Prepositions after "touch"

"touch on" or "touch by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases touch on is used

I'll touch on this in a second.

I also need to touch on the cover.

You briefly touched on the album.

It also touches on the effects of harder drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine.

Before I go into the measures, I will touch on female infanticide itself as a social issue.

The literature on these differences is so enormous that I can only touch on a fraction of it.

You touch on an issue here that I didn't even tackle in this post: when family and friends ask you for free services.

One would, therefore, expect that any matter that touches on the sector would draw most attention from our leaders.

After organizing the exhibit and captioning the photographs, users can put finishing design touches on their exhibit.

She touches on all kinds of things - from raises to marriage, to mothering, but always in a light, surface-skimming way.

In 23% of cases touch by is used

Everyone has been touched by it.

I'd really touched by her sacrifice.

I was deeply touched by their spirit.

I have always been touched by the picture of the little child being stalked by a vulcher.

So far he has yet to be touched by the tragedy that so many in his profession combat daily.

I was deeply touched by this show of generosity, as this was just what the rose bushes need.

Yet, despite not being touched by it, it is in that madness that I have found a groundswell of creative inspiration.

Actually I was deeply touched by her confession and I do like her a lot but I had many questions running in my head.

Working magic in the forward line is a measure of football greatness, achieved only by those who are touched by the gods.

As someone whose life has been touched by suicide it makes my heart ache just reading it but it relieves some of my guilt.

In 12% of cases touch upon is used

In this Paper, several proposals are touched upon.

What these three k's will be slightly touched upon.

The implications were touched upon in a previous post.

In addition, a number of the conversations touch upon the narrative strategies employed.

I have already touched upon Carrie's revulsion at particular niche sexual practices e.

One of the factors touched upon frequently in comments is that good cheap electricity.

I think school is the perfect medium and it should be touched upon at 14 / 15 and discussed in detail at 15 / 16.

I was also touched upon return home to hear so many friends and relations express how glad they were that I'd survived.

Sordid crimes, a sordid culture, and cover ups, are now touching upon people involved in the media arm of Rugby League.

When we turn off language, turn off the judgements, turn off thinking we touch upon unadulterated consciousness or awareness.

In 5% of cases touch with is used

Whatever you touch with it will burn.

Touched with a sensible regret I confess all my wickedness to Him.

The back of the bat should never be touched with the mallet (or the ball).

We, the People, can do that! I am very much touched with the way this story was written.

I got in touch with Arnold Clark and they didn't even have the decency of replying to my 3 faxes.

I ’ ve been thinking of getting in touch with watchdog to see if this has happened to anyone else.

The thinness of the Olympic circles and the way they barely touch with their white outer edges suggest swooping motions.

Touched with white and streaked with crimson -- Cheeks fo a girl from Yue, * Sad to say, once dusk has come, Their wanton fragrance falls.

What is this film about and why should people go to the cinema to see it? ' The Champion Sportsman ' is a reality-based comedy with a storyline one can almost touch with the finger.

Burns sent another one to touch with the catch and drive seeing Italian hooker Tommaso D'Apice peeling off and breaking through to metres out before popping to Yann Thomas to dot down.

In 4% of cases touch in is used

The slab was wet to touch in some of these holes.

Asking you to touch in a way you feel uncomfortable with.

Wish me luck! Finally, I leave you with another project that I haven't touched in a very long time.

I have many sites that I haven't touched in years that have ranked #1 for five, six, seven years now.

Nostelgic and heart touching in a pleasant way having all the ingredients to bring a smile on one's lips.

However the strike was ruled out for a foul as is the want when a keeper is hardly touched in this position.

Of course, some people are phobic about being touched in ANY way, maybe he has a OCD condition that causes this behavoir.

What she can not see or touch in terms of return before such infrastructure is completed to reap themselves; as explained; simply does not exist for her.

Gloucester thought they had won it when replacement Dave Lewis booted to touch in his own half but from the lineout Ospreys surged forward and number eight Morgan Allen broke through to score.

In 2% of cases touch at is used

We were all touched at the special bond that they shared.

So they should reduction the number of cases touched at the same time and train subordinate staff to share in the errands.

On the other hand, it is only through allowing ourselves to be touched at our core that we can truly be who we ought to be.

When the woman is not yet aroused, it may feel quite good for her to be touched at the tops of her inner thighs for this reason.

In 2% of cases touch off is used

They also touched off a firestorm within my brain.

It was Bear Stearns that touched off the credit crisis in July 2007, when two CDO-packed hedge funds it operated went bankrupt.

This touched off the London Explosion Summer of 1977, galvanizing youth to come out in droves to live their lives as acts of rebellion.

Yet Carlos Acosta's dream of founding a dance center in one of Cuba's most storied but neglected revolution-era buildings has touched off a bitter squabble.

In 1% of cases touch for is used

Their hands touched for an instant, but neither spoke.

God is so touched for some reason by the smell of the meat that he decides that he will never again bring a flood to destroy the human race.

In 1% of cases touch to is used

Insulting just shows lack of arguments and being touched to the bone.

Sessions with a surrogate range from learning to flirt, hold hands, and touch to full blown sexual intercourse.

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