Prepositions after "traditional"

"traditional in" or "traditional to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases traditional in is used

He's traditional in many senses.

That is traditional in Queensland.

It's very traditional in many ways.

God Is With Us is traditional in style, but features innovative twists and turns.

Some women in India are still traditional in their mindsets despite being modern.

One, when it comes to wedding gifts, we are still very traditional in our thinking.

Plan is to enhance independent innovation, transform traditional industry and set up modern industrial systems.

One allows for me to explore the depth of what the reader knows, the other is more traditional in its approach.

The farmyard is located at the centre of the farm and would be described as more traditional in type and make up.

While not traditional in an aristocratic sense, its authenticity may be said to have remained resolutely unproven.

In 20% of cases traditional to is used

Conversion by rollover from traditional to Roth IRA.

Traditional to Madrid is the cocido madrileno, or grand stew.

The invitations can range from formal and traditional to casual and fun.

There are so many homemakers here, from the traditional to the not-so traditional.

There are various designs to go with, which range from traditional to present-day.

I like names from different languages and are traditional to that culture/country.

Today Christys ' offers a collection of men's and women's hats ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.

Thus, it has attracted a lot of companies from medium to big size to transfer from traditional to MLM business.

There are so many types of divination that are traditional to Hallowstide, it is possible to mention only a few.

These range from the traditional to the offbeat, and from international arts festivals to small regional events.

In 13% of cases traditional for is used

So pig is traditional for Christmas meal.

You do nt have to be traditional for the sake of others.

Then the staff was traditional for paratroopers red berets.

And I don't listen to our music because it's too loud or too traditional for me.

For that matter, the steroid use apparently IS traditional for a lot of athletes.

It is traditional for visitors to lay a gift (koha) on the ground after speaking.

Maybe not only for those, you will have other interesting program except all of above traditional for yourself.

It was traditional for Operative Masons to use these signs when moving from one place of employment to another.

Now, it is traditional for non-Chinese families to do some of the activites Chinese do during Chinese New Year.

It has been traditional for films to be released during Diwali, even if the date didn't fall close to a weekend.

In 8% of cases traditional with is used

Traditional with a Contemporary Twist.

Room was a little bit small but traditional with pretty decor.

I love traditional with more of vintage and a few pops of new.

I don't think it changed very much since PAL is vey traditional with their hiring.

The menu is, they say, ' a mixture of the traditional with a contemporary twist '.

They are traditional with strong values and strong ambitions leading to restlessness.

Nargis Hafeez: I am not a Fashionista but I could see that her collection was all traditional with great embroidery.

Clonliffe Avenue The Southern side of the avenue appears the more traditional with a full street of terraced small cottages.

In 7% of cases traditional of is used

Many foods are especially traditional of Peru.

With the traditional of 60s moderism in place.

Here you see the most traditional of golu arrangement.

I am not at all afraid to walk into a studio and record with the most traditional of influences.

The study also will focus on the reason of patterns of traditional of health and its consequences.

The news is filled with sensationalism, even some of the most venerable and traditional of outlets.

These books may resemble 19th-century novels in size, but the pace of even the most traditional of them is faster.

Theravada is the oldest and most traditional of the various sects of Buddhism being imported to the United States.

Some publishers, however, still have faith in the most traditional of delivery methods: a clothbound hardback book.

In 5% of cases traditional as is used

These grains are used for traditional as well as novel foods.

He promoted Burkinabe traditional as an expression of belonging.

It is a bustling marketplace with numerous traditional as well as modern shops.

There are two main major types of home-based systems, traditional as well as a handheld.

The food will often be more traditional as well as cheaper if you can find this kind of place.

They are just as beautiful and traditional as the exact ones but for a lot much more reasonably priced costs.

The salient point of this entire project is that the weavers utilized both traditional as well as modern looms.

For the uninitiated, try your hand at Padi planting using both traditional as well as modern methods of cultivation.

This particular gentle environment may produce a traditional as well as spectacular family portrait pictures outcome.

November 2012 however, is anything but traditional as the clients on the recent photohides workshop were to find out.

In 2% of cases traditional on is used

It is strikingly traditional on average.

A lot of fun and a neat little separation from the traditional on rails vehicle gameplay.

The NYWF ball is traditional on the Saturday night, and some of the Elefant Traks crew will be playing the tunes.

The precise Chanel sit back and see will have to discover the traditional on the list of have a look at fanatics.

Some students may prefer not to pursue traditional on campus education, as it involves traveling to attend lectures.

In understanding the problems on the lake, the characters come from different perspectives: modern on one hand and traditional on the other.

For both campaigns, Monday was filled with the hard work -- and the head fakes, rumors and spun-up bravado -- that are traditional on an election eve.

It has become traditional on International Women's Day to take stock of the role and place of women in society, and decry how it is still less than equal.

How do you find a balance between modern and traditional on your menu? MB: I try to take traditional New England ingredients and put a little twist to them.

In Chicago, not exactly the hottest/sunniest of locations, there was a test of a split building with traditional on one side and cool roof on the other side.

In 2% of cases traditional at is used

All Traditional at Prembaen Market Hi Bama, it's definitely something to experience.

Go back to your roots like Asin as she goes traditional at Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh's wedding reception.

Its pretty traditional at Chinese dinners to have soup served as an appetizer and to act as a palate cleaner or sorts.

