Prepositions after "torture"

torture by, in, to, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases torture by is used

He's being burned and tortured by demons.

It was the famous scene in the movie where I get tortured by police.

However, it was admitted that the accused was present and did not stop him when suspects were tortured by hanging by the wrists.

According to Ravindra, he was also tortured by his parents and siblings when he tried to convince them that they were committing a crime.

In his book Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People, John Conroy describes nine characteristic reactions to torture by those responsible for it.

We meet a large number of people belonging to various walks of life; torture by the police is the order of the day -- the order of the day.

There are other reports available that show many of the journalists were captured and tortured by the Iraqis before they were killed execution style.

Eric Caine, who was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment after being tortured by police into confessing to two murders, spent nearly 25 years behind bars.

Hinn taught the same heresy as Hagin and Copeland, that when Jesus died on the cross He sank into hell and took upon him the nature of Satan and was tortured by Satan for our redemption.

List of people murdered and tortured by JMJB forces Date Victim Locality Method of killing 01/04/04 Wasim Babu Bagmara slaughtered by Siddik 11/04/04 Golam Robbani Mukul clubbed to death.

In 23% of cases torture in is used

Torture in a public school is as much licensed as the knout in Russia.

Ten thousand Ukrainians are exposed to mockeries and torture in prisons and at arrest.

According to Odhikar, at least 12 people died in custody due to police torture in 2011.

When he was abducted and tortured in 2007, we acted very promptly to voice our concerns.

He witnessed an Assad loyalist being tortured in the same way that the regime's forces torture rebels.

However, military trials continue for protesters, including one held for 15-year-old Yousif al-Basri, who is said to have been tortured in prison.

According to the committee's report, five men were killed and 137 suspects left disabled after police torture in Lahore in 2011 and so far in 2012.

In 18% of cases torture to is used

He was tried, convicted, and tortured to death.

Manik allegedly was tortured to death by Subinspector Yunus Miah.

Saddam Hossain Babu, 22, was detained and tortured to death by BSF in January.

Jason Swift was the boy tortured to death by a paedophile ring with links to the government.

Cattle trader Saiful Islam, 25, was tortured to death on Birampur border in Dinajpur on February 3.

Farmer Jahangir Hossain, 24, was tortured to death by BSF personnel of Chenakata camp on August 21.

Plain disbelief will strike you, for there is no mention of any Bengali woman being raped or any freedom fighter being tortured to death.

Red prisoners were tortured to death, rebellious peasants hanged, and ghastly pogroms were organised against the Jews in the occupied areas.

Nazrul Islam, 28, was tortured to death by BSF on the border at Bhatshala Chorosreepur of Debhata in Satkhira on September 22, when he was returning from India with cattle.

In 11% of cases torture for is used

Hope helped kidnap, torture for 10 hrs, than burn alive, 12-yr-old Shanda Sharer.

Essentially, it's about how two Israeli hostages adjust to life back in Israel after being away and tortured for 17 years.

In fact, according to the Catholics she'll be in the fiery pits of hell being tormented and tortured for eternity, while her baby is in heaven alone.

The king told Ilyas that he should refrain from confrontation with him or else he will have him arrested and tortured for his harsh words against his king.

UPDATE: Times of India reports the woman's family has submitted a written complaint to police alleging that she had been physically and mentally tortured for dowry by her husband and in-laws.

In 7% of cases torture with is used

Originally Posted by Hannah Re Kierkegaard: I was tortured with his depressing texts both at school and university but managed to forget most of it since.

Michelle's ordeal ended last week when the parents, both aged 40, were jailed for seven years for horrific abuse that included beatings and torture with a broom handle, vacuum cleaner and wire flex.

In 4% of cases torture on is used

In reality, we are a means for their torture because the more they hurt us the more they will be tortured on the Day of Judgement and after.

General people do not want abduction, crossfire, killing, and torture on women but despite people's expectation, abduction, crossfire, killing, and torture on women are going on.

In 3% of cases torture at is used

The stories of his heroic deeds and torture at the hands of the tyrant may well be pure inventions.

In 2% of cases torture during is used

Chowdhury's family alleged that he was tortured during his initial interrogation, but police denied the charges.

In 2% of cases torture into is used

Galileo was tortured into recanting his conclusions that the Earth moved.

In 1% of cases torture out is used

It wasn't tortured out of me, I gave it up willingly, in the knowledge and hope that it might help someone else.

In 1% of cases torture throughout is used

Let the sinner know that he will be tortured throughout all eternity, in those senses which he made use to sin.

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