Prepositions after "transparent"

transparent about, to, in, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases transparent about is used

We can be transparent about it.

I'd quite transparent about that.

The CAG has been transparent about it.

If anything, the finest bloggers are much more transparent about their biases.

We committed to being open and transparent about the impacts of these policies.

Judges and Justices are advised, however, to be completely transparent about it.

Nations must be transparent about their adherence to international law and defend attacks ' proportionality.

We need a fiscal and tax overhaul that most importantly, is transparent about the true costs of the suburbs.

We either follow this code, or, if not, we need to be transparent about it and make known the reasons for it.

It is about whether it is congruent with our intentions and whether we are transparent about those intentions.

In 24% of cases transparent to is used

That is a transparent to the visitor.

Relevance is made transparent to students.

All so transparent to anyone with a brain.

It makes me feel, however fleetingly, that I am transparent to myself, to others.

I want my life, and our marriage to be transparent to anyone who needs to see it.

Printed series of density increases, in regular steps from transparent to opaque.

Rate shifting is a physical-layer mechanism transparent to the user and the upper layers of the protocol stack.

That means government should be transparent to the opposition and to the public about their action and strategy.

We have to make the WTO more and more transparent to the world, and more accountable to sustainable development.

All seems pretty transparent to me but then again it's always tough when the facts get in the way of a good story.

In 21% of cases transparent in is used

Jabari transparent in this Op-Ed.

Be transparent in your communication.

Julien is transparent in the backstage.

While one government is seen to be transparent in terms of progress being made, e.

A truly hosted dialing solution should be transparent in all reporting and pricing.

Draghi only that the CGBPP would be transparent in respect to countries and amounts.

Such a solicitude helps one become transparent in his own care and internally become free to face and solve it.

In its conversion to US GAAP, voluminous hidden reserves became transparent in Daimler? s financial statements.

An additional measure is to be transparent in the whole process, so that the public will know what is expected.

In 11% of cases transparent with is used

Be transparent with your spouse.

Be totally transparent with each other.

We were completely transparent with Bank of America.

Instead, warm him up to the idea of being open and transparent with each other.

This will enable you to create value and be more transparent with crowdfunding.

At the very least give Ferrarri credit for being open and transparent with FIA.

Annette -- I would encourage you to continue being as honest and transparent with the HB service as possible.

Their hubris has become transparent with the help of instant feedback from intelligent bloggers and kvetchers.

And to totally transparent with you, I probably still could not write academically if you held a gun to my head.

An Open KPI Future? The US Government has decided to be open and transparent with their KPIs for IT Investments.

In 4% of cases transparent for is used

It looked almost transparent for a second.

Technological evolution made it transparent for us.

We try to keep tipping as transparent for the crew as possible.

The compulsory helmet legislation is now transparent for the smoke screen it was.

The Internet should be transparent for the people and the so should the government.

Sit down with both sets of parents and be transparent for each other's expectations.

A necessary requirement is that software is available which is almost transparent for the client to install and re-use.

For example, Linux and Codezero manage the association of threads with CPUs largely transparent for user-level programs.

I really think journalism would benefit in many ways by setting standards for itself, that are transparent for me to see.

He stands at 6 ' 8 but appears approachable and friendly and he's uncharacteristically transparent for a young superstar.

In 3% of cases transparent on is used

We are very keen to be transparent on this.

Russia is transparent on the matters related to its military policies.

They're just more transparent on being more far right wing Republican than any other.

We have always been very transparent on our coal purchases for our electric business.

After all he/she may not be too transparent on the feelings he/she may be having towards you.

ESMA believes that issuers should be more transparent on how they assess the event or events triggering impairment.

They all insist they are transparent on tax matters and abide by the law, but point out that they are not UK companies.

What's made matters worse is banks haven't exactly been transparent on revealing what criteria they use to prospective clients.

Her wrapping was perfect; mine was lumpy on one end and transparent on the other, as I'd begun to run out of silk halfway through.

In 2% of cases transparent as is used

But he said bands should be transparent as to why they are cancelling.

We also try to be open and transparent as to how we handle personal information.

She challenges me to be transparent as a professional and stand up for my beliefs.

Our appeals procedure is as open and transparent as the recruitment process itself.

These ideas they promote are not logical and are very transparent as to their purposes.

I think you have made it quite transparent as to what is requited to ward off that stale content.

Step 21 Go back to right shape layer 's, we need to tweak this layer so it look transparent as the left shape.

This name was chosen to exude the impression of clean, transparent as well as something that is liked by everyone.

Santiago said that while the undersecretary has the right to remain silent, he has an obligation to be transparent as a public official.

