Prepositions after "tough"

"tough for" or "tough on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases tough for is used

Times are tough for the detail.

That's tough for a teenage boy.

But I made it tough for a reason.

I agree with Mary and I also found it tough for a Rufus and used your hints to finish.

Simply, it will get tougher for Canadian investment dealers to sell securities of U.

If it's really looking the toughest for wear, it might be here we are at a new one.

So this cage has larger openings than CSA, yet small enough to really make it tough for a stick blade to go through.

Luthando: I think motivating the guys after our loss against Orlando Pirates in the MTN8 was the toughest for me.

It will be particularly tough for the Sena because Balasaheb was the party, he was its ideology, its heart and soul.

However, things should get markedly easier for Mr Goff this year, just as they are going to get tougher for Mr Key.

In 27% of cases tough on is used

Let's truly get tough on crime.

Obviously it's tough on my mum.

We've had to get tough on drugs.

Bacon was tough on the empirics whom he accused of going from experiment to experiment.

We think you should have been tougher on the people who caused the economic collapse.

And also, Abbie has a lot of nerve blabbing about being tough on the blog but nice IRL.

How about getting tough on the budget, on tax reduction and reform, on unelected and out-of-control bureaucrats, etc.

Being away from your family is hard and you never know what you're going to come back to, it's tough on the soldiers.

When Dr Mahathir went away for two months, Anwar gave the impression that he was going to be tougher on corruption.

It is almost too late for redemption for mccain and graham even though they sound tough on the libya embassy disaster.

In 10% of cases tough in is used

It's tough in those situations.

No one is that tough in his 40s.

I had it tough in the university.

Rush hour is actually tougher in my area due to busses getting bunched up in traffic.

Times are tough and will, in all probability, get even tougher in the next few years.

And it was always going to be tough in headwinds of increasingly changing demographics.

The regime becomes tougher in 2015, when the duty on fuel oil exports rises to 90 percent of the levy on crude oil.

When times are tough in Jamaica people g3et tougher and tourists like us will need to remain alert and on their toes.

It is clear that the new regulatory bodies intend to be pro-active, faster and tougher in their regulatory approach.

It was certainly tough in Isobel's first 12 months before diagnosis, and I am glad to have a label for her disability.

In 6% of cases tough with is used

Small but tough with a mean streak.

And be tough with yourself as well.

I was really being tough with myself.

Day-to-day living can also be tough with two boys who have difficulty getting around.

Taking so long to tackle and get tough with web spam essentially allowed it to breed.

I also am involved in a lot of sports, and driving is tough with glasses + sunglasses.

The Ahmadis have severely criticised the provincial government for failing to get tough with the arrested militants.

But does the Labour Party? Then this morning the Education Secretary Michael Gove was tough with the teaching unions.

She is very knowledgeable of technology issues, is tough with system standards and also vigilant for privacy concerns.

If BO attempts to get tough with Romney, as it appears his handlers would like him to do, he will get handed his head.

In 5% of cases tough of is used

They are the toughest of their kind.

Molars are the toughest of the bunch.

That made him the toughest of opponents.

It is an interesting business to watch grow, even in the toughest of economic times.

On immigration, President Obama has been the toughest of any president in our history.

Of all the different processes, Link Building is considered to be the toughest of all.

Those were the toughest of times for her and for me as well when I phoned home and heard about the latest escapade.

This is what the outsourcing model is designed to do, and after proving itself in the toughest of times, it offers.

There is no counter to that as even toughest of tacklers can still be easily bypassed by good passing and movement.

Rajeesh went armed with the two biggest and toughest of the group to meet Liady Furaima at the arranged coffee shop.

In 4% of cases tough at is used

It's really tough at the moment.

Life is very tough at the moment.

Get tough at any and all entrances.

So, anyway, it can be tough at the time, but it worked out for the best in the end for us.

It is tough at a young age to prepare for big issues that are less understandable as a kid.

It might be tough at times, who knows maybe the whole trip might be but that doesn't matter.

Its wonderful and all but its tough at this point! I am actually happy at how well I have done so far in this country.

Dear Friday, I know -- p/t conferences can be so tough at times! I love the suggestion of writing in flour, sand, etc.

They have a tough at Stanford, but lets be honest here, Stanford isn't nearly as intimidating without Andrew Luck there.

In 2% of cases tough as is used

It was definitely tough as a young kid.

Life is tough as the market is very bad.

Shirley I do like ' tough as a cane toad '.

I remember having an amazing experience there (though I was kinda tough as a prefect!).

Omollo added that all the four matches are bound to be tougher as no team wants to go under.

But that will be tough as MLS acadamies are always going to snatch up the best prospects of course.

The clever (and dangerous) puzzles get tougher as the player progresses and solving them feel all the more satisfying.

I'd say this is especially true of those who are not from New Zealand: making friends can be pretty tough as an outsider.

He is tough as well as talented; a world-class player who leads by example and, more often than not, leads his team to victory.

Rachel's father in Animorphs tells her mother in # 7 The Stranger that Rachel is as good as a son because she's a tough as a boy.

