Prepositions used with "piece"

"to piece" or "of piece"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases piece to is used

He literally tears the city to pieces.

It has stopped me from falling to pieces.

The leaves should always be torn to pieces, rather than cut, in order to keep the flavour.

University counseling services report that students are going to pieces in record numbers.

More for the ending when Obi Wan cuts Anakin to pieces and he burns there on that volcano.

I grew up jumping on baddies ' heads, shooting them to pieces and sniping them from craggy outposts on alien worlds.

The cruel nature of editing Now that you have your beautiful words on the page, you're required to hack them to pieces.

Gough Whitlam came close to being torn to pieces by a crowd of farmers in Perth in 1974 seething with anger and hatred.

A cameraman above the water was also controlling a camera attached to a poll to piece together images of the great whites.

In 19% of cases piece of is used

You need to decide what kind of piece you would like.

The Wakid is made of pieces of carefully split bamboo.

Every year thousands of pieces of evidence are examined by F.

Don't make use of very, rambling penalties and therefore dense sentences inside of pieces.

A selection of pieces from your work Festival Nights have been nominated for an AOP Award.

In addition he entrusted him with thousands of pieces of the Treasure that had been cut up.

That simple! The fact that you must manage the position of pieces with the colored pins makes the game very addictive.

Today, the police band has a large collection of pieces arranged by Ghanaians which forms part of the band's repertoire.

In an attempt to make the house more homely soldiers quickly acquired all sorts of pieces of furniture including a piano.

If these looks are not to your liking, fret not as the collection had a LOT of pieces that are more suited to everyday wear.

In 14% of cases piece into is used

My heart was severely broken into pieces.

They cut plantain trees into pieces, about 1.

I will split it into pieces: Quote: Dow-Gold Ratio.

I got a couple of assistants to trace the drawings in Flash and chop them into pieces.

All of his men suddenly get split into pieces as David realises that he is now on his own.

There's barely enough time for his heart to break into pieces before Go-dong calls him over.

Then they break the tablet into pieces, mix these with the boiled rice and keep the mixture untouched for two days.

My flashlight was unfortunately left on an upper shelf, and has been smashed into pieces in the falling of the chimney.

He pulled it until it was torn or it was cut (into pieces) and he said: God has not commanded us to clothe stones and clay.

He explores five main ways that languages change, such as sound change and the transformation of words into pieces of grammar.

In 12% of cases piece in is used

The race was in pieces at that stage.

Better take it slow and get late than arrive there in pieces.

The story of Microsoft's Courier has only been told in pieces.

The answer, it turns out, is this: in pieces, warrior-style, on the back of a crocodile.

So ends one chapter in the saga that has unfolded in pieces on television, Twitter and YouTube.

In pieces, in a pile on the floor, with no idea how to go forward, your expectations of the future are meaningless.

These are those which when you board you just pray all the way that you arrive in Dar in one piece, and not in pieces.

Back to Colombo -- In pieces Early the next day, we were squeezed in a little van of sort, and transported to Hunasgiriya.

It is NEVER the fault of the victim How can you be kind and loving to someone who doesn't let you sleep in piece without trying it on.

As roads got built up, like highway 12 was reconstructed in pieces, the completed section was easily plowed and winged into the ditch.

In 6% of cases piece by is used

In other words, Labour is building an alternative narrative piece by piece.

It contained natural uranium placed in graphite and controlled by pieces of cadmium and boron rods.

I gradually expanded the essay piece by piece over years because I felt people should know the whole story.

What should I get? Thanks for the help I know people don't like clones and piece by piece I am learning why.

By doing this work piece by piece over a long period of time, you know you will eventually achieve the target.

You try to build, piece by piece, the image of the man And in this, the ghost had achieved everything he set out to do.

The only possible path at this point for republicans would be in trying to piece by piece repeal parts of the ACA that they don't like.

He never forgot the sight of a giant stone arm displayed in Madison Square as the Statue of Liberty arrived from France piece by piece.

I seem to remember the fuselage halves were a very good fit and the bulkheads had to be manipulated piece by piece as the fuselage was fixed together.

In 5% of cases piece with is used

At one point the drawers were filled with pieces of paper but are now shredded to confetti by miscellaneous rodents.

Friday: The Orionid meteor shower consists of the Earth colliding with pieces of the remains of Halley's Comet's tail.

You can not write a history -- especially an economic history - of the early modern world without engaging with pieces of eight.

The tomb is of white marble inlaid with pieces of precious stones and is daily bestrewed with sandal-paste and Itars (perfumes).

Some poets work may be featured three or four times each year, with pieces initially selected being broadcast in future programmes.

Since the camera seemed to be in great condition, I decided instead to rebuild it, replacing the missing parts with pieces from my spares.

Scientists, using genetic engineering with pieces of DNA code, have been able to grow missing body parts (they showed a nose) in a petri dish.

Thursday, October 18, 2012 Saturday: The Orionid meteor shower consists of the Earth colliding with pieces of the remains of Halley's Comet's tail.

CM: With pieces like Objets de Grve (1999 -- 2000 ), did you feel that you ran the risk of being instrumentalized? JLM: It was part of the project.

In 2% of cases piece as is used

He filters out some he thinks he recognizes, such as pieces of the ubiquitous colored ear-swab shafts -- to check under the microscope.

Work by Impressionist Guy Rose and landscape artist Hanson Duvall Puthuff were also taken, as well as pieces by Abstract Expressionists, including Johns, Philip Guston and Franz Kline.

In 1% of cases piece for is used

They look for pieces, and defensive pieces help round out rotations.

When he does n't, it leaves the door wide open for pieces like this one.

Above and beyond the question of how relevant ' experiments ' with undergraduates playing for pieces of chocolate and $1 bills are r.

In 2009, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, who owned the debris, began soliciting for groups to apply for pieces of the steel to be used in memorials.

Foods to avoid: 3 to 5 years Choking hazards: Your child is a very competent eater now, but you should still be on the lookout for pieces of food that he could choke on.

In 1% of cases piece from is used

Ceriyati used a rope strung together from pieces of cloth.

She uses everything, from pieces of metal and electronic parts, to computer circuit boards and chips.

I am still working at a career and right now gratification comes from pieces that have lasting impact.

Her assistant, Phyllis Hsia, takes samples from pieces in Hong Kong and sends them directly to London for testing.

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