Prepositions after "trap"

trap in, by, between, under or inside?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases trap in is used

I am trapped in a display case.

We are trapped in a closed sensory loop.

Nine others were trapped in a shaft nearby.

It's a huge shame to be part of a system and not even know that you're trapped in it.

And, trapped in the spirtually poisoned world, they grow dependent on such sedatives.

The study will discover if Alex has a functioning mind trapped in an unresponsive body.

James Franco plays Aron Ralston who became trapped in a canyon during a rocking climbing trip in two thousand three.

You learn that talk doesn't change things and that unrequited wishes can only serve to keep you trapped in the past.

And Nintendo knows how to cash in on that! Nowadays, no one wants to be trapped in the drab world of black or white.

Thatchers regime forced people into disability benefits as a means of survival and they became trapped in the system.

In 9% of cases trap by is used

In this case, a Panda trapped by the keyboard.

This time, she wasn't trapped by the big firm.

And I realised we're all part of it, and all trapped by it.

At the lower rungs, the needy are trapped by a lack of healthier options for survival.

When hard water flow through them, calcium and magnesium ions will be trapped by the Na-zeolite.

Which means that is unlikely to be trapped by your anti-virus software, certainly in the short-term.

These flames reflect the intense energy trapped by the planet as a result of absorbing heat from the sun's rays all day long.

This myth assumes that all mobile phone signals are virtually trapped by the enclosure and add up creating a possible hazard.

In 5% of cases trap between is used

I hope none of this moisture gets trapped between my keys.

They were also trapped between the two rivers and were desperately looking for a way to escape.

And so, like Bourne, he's trapped between his own story and the Big Picture, unsure of who, or what, is.

In Kosi floods of 2008, approximately 1300 people from Maharaji tola in Rampur Lahi, were trapped between two flooding rivers.

Moreover, in Rampur Lahi a very large number of people were trapped between two rivers, one of which was created only in the floods.

Witnesses said the rider became trapped between the truck and a parked car, then toppled over and went under three wheels of the truck.

Gerald's eyes widened as he stared at the half-eaten soggy sandwich with ham, tomato slices and cheese trapped between two thick crumbling slices of bread.

And perhaps there is a genetic link with the sombre figures that haunt Janis Avotins's pictures, ghostly figments trapped between subtle layers of monochrome paint.

Trapped between the vicissitudes of celebrity culture and an inflexible monarchy, her power was reduced to public spectacle and all the limitations that that entail.

Infants and young children can roll off the edge of the inflatable air mattress and become trapped between the mattress and the fabric sides of the tent, which could cause suffocation.

In 5% of cases trap under is used

Some of the occupants were trapped under the overturned raft.

Rescuers are working overnight to reach hundreds of people trapped under rubble after the 6.

One: I have a newborn, and it's difficult to type when one of your arms is trapped under a baby.

Hundreds of us were trapped under Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium in a rowdy piece of community theatre called Waiting for Kevin.

There was drama before the off as Gray Pearl got trapped under her stall and had to be put down, causing a lengthy delay before the start of the race.

One night, he and his bureau chief, Hussein Murtada, 40, were trapped under fire for three hours during a failed rebel attempt to take the city's television station.

Lussier had devised a system of valves to provide air from tanks containing enough oxygen to keep him alive for forty hours just in case he was trapped under the waterfalls.

In 4% of cases trap inside is used

Many will be hit by falling debris or are trapped inside the collapsed building.

Our former Army Ranger hero is trapped inside his body unable to communicate and unwilling to trust.

The dye stayed trapped inside the Ormosil nanoparticle and did not spread to the other parts of the body.

Finally, there is a full port of my TagSoup to C++, but unfortunately it is currently trapped inside IBM.

This is where art integration, as well as art education, can help to unlock the creativity trapped inside each child.

Outlook for DCIS DCIS means ductal carcinoma in situ and the cancer cells are trapped inside the ducts of the breast.

Not only does it do that, it also does not allow condensation to grow to be trapped inside walls and that keeps them from rotting.

Walsh's best work, including the very strange Bedbound (2000) and The Walworth Farce (2006 ), hinges on often slightly mad characters trapped inside ludicrous scenarios of their own making.

In 3% of cases trap on is used

The heat radiation is trapped on the surface.

While those on welfare would not be trapped on welfare.

Your series could easily get trapped on the shrub, or worse, injure somebody.

Turning toward those trapped on both sides of the lines in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

The free oil and low density suspended solids are trapped on one side of the main body and the treated water flows out the other side.

The Metis hunted and trapped on their own accounts and some also engaged in some trade of their own acquiring furs from different First Nations groups for resale to the HBC or NWC.

It makes full advantages of the flow speed in SPAK and density variation that the free oil and low density SS are trapped on one side of the main body and the treated water flows out the other side.

In 2% of cases trap for is used

These bans exist for obvious reasons, as a soldier could be trapped for many days without a supply of insulin.

The men had been trapped for more than two months in the collapsed Chilean copper mines nearly half a mile underground.

I keep this room for writing and for writing alone, which makes it an anxious, neurotic sort of room, where I'd either trapped for days, or that I avoid for days.

Dream encounters someone who's trapped for one reason or another, and after initially saying he can't do anything about it, he changes his mind and enables an escape.

In 2% of cases trap into is used

Only those who were trapped into debt by the parasites, are stuck farming for a bank.

These men are conned into coming and trapped into staying, with the complicity of the Dubai authorities.

In 2% of cases trap with is used

Trapped with hundreds of others.

They are trapped with an indecent sum of cash and can not manage to put it in the wrong organization.

Employees worried about getting trapped with Jobs in a lift, afraid that they might not have a job when the doors opened.

People living in ward no 05 (some portion ), ward no 06, 08, 09, 10, 11 and 12 were badly trapped with no safe route to evacuation.

Behaviour to women's trend might gradually boost in the States, however it was not before the mid-19th millennium which they trapped with The european union in really permitting.

In 1% of cases trap at is used

From A Sense of Direction: My friend Tom was trapped at home in a tiny, distant city.

In 1880, after many months of evading capture, Kelly and his gang were trapped at Glenrowan.

The remnants of the barrel remained trapped at the base of the Falls until its iron rings broke away.

As for the rest of the Republican field, contemplating them is like being trapped at a party gone wrong waiting for the adults to come home and do something sensible.

In 1% of cases trap behind is used

Increased risk may result if foreign substances, such as dust or small metal fragments, become trapped behind the contact lens.

In 1% of cases trap within is used

Mary Wollstonecraft was critical of all the ways women are trapped within notions of femininity which she felt were belittling.

The fire truly helps, but it only makes me feel trapped within the parameter of its light, which is something I know I should not be feeling at all.

Until then, the money provided by the central banks is bound to be trapped within the banking system and this liquidity trap has meanwhile developed into a lending gap.

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