In 2% of cases tough to is used

It's tough to not like this car.

Borderlands is tough to pigeonhole.

It's tough to gauge how we fare on No.

I can say all remaining games in this season is tough to Arsenal especially away games.

The time has come for the US to talk tough to Pakistan on the question of Raymond Davis.

Manchester to Dubai is OK bit it's tough to getting a connecting flight from Dubai to KL.

It's really tough to gauge Tretiak when he played so few games in a best-on-best situation with something on the line.

For those of you who had been following me, no doubt my life seems tough to you, but my mum's was not any better than mine.

He certainly could be an exception, but it's tough to rank him that high (granted, I had him in the back end of my top 15).

It seems obvious to me there should be concomitant sales activity Tough to gauge, since my ebooks aren't available in print.

In 1% of cases tough about is used

He can not be tough about such things.

She's tough about the ways of the world.

Rick was really, really tough about that.

Chief Inspector Dave McCallum who features in the film talks tough about the laws surrounding FGM.

Serving and retired generals with first names beginning with M also talked tough about corruption.

What is so tough about accepting that bandwidth has a cost - yes it does have a cost - it isn't infinite.

Cameron has made a massive mistake by talking tough about an immigration cap while in practise leaving the flood gates open.

I think parish priests (under guidance from their Bishop) need to get a bit tough about Catholic families making Mass a priority.

So, in selective cases, centrist propaganda does talk tough about government tyrants -- especially if they're foreign tyrants or U.

In 1% of cases tough after is used

DM: It was always going to be tough after 13 years.

It's tough after being relegated as we (PNE) found out.

However, based on my observation, the programme is not THAT tough after all.

Working as a freelancer has its perks, but working alone can get tough after a while.

By the time you finish NGM book 1, you will find out that Maths is not so tough after all.

And, traveling to New York and New Jersey would be tough after Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy devastated the states.

It felt felt that it had to be tough after the event because it had been so weak on data handling before the event.

Finding the right spot for your tent, gathering firewood and making dinner are all a lot tougher after darkness settles in.

Being inside with kids can be tough after a while, but its worse when you know there is no escape and really think there should be.

It was tough after my mom left and I ended up getting very depressed and there was a huge lack of support and help from my then spouse.

In 1% of cases tough against is used

He will have to play tough against the run.

Your last fight was very tough against Pacquiao.

Things will be tougher against a real English (i.

Also he has not acted tough against reducing the subsidy to just six LPG cylinders.

We are a young, developing team but it was always going to be tough against Kilkenny.

We are a young, developing team and it was always going to be tough against Kilkenny.

In the final, Sushil found the going tough against the japanese who just did not allow the Indian to grip him at all.

Syria may become Democratic but with more tough against Israel, so would Other Muslim Mid-East Countries against Israel.

We're well prepared and we will work very hard, but we know it's going to be tough against Brazil and Portugal especially.

In 1% of cases tough because is used

I was tough because of WHO said it.

You'll be tougher because of this.

Tough because of the holiday parties, etc.

Choosing the best variety is tough because of the many different available options.

But if you don't cook it enough, it might still be tough because of all the collagen in there.

Things were tough because of the countless expenses I had to bear, include mine and my siblings school fees.

I know tomorrow will be tougher because of it, but Ade and I agreed-no need to make it worse today before we take off tomorrow.

A large number of consumers are doing it tough because of higher interest rates, bigger power bills; petrol, council rates and water.

He also mentioned that there was a positive side of it going into Detroit, but leaving Colorado was tough because of the organization.

It's just tough because of all the connections I've made in DC, but I'd hoping those people have connections to someone in the Seattle area.

In 1% of cases tough by is used

Things are getting tougher by the day.

She gets tougher by the end of the series.

I don't think this law is too tough by any means.

She learned to be tough by being the only girl to participate in stick fighting with boys.

She picked this policy not because she believes but because she wanted a cause to be tough by.

The going would just get tougher by the year in Singapore's relentless rat race, she insisted.

It is simply unarguable: The life that the deaf American leads is much tougher by default than that of the hearing one.

Their profits, sales &; market share has been dwindling freakishly &; the war of ecosystems is getting tougher by the minut.

Known as the basis of all sciences, maths is regarded as one of the toughest by students as it requires complex calculations.

In 1% of cases tough from is used

Ought to be tough from exercise.

But it's going to be tough from here.

This course is tough from tee to green.

From the leaked photo provided by Android Central, HTC DLX look tough from the appearance.

Murray, an older squirrel, was still tough from a lifetime of hard work, but beginning to wizen.

Doing the full workout in the morning was getting tough from Week 6, was sudden lapses in energy.

We'll just have to wait and see, as New England's schedule isn't all that tough from here on out, with their next true.

It?? s tough from where I sit in Los Angeles and seeing what?? s happening to my great state and then also my city of Lansing.

There have been several servings of the news company which have been hit particularly tough from the rise in news consumption off the internet.

This was a bit of a worry since I hadn't been suffering this sort of pain until about 15-16 miles in training, so I knew it'd be tough from here onwards.

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