Prepositions used with "term"

"to term" or "in term"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases term to is used

They came to terms to get away from me.

We must come to terms with our problems.

Now we have to come to terms with his death.

However, I came to terms with the fact that I'll probably never have time to play them.

That was a little over six months ago and she is still trying to come to terms with it.

Make sure to come to terms with your spouse before you close your eyes and fall asleep.

Over the past two years my mood has been stable with different treatment and I have come to terms with the diagnosis.

The media that constantly tells us we're crap, that our day is over, that we need to come to terms with our patheticness.

What of biology? The failure to even recognize, far less come to terms with, the propositions of biology is breathtaking.

We have to come to terms with the past -- we have to recognise the atrocities, respect the dead -- which is not happening.

In 23% of cases term in is used

Attention is a contradiction in terms.

Britain led the list in terms of merchant shipping losses.

We shouldn't think of female and male solely in terms of an instinctual animal activity.

However, in many cases compounding is quarterly -- for example in term deposits of banks.

Having perceived Dhamma, they speak in terms appropriate to their experience, and so Dhamma language comes into being.

Having perceived Dhamma, they speak in terms appropriate to their experience, and so Dhamma language comes into being.

That was from the reputable originators of the Balanced Scorecard methodology so no lightweights in terms of research.

Battle Royale is being spoken about in terms that make it seem similar to a proper fighting game, like Street Fighter.

In 18% of cases term of is used

Extension of term of agreement 87.

A range of terms and rates from 3.

A couple of terms need explanation.

Our Company Sergeant Major was leaving just before the end of term and he wanted to go in style.

Take ' bling ', the obvious choice for 2000, or ' axis of evil ', the most insistent of terms in 2002.

Explained, in the most simplest of terms, it 's; planning, making the parts, and putting them together.

Saddam Hussein was in CIA's payroll up to the early 1960s and later he was in the best of terms with Reagan and Bush Sr.

This type of term insurance is useful when the life assured needs the protection most at the earlier years of the policy.

We decided that since it was the end of term, we'd try a class of each, and could then pick which one we thought was better.

Them not withstanding, others who have already come to some kind of terms with the challenges ahead will be needed greatly.

In 4% of cases term for is used

Make flashcards for terms in bold.

Let's assume the $2,200 you are paying for insurance now is for term insurance.

Check the label for terms such as Hydrogenated oil or Hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Dodd has been in the Senate since 1980, and is a good candidate for poster boy for the case for term limits.

Arts, Sports, Attractions, Retail and Local Services offers Please read each Voucher for terms and conditions.

Many thanks, Frances BASIC FACTS: The Basic Facts results for Term 4 can be viewed on the noticeboard outside the Staffroom.

Ultimately it's a numbers game: You need to optimize for terms that drive the highest traffic and are the most relevant to what your Web site offers.

Google has since stepped up monitoring of the Android Market in recent weeks and has pulled a number of Android apps for terms of service violations, including malware.

Optimizing your site for terms that no one ever types into a search engine won't generate any traffic for the site, no matter how conscientiously you pursue the optimization.

Tenure of representative members 138(4) Members who are representative of employees and employers shall be appointed for terms not exceeding five years and not less than two years.

In 3% of cases term on is used

He lived on terms equal with God.

Canadians want to know how little they can pay on term life insurance.

Hillary Clinton stated that she would?? renegotiate it on terms that are favourable to all of America.

They're the staple of the Revival Pride, and Dorian lives with this pride on terms of almost conjugal intimacy.

Parata said that the Ministry of Education is currently working on terms of reference relating to the objectives of charter schools.

The opening lines of ' Couples ', from your ' Long Story Short ' 1993 collection, talk of ' The frail economies those cars contain/small hatchbacks bought on term loans '.

Google after users enter particular search order in which pages appear on terms) may essentially change the point is that with the facebook web services advent of caffeine page rankings (the.

Re: Re: Symbiosis I can get behind you on term limits and laws for public good, but forcing candidates to self-fund seems to be a good way to guarantee we only get super wealthy elected officials.

In 2% of cases term During is used

Fees remain payable if a student goes on leave during term time.

If you are on a standard student visa to the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you can usually work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during the holidays.

The 250,000 students resident in Boston and Cambridge during term time explains how the area can sustain four professional sports teams - one of the few American cities that does.

In 2% of cases term per is used

A 15 per cent contribution would mean $27,653 per year, or $9,218 per term.

The five-year program meets in the summer and consists of two terms of two weeks each, with two classes taken per term.

The revelations were made in a book, which claimed to disclose the real reasons behind, Miss Middleton's move from a school, where fees were $16,000 per term.

More on education Santander has increased the interest-free overdraft it offers in the first year from 1,000 to 1,500, providing at least 500 is paid in per term.

In 2% of cases term With is used

Describe wine with terms that everyone can relate to.

The dynasty ban along with term limits is a check on local autonomy and fiscal independence.

This is described in companies with terms such as motivation, focus on goals, initiative, social skills, etc.

With term insurance, you should find that you can get more (probably a LOT MORE) insurance for the same money.

Interest rate risk Interest rates affect more than just pensioners with term deposits and mortgagees, they have an effect on all investors.

Before any work formally commences on an audit, AES informs the auditee in writing normally via a bilingual e-mail message, with terms of reference attached.

RECIPE FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT In other words, Cory provided the recipe for national development: Local autonomy and fiscal independence together with term limits and anti-dynasty law.

In 1% of cases term at is used

I know we sniff at terms like national resilience, total defence and societal cohesion.

In 1% of cases term near is used

Production has been hitting near term highs over 2.

OPEC is currently pumping at close to near term and historic highs of 31.

I agree the hope is small, but the only hope is for Progressive policies and Keynesian economics--- and the only near term hope for vthat is that bthe economic crisis be more ob, and Blue-Dog Dems.

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