Prepositions after "train"

train in, for, by, at or with?

Word Frequency
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In 26% of cases train in is used

I trained in Kuching until 2007.

Evidently he trains in Winterfell.

They could be trained in a month.

Typically, the shochet is an observant male Jew trained in the practice of slaughter.

Those in the Airports Police Unit, for example, would be trained in aviation security.

Therefore, I can be reasonably deduced that I have been training in the wrong zones (i.

Reduced number of local health department staff trained in epidemiology, laboratory and outbreak response by 2,500.

Then, all participants were trained in one specific cognitive technique during the second 30 minutes of each session.

My daughter is just recently trained in the last couple of months, (she will be 4 in November ), but only for peeing.

If you're training in the morning and fasting, then I would definitely recommend taking them to preserve muscle mass.

In 15% of cases train for is used

I want to train for a marathon/triathlon.

I will definitely train for next year's run.

You train for months, you fly out to Europe.

We didn't train for this and are grateful that we did not suffer any serious injuries.

Young people are not just cogs to be trained for the techniques of a future economy.

Take a college course, or try for a place at a big hotel, and train for Silver Service.

Six years ago I trained for Team In Training to do the Disney Marathon to celebrate my five year cancer remission.

Recently, I was speaking with an acquaintance who is an avid runner and frequently trains for events such as these.

Employees should be motivated for the good work done and should be trained for their future growth with the company.

The tenth standard pass girls are recruited from the villages and are trained for couple of years and placed as nurses.

In 11% of cases train by is used

She was completely trained by 3 y.

All my boys were potty trained by 2.

They'll all be potty-trained by kindergarten.

They were trained by female guardians and their overall leader was Gertrud Scholtz-Klink.

Anyone who had been trained by the GNT would have been snapped up by those other companies.

He moved to Jamaica in March 2011 and is being trained by Glenn Mills of the Racers Track Club.

He is being trained by coach Roel Velasco, himself a bronze medalist in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.

They would be trained by Guarantee Trust in life skills and technical skills, with simulated real work in real companies.

Is that right? Do you have a BK attorney, or are you going pro se? The best BK attorneys have been trained by Max Gardner.

For instance, the whole of the Ivory Coast national team were recruited and trained by one of our worldwide soccer schools.

In 10% of cases train at is used

We trained at Eden Park yesterday.

My daughter was potty-trained at 3.

And be patient My children were trained at 2.

In calculation, it will cost GHC316000 for each student to be trained at GHC52666 a year.

The College Librarian and Deputy Librarian are appropriately trained at the Master's level.

Bismarck Yeboah, who was also trained at the Music Department University of Ghana, at Legon.

A Weekend First Upgrade is available on East Midlands Trains at weekends and public holidays, subject to availability.

I know that boys typically train a little later than girls, but Island Boy was fully potty trained at 3 yrs and 2 months.

But Caltrain passengers have to transfer to some of the BART trains at Millbrae which stops only at the International Terminal.

This president said nothing about long term plans trained at effective distribution of energy in his state of the union speech.

In 10% of cases train with is used

I have been training with Jeremy Boyd for almost 2 years.

He trained with Wasim Akram and is deadly dangerous in all formats.

I've trained with him two or three times and I was really excited by him.

I hope he will send his children this Saturday and they will train with perseverance.

Do you train with any of the guys from the cast? Right now I?? m training with Jerry.

Here are 7 tips to get you back on the open road: Train with a friend or with a group.

Let's see, says the producer adding whoever is finalised to play Mary Kom will have to train with the boxer for four.

Now he says he does not train with the idea of being a part of the starting 11, rather just to be a part of the bench.

There were five first team players voluntarily training with Eusebio Sacristn's Bara B side this Wednesday morning.

Mr Banks was not trained with this kind of walk in mind so I had no cause to expect that he'd work as well as he did.

In 7% of cases train as is used

She was in her 90s and had trained as a nurse in the 1930s.

In the sudden surge of development, Mohammed trained as a lawyer.

He was trained as an architect but apparently never worked as one.

You and I were contemporaries at Illinois in the 60s where I was trained as a modernist.

Trained as a classical concert pianist, Maya released many albums before she became a teacher.

Dorothy Ngozi Oyekwe opted for Medicine and trained as a Doctor at the Universities of Lagos and London.

She went on to train as a midwife at St Mary's Maternity Hospital, and later Tameside Hospital in Greater Manchester.

When training as a glider pilot I was not allowed to fly solo till performing corrective measures in stall situation.

Alexander the Great trained as a child soldier, and desperate armies in both world wars enlisted and coerced youth fighters.

John trained as a Civil Engineer and has an extensive background in project management, construction and facilities management.

In 7% of cases train on is used

If you race on hills, train on hills.

You have to get trained on the technique first.

