Prepositions after "traceable"

traceable to, in, from, on or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 76% of cases traceable to is used

Only 15% are traceable to medical care.

Promissory estoppel is traceable to Hughes V.

This is usually traceable to one's genetic makeup.

All Mikono Knits products are traceable to the person that handcrafted the product.

The root of Onkar is traceable to the Hindu sacred syllable Om, also written as Aum.

One is anonymous from one moment to the next, each instance untraceable to the last.

This partner-preference behaviour of rams may be traceable to foetal development and could represent a phenomenon.

If the organisation do test after development started then requirements must be already traceable to their source.

This state of misidentification is traceable to the misconceptions that the soul is identical with the physical body.

The need of the Sunnah, its force as law and its preservation, are all traceable to the lifetime of the Holy Prophet.

In 10% of cases traceable in is used

The poison of sin is traceable in every part of our being.

There are three distinct Jewish groups traceable in India 1.

It's traceable in Greek myth, among other cultural artifacts.

The theological perversion and the degradation of the type are traceable in Babylonia.

As a practice infanticide is traceable in most ancient and medieval societies of the world.

It was pure imagination, probably traceable in the beginning to lies circulated by Snowball.

A major sign of the cultural changes traceable in music was the turnaround in popular opinion of the Vietnam War.

Look, Adam and eve were able to rebel without having ' The poison of sin is traceable in every part of our being '.

Non-indian Sufi activities are traditionally traceable in this center from a time as early as the eleventh century A.

Though the origins of the concept of bhakti are traceable in Sanskrit sources, bhakti movement as such originated in the Tamil land.

In 3% of cases traceable from is used

Everyone has an IP address and cookies that are traceable from your browsing on the internet.

All of our fish products are fully traceable from source (Vessels, harbours and markets) to end user.

There is of course a direct line traceable from the medieval Jew burning through to the modern Holocaust.

Only people brought to justice used many servers and gained large profits that made them traceable from money trail.

Requirements should already be traceable from Review activities since you should have traceability in the Test Plan already.

Beginning January 1, 2005 the EU will start to demand that all agricultural products, including shea nuts, are traceable from source (Reg.

Safaricom is relying on the spending patterns of its customers, traceable from their airtime top-ups and M-Pesa transactions to determine the creditworthiness of subscribers.

In 2% of cases traceable by is used

Not to mention that every digital transaction is traceable by the tax authorities.

Making ordinary consumer payments totally traceable by government would curtail all kinds of activities, peaceful and not so peaceful.

Broadwell may have thought she had done everything to hide her tracks, but often people make mistakes, leaving their e-mails traceable by investigators, he said.

In 2% of cases traceable on is used

The colour of henna was also traceable on his nails.

The number is not traceable on my phone and out of country.

Every application consigned to TTS for delivery is traceable on the TTS website.

The agency she sought help from is now nowhere to be found and is not even traceable on the Internet.

In 2% of cases traceable through is used

Once dominant over the entire peninsula, the African presence in early Arabia is most clearly traceable through the Sabeans.

Curator's comments The earliest agricultural people of New Guinea are traceable through archaeology rather than oral history.

Now I want you to listen to a direct quote, I have not altered a word of this, it's certainly traceable through your local librarians.

In particular, Roman land allotment by centuriation divided up many areas in a manner sometimes still traceable through patterns of land tenure today.

The prime importance of the idea, consistently enough, can be seen in the genesis of his works, traceable through the invariable preliminary sketches.

A Breed register would also have the following advantages: 1 All captured horses would be traceable through initial registration and subsequent changes of ownership.

In 1% of cases traceable at is used

Its not traceable at all EXCEPT from the store.

By making children absolutely and unconditionally traceable at all times, all Child Abductors will be unconditionally thwarted forever more.

In 1% of cases traceable for is used

International Signed For service is also available which is fully traceable for 5.

What's transparent and accountable for one is at least transparent and traceable for all.

All of our stones are ethically sourced in line with the Kimberly Process, and fully traceable for your personal peace of mind.

In 1% of cases traceable throughout is used

A similar motif of simplicity is traceable throughout their designs, taking the complex, ever-evolving technology they work with and making it intuitive, welcoming and tactile.

In 1% of cases traceable via is used

All parcels are fully traceable via the DPD website -- www.

Although it was received on good note that their activities could be traceable via their data application.

In 1% of cases traceable with is used

Your parcel will be traceable with a tracking number.

The MNP ported amounts aren't traceable with the application.

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