Prepositions after "transferable"

transferable to, between, from, across or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases transferable to is used

Not transferable to another film.

Is this list transferable to Kenya? No.

They are not transferable to other persons.

Depending on the specific system, the rights may be transferable to other users.

It's not clear, though, that this solution is transferable to the United States.

Entrance tickets are NOT transferable to third parties and can not be reimbursed.

FUGAZI is potentially transferable to other disasters resulting from poor preparation and over-confidence, eg.

The term is perfectly transferable to over-active team members, and delegates at meetings or training courses.

I simply opted to identify academic skills that were transferable to most health science occupational settings.

In 6% of cases transferable between is used

It is transferable between DHBs.

Ads are not transferable between Etsy accounts.

Childcare leave is not transferable between spouses.

DragonVale accounts and their data are NOT transferable between iOS (Apple) and Android.

However, once purchased, Cash Items are not transferable between characters in different.

The increase in the standard rate tax band of up to 23,800 in 2012 is not transferable between partners.

The increase in the standard rate band of up to 23,800 is not transferable between spouses or civil partners.

This personal exemption is not transferable between spouses or civil partners and applies to individuals only.

The increase in the standard rate tax band of up to 23,800 is not transferable between spouses or civil partners.

While most risks are transferable between different situations, the outcome of the same actions can be very different.

In 6% of cases transferable from is used

Amounts are freely transferable from Type-A to Type-B and vice versa.

Cartridges are transferable from the LeapPad Explorer too which is excellent.

The unused proportion of the nil-rate band is transferable from the deceased.

With removable (so transferable from one to the next) saddles, tails and manes.

Once an officer is recruited he is not transferable from the Bribery Commission.

Tags are not transferable from one vehicle to another unless they are reassigned.

The one heading to Australia is certain that his pension would be fully transferable from the UK to Australia.

Everything you have ever done, from your first Saturday job onwards, will have developed marketable skills that are transferable from one profession to another.

Your deposit is also transferable from one NUI Galway programme to another, with the exception of the Professional Diploma in Education/Oideachas (Dioplma Gairmiil).

In 4% of cases transferable across is used

Knowledge and skills are transferable across applications.

The value you bring has to be transferable across sectors.

These can not be regarded as transferable across nations and cultures.

This is because the skills they acquire are transferable across many careers.

It is transferable across all industries and countries, and rated globally as the No.

It creates proper humans, defined by their adherence to a specific set of codes that are not transferable across national lines.

Are narrative practices transferable across cultures? This question can really only be answered by people from non-dominant cultures.

Many physicists choose a career in accounting because it offers a professional qualification transferable across any industry or organization.

With these sub-structures in latent space, the proposed approach then find common concepts that are transferable across domains with high probability.

These core skills are transferable across sectors and are built into the Apprenticeship to maximise flexibility and choice for employers and apprentices.

In 3% of cases transferable by is used

Control and ownership of a corporation are easily transferable by selling shares.

This Agreement shall not be assignable or transferable by you except with ICAP's prior written consent.

Assignment or Transfer: This Agreement and the Leased Equipment are not assignable or otherwise transferable by you.

This service is neither resalable nor transferable by the subscriber to any other person, corporate body, firm or individual.

He discovered he could transfer heart disease to the rabbit 100 percent of the time! Other diseases were more than 80 percent transferable by this method.

This is because of the fact that your no claims bonus is proof of your safe driving record which may be considered to be transferable by your chosen provider.

In 3% of cases transferable for is used

The prize is not transferable for cash.

The tickets are not transferable for cash or any other person.

For some their skills is transferable for the big majority perhaps not.

The introduced changes are not transferable for the rest of the whole system.

This is a very powerful healing, but is more easily transferable for the pitras in a higher planetary plane of existence.

Ken and Chelsea library has decent selection of DVDs, would be great to see them transferable for watching on portable devices.

In 3% of cases transferable in is used

Such a style and culture is not transferable in a short span of time.

They need to look closely at those skills which are transferable in a new country.

No shares of stock against which the corporation holds any unpaid claim shall be transferable in the books of the corporation.

Almost all of these classes are generally transferable in order to universities following you've completed having a fantastic rank.

Accrued GHA Local Experience awards are personal and are not transferable in the event of death, as part of a domestic relations matter or otherwise by operation of law.

Except as specifically provided herein, no accrued points are transferable in the event of death, as part of a domestic relations matter or otherwise by operation of law.

Except as provided in these terms and conditions, mileage credits are not transferable in any way, and can not be bequeathed, devised or otherwise transferred by operation of law.

The trustee or trustees shall execute and deliver to the transferors voting trust certificates, which shall be transferable in the same manner and with the same effect as certificates of stock.

In 3% of cases transferable into is used

This makes it possible for most skill sets to be transferable into the oil and gas industry.

That said, a Masters is testimony to commitment, detailed understanding and a range of valuable skills, transferable into the workplace.

Premium Rush simply doesn't take itself seriously, and is presented in a quite stylistic way, as a film that would be easily transferable into a video game.

In 1% of cases transferable among is used

While math curriculum is very transferable among cultures, other subjects vary a great deal.

SDRs are held exclusively by official holders, which are central banks and certain other international agencies, and are transferable among participants and other official holders.

In 1% of cases transferable on is used

Are warranties transferable on imported vehicles? Some manufacturers allow the transfer of U.

In 1% of cases transferable through is used

Viruses such as meningitis are also easily transferable through spit.

Some people believe that things like bad luck are transferable through possessions.

I suppose its one of the reasons that horror films are so transferable through time, it's that they play on a human thing.

In 1% of cases transferable throughout is used

We offer world-class facilities, resources and teaching staff, and our qualifications are valued and transferable throughout the world.

These are skills and attributes are transferable throughout industry and therefore students will be able to respond and be confident in working on a global platform.

In 1% of cases transferable with is used

It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting.

This offer includes 2 weeks of points which are transferable with the property.

Award is transferable with the holder to another approved public boarding school.

You should clarify that all of the parts of the mortgage are transferable with the current amount still owing.

There are state and private funds; and it is transferable with all the states universities that partake in the program.

Are the skills transferable with VFX and animation and what kind of route would I need to take? Something we haven't yet touched on (I think) is the importance of soft skills.

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