The Rangers The RSF are trained on the US Army Ranger model.

You want to train on customer service skills to improve your customer service delivery.

The club has eight players from all over the midlands area who train on a weekly basis.

C Flight, 53 PIC, showing 28 of the cadets then undergoing training on the Tigermoths.

They weren't keen on having their photos taken, but of course had their camera phones trained on us the whole time.

Infact there is need for a specialized unit trained on issues of trafficking within the security enforcement agents.

In the process all the DECs were trained on how to design voter education programmes and the methods for its promotion.

It also made a series of recommendations intended to stamp out racism and ensure police were properly trained on the issue.

In 3% of cases train to is used

My children walk, take the bus and train to most places.

They simply want to help in a way they have been trained to.

The paramilitary forces were trained to Islamize the Bangalee society.

They are trained to international standards and are out there doing an excellent job.

It? s people like you and me who need to be called upon when we are trained to do so.

These qualities were not given nor trained to him but he earned it and learned it by his own.

But now all that has changed, I now know they are trained to the same standard as a medical doctor -- at least the ones in Abbey Chiropractic are.

After a bit of sweet talk he allowed me to take my bike on the day (chair car) train to Singapore only if I bought a first class ticket (no extra charge for bike).

The idea is that, in addition to offering training to school leavers and other members of the community, these programmes will sell goods and services to generate income.

This is where the dog is trained to selectively and intelligently disobey a command if it recognises imminent danger such as an obstruction blocking the way or a vehicle approaching.

In 2% of cases train from is used

Together we would train from Snap Fitness Palmerston North.

Tickets for trains from Paris to Bourg St Maurice start from 60.

ITINERARY Night 1: Take overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai Please, be ready at your hotel lobby at 20.

Day trains from Paris to Bourg St Maurice are high-speed TGV trains, while overnight trains are InterCity Night trains.

The alternative is a combined bus/rail journey, taking an Airlink 747 bus from the airport to Heuston Station and then train from Heuston to Cork.

Many of the sportsmen and women who compete in the Olympics have been training from a very young age, and for many, that is virtually all they do.

As you can see even training from the same parents can have a huge range in child readiness, LOL My daughter started asking for a little potty to sit on when she was 2.

The Catalans have a group of players who were identified by their scouts and trained from their early teenage years in the club's football philosophy, day in and day out.

By this time the people who had been pouring in on excursion trains from all parts of Canada had assembled in convenient locations for observation, to the number of perhaps 8,000.

In 2% of cases train under is used

Welterweight? Georges St-Pierre, the friend of Pacman who also trained under Freddie Roach.

The guides are trained under Michael's experience of knowing how to manage the park efficiently.

In the mid- ' 80s, for example, he trained under Dominic DeNucci with fellow future superstar Mick Foley.

He trained under Frank? - can't remember his last name - who was an avowed communist and learned to love socialism.

Across the ocean, an untried young woman named Shallan seeks to train under the eminent scholar and notorious heretic Jasnah Kholin, Dalinar's niece.

Mashood informed that Pakistan wrestler would be trained under Inoki's expertise and they would compete with Japanese wrestlers during their next visit.

Members of AC Academies from across the UK will unite to create a musically-charged spectacular with over 1500 young voices all trained under the guidance of Armonico Consort.

When Ian Thorpe, Stephanie Rice and Leisel Jones cut swathes through the opposition in Sydney, they trained under the tutelage of head swimming coach Don Talbot, a renowned disciplinarian.

In 1% of cases train before is used

None of them were trained before 3.

I don't know anyone whose kids were potty-trained before age 2.

I have three children, and of the three, only one of them was trained before two.

I sure hope so because none of my boys were potty trained before they were 3 (4 for my youngest.

Family members on her dads side were dismayed at her not being trained before 18 months, or before her sister was born 10 months later.

In 1% of cases train between is used

My kids were all potty trained between 18-24 months.

Both my kids were potty trained between the ages of 3 and 3 1/2.

My son was more difficult and we had many false starts before he finally trained between 3 1/2 and 4.

Photo courtesy of Bob Fletcher Here are trains between Bangkok &; Nong Khai, near the border with Laos.

Highly recommended! There is now also a summary version showing just the principal trains between major stations, without the local trains or bus &; ferry links, download here.

In 1% of cases train into is used

Disconnecting once to swap routers isn't likely to have a huge impact but try not to disconnect too many times as that could make it harder to train into a higher speed.

In 1% of cases train like is used

He's a Brazilian who trains like a beast.

I use to be a pretty hardcore lifter and I currently train like a body builder.

London to Manchester ), and therefore well-suited to a 125 mph (200 km/h) train like the HST.

He's not trained like Wayne? Ok, but Nolan didn't state that Blake will emerge as the new Batman the next night.

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