In 2% of cases transparent by is used

NGOs should be transparent by themselves.

The only complaint was the plot became a little transparent by the end of the story.

Such actors can then possibly be made more transparent by their trading partners that have registered sent/received goods to/from them.

These are the public's records and any agency should be happy to be labeled as transparent by fulfilling a request fully and in a timely manner.

If you have white background appear on your graphic you will have to make it transparent by clicking on ' Remove Background ' in the Format menu.

The obvious next step is to make the entire process transparent by stripping the operating system from the computer and putting that in the cloud.

The clothing must not be close-fitting whereby the figure of the body is visible or transparent by which the colour of the body is able to be seen.

For example, a file service can start with NFS and move on to as many protocols as desired; the transfer between the protocols would be made transparent by servlets.

This balancing obligation is set out in s 42 of the RMA (see notes below) Make identification of heritage places transparent by clearly recording information and values.

In 1996, the opposition fully contested the presidential and parliamentary elections, which were described as peaceful, free, and transparent by domestic and international observers.

In 1% of cases transparent at is used

Pretty deep but transparent at the same time.

To sum it up for a GHG free 100% transparent atmosphere.

NOTE 1: Here's the thing about a planet with a transparent atmosphere.

In a perfectly transparent atmosphere all of the heat being radiated would radiate out.

It's so transparent at times, it's amazing anyone takes him seriously when he writes about U.

NASA, Trenberth, and the energy budgets are about non-transparent atmospheres containing GHGs.

Also as opined by the author present government is not transparent at all on such crucial subject of national importance.

The transfer of capabilities is completely transparent at API level and no modification of existing RPC stub code was needed.

This reduces the total radiation of the surface, thus raising its average temp from what it would be without a transparent atmosphere.

And it demonstrates so achingly the hope that maybe we can try to love other people and still be candid and transparent at the same time.

In 1% of cases transparent from is used

I've been honest and transparent from day one.

This should have been transparent from the first ticket lottery.

The game needs to be cleaned up and made transparent from top to bottom.

It is accountable, transparent from beginning to end, and gets the most out of every dollar spent.

The car will appear transparent from the inside, allowing the driver to ' see through ' the rear bodywork.

This gentleman's holistic perception of business and organization was completely transparent from his encompassing elaboration on his concepts.

The whole Bahrain affair was transparent from start to finish, and yet again FOM and FIA assume that the fans, and the public, are idiots and sheep.

Has The Homestead Park Residents been fully aware of this project and has this been transparent from inception? Without the forwarding of the alleged leased.

So instead of giving outsiders ammunition to question the way that you run your organization, it's better to be entirely transparent from the very beginning.

It seems their conclusions are very heavily influenced by this approach, and it's at all not transparent from the Methods presented why they did it this way.

In 1% of cases transparent like is used

Their President will become transparent like other Presidents.

Their president will become transparent like other presidents.

But if it works for you, it's a good option, and also transparent like Time Machine.

Her nudity is primeval, fundamental, and transparent like Nature -- the earth, sea, and sky.

It was different from the first gate; for it was half transparent like horn, and opened inwards.

The illumination: the whole truth is light and transparent like the rock crystal at the pinnacle.

Most of the gem stones appear attractive when they are transparent like ruby, emerald, sapphire etc.

It was made of something that was transparent like glass, and the floors appear to be made of light.

He saw that her form and face were growing, not small, but transparent like something dissolving away.

The devils were distinguished by horrible, loathsome forms of animals, frightful and unknown but transparent like black coals that have turned red-hot.

In 1% of cases transparent of is used

Even the most transparent of us have blind sides.

Yours is one of the most transparent of domain blogs.

Even the most transparent of us have blind sides and unwitting opacity.

Wasn't this administration supposed to be the most transparent of them all? Lies.

They are exploring their private lives in the most transparent of public settings.

I have come to regard this matter of Fame as the most transparent of all vanities.

Perhaps the most transparent of all the simulations of social equality one sees in China is the mock equal-ity of dress.

When selecting domicile furniture, drive transparent of sofas, couches, seats as well as recliners with bustling upholstery.

The most disturbed and betrayed President but, the cleanest, purest, the most transparent of all Aso Rock (Villa) occupiers from time immemorial.

God's encounter with the world through Jesus Christ takes place through the ordinary things of day-to-day life which are transparent of God's presence.

In 1% of cases transparent through is used

It stayed transparent through the Save for Web &; Devices, but after it was saved, it had a white background.

Curiously, Warnock's very unconcern with examining her own character means that it becomes transparent through the text.

Their presence in social media must be balanced by being transparent through the availability of information about their products.

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