Prepositions after "transpire"

"transpire in" or "transpire during"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases transpire in is used

The last update on the Zubr deal transpired in April 2010 (here).

Mature people, and not just kids, can learn a bunch from what transpired in those days.

He indicated Monday that perhaps she didn't know what had transpired in Benghazi on the day of the attack.

In many ways its like what is transpiring in the nations blighted by the Arab Spring; one man, one vote, one time.

Their deployment transpired in apparent ignorance of the true nature of the flawed, but breathtakingly daring opposing strategy known as the Schleiffen Plan.

In 20% of cases transpire during is used

No announcement was subsequently made about what transpired during those sessions.

But like Natalie wrote, you really need to get the lowdown on what has transpired during the time you've been apart.

At any rate, we can only surmise as to what actually transpired during the killing of Miguel de Belen, and thus can not appreciate treachery which can not be based on mere presumption.

The Walk After his liver transplant, while he was recuperating at home in Palo Alto, California, Steve invited me over to catch up on industry events that had transpired during his illness.

In 11% of cases transpire on is used

Our numbers may have been small but we roared and clapped for what transpired on screen.

Another former police officer, my ex-colleague Gilbert Jorge, came along because he had to relate the events that transpired on July 8,1967.

This often transpires on the are searching for to them home from home college loan and the loss of details inside the agreement one can find accepting on.

In case your program controls tend to be held ' on ' for most of these options after that this could transpire on auto-pilot each time you get on world wide web.

In 7% of cases transpire at is used

I am not sure what transpired at home when we were at the mosque for nearly an hour after the breakfast.

I took more than a casual interest as a Historian-turned administrator in what transpired at the Aburi Summit.

In 6% of cases transpire within is used

What transpires within Katsu is a growing love affair with the process of working in the film industry.

For this kind of incident, the operator or even the management is considered to get liable because the incident transpired within the do the job location.

In 6% of cases transpire with is used

We pray that letting everyone know of all the things that has transpired with our situation, will help someone to leave this lifestyle, or not go into it.

In light, however, of what has recently transpired with RVP and now Alex Song as well, I feel compelled to write a very brief piece about why what these 2 did was wrong, in my opinion.

In 4% of cases transpire over is used

A lot sure transpired over the weekend, and then over the 2 public holidays.

Ricciardi as one of the many people in baseball whose future will be affected by what transpires over the final month of the baseball regular season.

I was going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note but will wait and see what transpires over the next few months in regards to MS new toys, I mean productivity tools, lol.

In 4% of cases transpire between is used

I narrated everything that transpired between GuyB and I.

Even though I went to great lengths to just say I didn't appreciate what had transpired between them, things got heated.

In 1% of cases transpire about is used

Answers: What transpires about what? If youre not insured then your estate is quite simply whichever property you've.

In 1% of cases transpire by is used

You fully understand that hypworks can not and will not be held responsible for any negative repercussions that may transpire by adhering to any advice, assumptions, or information given.

In 1% of cases transpire to is used

We thank you for your patronage and would like to mention a few aspects, that I think i need to transpire to our first time guests.

In 1% of cases transpire after is used

Some of the hadith reports that give graphic accounts of what will transpire after death are suspect.

In 1% of cases transpire across is used

The game will transpire across two maps; a forest and an abandoned hospital, but there are plans to make further levels post-release with an estimated of eight in total.

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