As is now traditional at the education session of Tory conference, most of the time was given over to parents, pupils and teachers.

The favourite dish by the majority of respondents is seafood paella: powerful, strong-flavored and yet traditional at the same time.

They all did their initial officer cadet training in the United States, rather than Britain, which was more traditional at that time.

In that sense, Raman was a legend and a living proof that one can be a deeply rooted atheist and conservatively traditional at the same time.

Traditional at times If you keep it straight on the highway, the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu is a joy: the powertrain is smooth and the ride is comfortable.

The piece feels contemporary and yet traditional at the same time, mirroring the intoxicating charm of 1930s Shanghai -- a perfect mix of East and West influences.

Think marriage and -- the prom! Those gay and lesbian teens 1who demanded to attend their proms are radical and traditional at the same time, as are those seeking marriage equality.

In 2% of cases traditional about is used

There is nothing traditional about the Swedish law.

But there was nothing traditional about her subsequent career.

Comments Their is NOTHING bland or traditional about Channing Tatum.

There's nothing Thai or traditional about it, but I think it's a special wee tipple all the same.

I'd kind of traditional about marriage and the whole richer, poorer, in sickness, in health thing.

Waugh was also a Catholic convert, and aggressively traditional about it, unlike his more revolutionary friend.

Doing this would continue to give bowlers some hope and would also let us feel a bit like there is something traditional about it.

There's nothing really traditional about this Irish coffee recipe -- not if you expect a good few generations to have passed before something achieves the status of traditional.

From a comfort perspective, there is something very calming and traditional about eating the way our ancestors have for centuries; you become attuned to the cycle of the seasons.

In 1% of cases traditional from is used

And I do want to hear something more traditional from soloists.

On the flip side, the majority are unaware of steps to make proper application letters traditional from their own.

Fancy restaurants are great but with all that reinvention you need a set of tweezers to separate the traditional from the showstopper.

Traditional from the outside, Bristol's biggest library holds a secret interior almost as spectacular as its neighbour, Bristol Cathedral.

If women are being pressured to become ' sex objects ' by western media, then there is an equal but opposite pressure to be traditional from society where they live.

For the ones that don't know Panuozzo is like a pizza sandwich, traditional from Gragnano, first you baked the pizza dough, then filled it with the ingredients, and it's ready to serve.

In 1% of cases traditional into is used

The village perfectly shows the transition form traditional into modern African life.

The Village perfectly shows the transition from traditional into modern African life.

The village perfectly shows the transition from traditional into modern African life.

In the following more than 20 years he developed this museum from a traditional into a high standard Regional Museum with multimedia components of a Regional Information Centre integrated.

In 1% of cases traditional like is used

They are traditional like that.

I'd very traditional like that.

Lastly- i prize our way of marriage (lets throw away the word traditional like it was something ancient- this is us) because it is simply magnificent.

Who named the minerals? Some mineral names are traditional like graphite, which means the mineral you can write with, but others are more recent, and there is often a story that attaches to each one.

In 1% of cases traditional by is used

Ski is traditional by complete change.

In the United States they try to keep things traditional by keeping things black.

Politically family is considered traditional by the right and non-traditional from the left.

The athletic traditions of this interesting province are not exactly considered traditional by Canadian standards.

This ultimate honeymoon destination also let you feel traditional by visiting the heritage and colonial attractions.

I'd not aware that either of those options has ever been considered Biblical or Traditional by any even vaguely mainstream denomination, though.

Keep your big day traditional by reading up on our top 10 Irish wedding traditions, from blue dresses to locking to groom in the church! Or get inspired by the thousands.

The Catholic Faith is traditional by nature -- a bishop consecrates another bishop, passing down the power he received from his predecessor, all the way back to Christ Himself.

In 1% of cases traditional rather is used

It is more traditional rather than rational.

Hence, much such advice is questionably based in traditional rather than empirical knowledge.

Damba Festival Originally linked with Islam to mark the birth of Mohammed, the festival has gradually taken on a traditional rather than Islamic tone.

Of the establishment, however, there are several firms, and a few architecture schools that espouse traditional rather than utilitarian or avant garde design.

Partly because of this, these states manifested a traditional rather than a modern balance between physical coercion and surveillance, as means of maintaining internal order.

Modern civilisation is forcing many of these activities to become traditional rather than real-life, however the passage into manhood still remains a significant step even today.

A fourth and final trend is that unlike most other Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia is still dominated by traditional rather than modern retail, and that is changing very slowly.

In 1% of cases traditional versus is used

The differences with the traditional versus the social media outlets were many.

I've heard this thing about traditional versus pop ever since I've heard about country music.

Considered an act akin to murder in some cultures, abortion can be a mixed bag of emotions -- traditional versus personal.

It then looks at different approaches to understanding the structure of English, namely, traditional versus Structuralist versus Transformational Generative.

Traditional versus modern selling To understand just how much selling needs to change you don't have to make comparisons with 100 years ago -- you need only go back 30 years.

In 1% of cases traditional vs is used

One of the most major debates regarding CRM applications has been the Traditional vs.

There are a lot of factors that need to be looked into before you decide on Traditional vs.

Jurg and I also had to sift through these traditional vs non-traditional cultural norms when we were first dating, but now we've found a happy medium.

In 1% of cases traditional within is used

The traditional within the handbag more than every other factor is important to her.

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