a long time.

This owl was captured by both illegal and inhumane methods that would have been traumatic to the animal in question.

I know that's not as ' sexy ' as what The Butchers did -- but it was every bit as traumatic to the victims and their families.

In 6% of cases traumatic in is used

It's not traumatic in the least.

It was traumatic in a more fundamental way.

They have had to leave their homes, which is traumatic in itself.

So for a country that is not in a state of war, these figures are traumatic in themselves.

Traumatic in a way the secular minds of the West finds it pretty well impossible to appreciate.

This stimuli may be traumatic in nature, causing tissue damage which stimulates pain response in the brain.

Not solely could it assist issues be loads traumatic in your life, nevertheless it helps you plan to your future.

Indisputably, job loss is a worker's greatest fear, but it is especially traumatic in the current economic climate.

The adaptive approach is focused on the adaptation to external events, primarily those that are traumatic in nature.

The Air India bombing is again placed as a Canadian theme -- something traumatic in the Indo-Canadian collective memory.

In 2% of cases traumatic at is used

It was pretty traumatic at the time.

Somewhat traumatic at the time for everyone but we laugh about it now.

It was traumatic at the time, but it's become one of our favourite holiday stories.

Yes, she is fine now, thank you lilachair although it was very traumatic at the time.

A lot of people rely on this communication in order to make it through their traumatic at times days and we walk with them.

And also, I didn't see them straight away, I had to wait till later that night, and that was all a bit traumatic at the time.

I've never had to worry about unplanned pregnancies or ST D's or consider having an abortion (which, even for those who believe it's a fetus, can still be traumatic at times).

Bray had changed a lot in the last few years, so too had Ireland, and it had been traumatic at times, but there were a few constants here, he felt, and Marine Terrace was one of them.

In 2% of cases traumatic of is used

But I don't really think any of us had that traumatic of a life before and that it would randomly happen.

The most traumatic of these was for some friends of mine killed in a mid-air collision on a very clear, calm day.

In 1% of cases traumatic after is used

The drop in income is traumatic after a layoff, particularly if you are the only breadwinner in your house.

In 1% of cases traumatic as is used

I don't see our present changes however being as socially traumatic as the move from the farm to the city and suburbs.

I totally reject the notion that the shift in opinion polls is as big and as depressingly traumatic as the polls are suggesting.

It's interesting, it teaches you something of a conflict that we might not know much about, but it becomes unecessarily more complicated and traumatic as the narrative progresses.

The 4 times rebuilt house, one of many examples, is consistently met with further demolition illustrating an architecture as activism, proving, however, too traumatic as the families move away.

The butchering was the most traumatic as the butcher was producing cuts of meat at a hectic pace and me and Jackie were feverishly trying to label and bag various bits and put them in the freezer.

In 1% of cases traumatic because is used

Hospitalisation can be traumatic because of the large-scale callousness there.

In 1% of cases traumatic by is used

Back around the time of the Big Bang, or before, there was an experience which was experienced as traumatic by the majority of the subjective collective.

I can not put into words the extent to which having a baby who would not survive was made much more traumatic by the fact that I could not end the pregnancy in Ireland.

In 1% of cases traumatic like is used

Something traumatic like this is something he will never forget.

I hope it's not something traumatic like another plane crash or somebody getting run over by a bus.

In 1% of cases traumatic on is used

It was traumatic on every level.

Despite the reason for any divorce, the impact is almost always traumatic on all parties involved, especially children.

But for my family and I, what was supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing Merdeka weekend getaway on the island turned out to be frustrating and traumatic on our trip home.

In 1% of cases traumatic with is used

I did have consensual sex that was not traumatic with him on many occasions.

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