Prepositions used with "report"

"to report" or "of report"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases report to is used

Go to Report a medical condition (online).

According to reports, of the estimated 1.

This is according to reports from the Cree and Assiniboine.

In China, 64 people have died and 6,500 homes have been destroyed, according to reports.

According to reports, the couple broke up during the summer due to their busy schedules.

According to reports former President Nasheed was pushed from power by the armed forces.

The Pakistani military official said that contrary to reports, his military is in constant communication with its U.

The Governor, according to reports, was alleged to have ignored them as stern looking security personnel waded them off.

Myleene, who had described Graham as ' the love of her life ' was completely blind-sided by the split, according to reports.

In 31% of cases report of is used

Even a lot of reports can result in depressive disorders.

My conclusions are based on watching and reading dozens of reports.

Even the smallest of associations can effectively make use of reports.

Judge Cooper said he had seen a number of reports relating to the impact on the victim.

Moreover, that kind of report is liked by the masses and is being talked about everywhere.

The claimant can choose between two kinds of report: A full assessor? s report costs $511.

This revelation follows a series of reports from the news provider that link Mr Carney as a suspect to 32 cases of abuse.

These new rules HAVE to be changed!!!! Geronimo says: August 12, 2012 A couple of reports in todays papers are of interest.

The way he answered the question around the ETS, climategate and the IPCC deceptive manipulation of reports was a disgrace.

We put up a lot of reports on our website's blog, but in terms of the fastest growing app ecosystems, China tops the charts.

In 9% of cases report with is used

Here the information was less clear, with reports vague about who had died.

This is in accordance with reports from the Copenhagen First Trimester Study.

An engineered unit (product) may be associated with reports of various problems.

The story is anchored by the editor of the magazine Sunday Dare, with reports from nine correspondents.

Suddenly the media was deluged with reports that said that the Lockerbie bombing had been carried out by Libya.

And now with report on the table of the Congress Government can one expect justice? The experience so far is far from optimistic.

Its unclear why she is set to abandon her post but the internet is awash with reports that her tenure at the Kenyan ccTLD is at jeopardy.

With reports of precincts with 100% of the votes cast for Obama and others with turnout in excess of 100% one can see where a major misdirection might be needed for the administration.

Other famous people have hit the headlines with reports of mental health problems, including Catherine Zeta Jones, Emma Thompson, Mel Gibson, Elton John, Marcus Trescothik and Frank Bruno.

In 5% of cases report by is used

He was also made uneasy by reports about increased government snooping on communications.

These statistics are corroborated by reports put out by the Asian Development Bank and a few other international organisations.

Even Paul Pierce, who predates Rivers in Boston, is not immune, as evidenced by reports that the Celtics shopped Pierce at this year's trade deadline.

These allegations were lent credibility by reports that Ziad Hussein, the man killed, was a jihadist from the nearby mainly Sunni town of Majdal Anjar.

Mr Pinda said the government was also shocked by reports of the assault on Dr Ulimboka, since it had been negotiating with him on the doctors ' demands.

Now a professor at Sweden's Lund University, Landfeldt welcomed Senator Conroy's backdown today but he was still concerned by reports that police could issue takedown notices to ISPs.

What Was the Motive for the Invasion? This conclusion is reinforced by reports indicating that the United States had made the decision to invade Afghanistan two months before the 9/11 attacks.

For kids who are frightened by reports of swine flu-related deaths, parents should stress that these cases are rare and health officials are working very hard at containing the spread of H1N1.

Graham: 06 Apr 2011 8:49:02am Unease about reliability and transparency were fuelled by reports that the Meteorological Agency has withheld forecasts on the dispersal of radioactive substances.

In 5% of cases report in is used

In reports and expert testimony, Dr.

Confidence intervals are often found in reports of the results of surveys and political polls.

The ability to express your findings, including in reports, is an important part of many psychologists ' careers.

During these years in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and London there have been numerous scoops, a few in this newspaper too in reports from London.

There has been an increase in reports of harsh working conditions for domestic workers in Saudi Arabia as well as more cases of mistreatment.

It has resulted in an outbreak of heart disease, diabetes and different weight relevant issues developing in report numbers not merely in adults but noticed in kids as small as 1.

But forestry social assessment specialists such as Jeanette Clarke continue to highlight actual conditions in reports for government departments and the FSC as well as more widely.

Numerical Reasoning Test This assessment measures your numerical reasoning abilities in a business context, such as tables and charts typically found in reports and the financial press.

In 4% of cases report after is used

N IRELAND 1996 A large Eurasian lynx was gunned down by an RUC police officer after reports of a lion being spotted.

I have paperwork after paperwork, report after report and jump through hoops to account and vouch it went in this project.

Firefighters were called after reports of an industrial bin on fire just after 3am at the Empress Road industrial estate in Southampton yesterday.

Other global companies such as Sears said it was investigating whether its clothes were being made at the factory after reports of its logo was found in the debris.

Report after report from citizens ' groups has spoken of the indefensible and arguably motivated phenomenon, and there have been public meetings about it in many cities across the land.

Now, let's get to the point that seems to have upset you dearly: In addition, a wall was built around the Homestead Park Club House after reports that people were dumping behind the club house.

In 4% of cases report Despite is used

These attacks have continued despite reports of civilian casualties.

Apple has made good on that promise, despite reports suggesting it might not.

However, despite reports suggesting the Frenchman was ready to offer more in wages, Jones had already decided he wanted to stay in the North, and move to United.

In 4% of cases report On is used

US officials have not commented on reports of al Shihri's death.

Commission sources poured cold water on reports that Brussels was delaying approval of the scheme.

Keep in mind that you are no longer striving for A's on report cards, but actual professional success.

As a bonus, we get his very rational opinion on reports of recovered words from a Proto-World lanuage as an epilogue.

On birth records, for example, the race of the baby's mother and father are based on reports of the mother or family members.

Final grades are based on reports from on-site supervisors and the supervising professor's evaluation of the portfolio and papers.

By keeping present on reports and well-informed on your own matter, you will be forming a standing individuals will know they could believe in.

Comments that use hearsay or are based on reports where the supposed fact or quote is not a matter of public knowledge also may not be permitted.

In 3% of cases report about is used

Phil questions Toni about reports that Morgan used recreational drugs.

I asked him about reports that he had bought an option to write that story for Hollywood.

Numbers of friends of mine have been inquiring about reports they have heard concerning me that are not true.

The United Nations has reiterated its concerns about reports of civilian deaths in the Somalia port city of Kismayu said to have been caused by shells fired from a Kenyan warship.

In 2% of cases report for is used

And social media teams scour the Internet for reports of lost pets, helping reunite them with owners.

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