Prepositions used with "resort"

"to resort" or "of resort"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases resort to is used
    Be careful not to resort to commit suicide or murder your wife.
    This has forced some banks to resort to costly and lengthy legal action.
    You would require the guidance of a doctor if you are to resort to this treatment method.
    It is of course possible that they may decide to resort once more to encouraging terrorism.
    Right now I feel we need to resort to libraries, polyfills and shims for far too many things.
    The Carthaginians, being shut in on all sides, were obliged to resort to an appeal to the states in alliance with them.
    It is at such times that many choose to resort to magic spells as a means of changing and improving the course of their lives.
    There are increasing numbers of westerners living on the Gilis, and operating businesses ranging from dive companies to resorts.
    But it is also important for the Sri Lankan government to refrain from anything that might help those who want to resort to violence again.

    In 17% of cases resort of is used
    A lot of resorts and operators are small and have very limited spaces available.
    We have been to dozens of resorts in the caribbean over the years and this is a first.
    But if you are looking for more in the way of resort facilities, stay elsewhere, like the Club.
    Public holidays and religious festivals may also affect the availability of resort and hotel facilities.
    A great deal of investment is being made in the development of resort communities in the Dominican Republic.
    Keep an eye on the list of resorts to the right as we continue to add to the coverage over the coming months.
    A restaurant at the airport However, once you're in the vicinity of resorts, then you're free to dress and drink however you like.
    Lodging along this coast includes a wide variety of resort fashion lodges, seashore entrance chalets, and self catering flats to hire.
    Here are some of the criteria we are looking for: Budget: around $5000 for the two of us including airfare from Calgary, Alberta Canada Type of resort: All inclusive.

    In 6% of cases resort at is used
    About 130 senior executives attended the event at resorts World.
    Unless of course you stay at resorts or go on a excursion to a nearby picnic island from your local island.

    In 6% of cases resort in is used
    Persons stay in resorts on an various reasons.
    Of course on the beaches and in resorts this is impractical and not expected.
    There are a few shops in resort, you could buy some branded chocolates and Pringles.
    In purchase to know complete information about the housing features, which can be knowledgeable in resorts, just stay in Delhi Hotel for at least a day.

    In 5% of cases resort for is used
    Going by their 2011 financials, this would amount to $269 million for resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and US$236 million (S$300 million) for Marina Bay Sands (MBS).
    It details the astonishing level of violence in an area known for resorts and verdant woodlands while revealing how evil doers could literally get away with murder.
    Based on the two integrated resorts ' (IRs) financial reports for last year, this would amount to $269 million for resorts World Sentosa and US$236 million (S$300 million) for Marina Bay Sands.

    In 5% of cases resort with is used
    With resort to the courts on matters of Law rather than fact or specialist expertise.
    Best for: Luxurious but low-key holidays, isolation Lots of little beaches ringing this medium-sized island are lined with resorts large and small, modest and lavish.

    In 3% of cases resort without is used
    Perhaps, but you can not prove this absolutely without resort to a theory of Orgone Energy.

    In 2% of cases resort from is used
    This Reem Acra thing confirms what Claire Danes started: pieces from resort collections have no business on the red carpet.

    In 2% of cases resort On is used
    Body Shop 2-In Hotel Plaza there is a Body Shop on resort Loop.

    In 1% of cases resort against is used
    Strict penalties should be levied against resort owners in these areas to make sure that tourist do not disturb the wildlife.

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