Prepositions used with "pool"

to, of, In, with or for pool?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases pool to is used

I have free upgrade to Pool access, It really good.

Premiums (less commission) to be paid to Pool on a quarterly basis.

They should find some way to pool their resources and votes received.

Plan A: 100 percent cession of premiums (less service commission) to Pool.

Plan B: 100 percent cession of premiums (less service commission) to Pool.

Cession declaration by insurance company to pool on a regular basis, either monthly or less.

Peer-to-Peer Networks A peer-to-peer network allows two or more PCs to pool their resources together.

To guarantee the best chance of winning, it's smarter to pool together and share several number combinations with a Group.

Policy may require ceding to pool and terrorism rates are pre-determined as service commissions to insurer are agreed upon.

Fibrillation in the atria may lead to blood clots, as the blood is not pumped out of the atrium fully, causing it to pool and clot.

In 21% of cases pool of is used

See, I fear even the shallowest of pools.

The main job of pool filters is to remove solid contaminants.

Now you can play pool while being in a pool with the waterproof pool table.

I still enjoy going down to the pub when I visit my dad for couple of beers and a game of pool.

You probably also need a bottle of pool clairifier to make the water turn from cloudy to clear.

As a result, swimming pool solar blankets both heat and maintain the temperature of pool water.

Constructed on four levels the ground floor consists of pool deck, restaurant and bar and five oceanfront garden units.

There are different types of pool covers, and during the winter months, using the right one may help prevent algae build-up.

Another way to incorporate playful teasing is to challenge him to a game of pool or darts if you're at a place that offers them.

The Linyanti's waters meander to form a myriad of pools and lagoons, favoured by hippos, crocodiles and overwhelming numbers of water bird.

In 19% of cases pool In is used

Within seconds all three teenagers are lying in pools of blood.

In pool and snooker, the game begins with the balls arranged in a set position.

Girls used to be able to swim in pools in public, without fear from the bearded maulvis.

Kazakhstan reached the quarterfinals as runners-up in Pool D after beating Sri Lanka 29-nil.

We've quickly established ourselves as one of the most trusted names in pool construction in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Coming from snow blizzard in Norway to Orlando in nice spring weather, sitting outside in pool area really made a difference.

Witnesses say as many as 18 could have been killed in the shootings Pictures showed bodies lying on the ground in pools of blood.

USA (5-0) Team USA posted the only undefeated record in pool play and broke a sweat only once during an unimpressive five-point victory over Lithuania.

The Mavericks won their playoff for fifth and sixth 2-1 against Midlands to finish the tournament in Auckland yesterday, reversing their loss in pool play.

In 14% of cases pool with is used

Tuscany is warm shades of ochre, villas with pools and English voices.

Ents officer in the hotel was great - she tried her best with pool games and mini disco each night.

Waka Barong offers 1 Villa - 2 bedrooms and pool; 2 deluxe bungalows with pool; 8 standard bungalow.

I know you're supposed to work up from smaller but I can do basic baoding exercises with pool balls so what the hay.

We also have Crazy Golf, Pottery Painting and Cosmic Bowl the Midlands largest 10 pin bowling centre with pool and arcade games.

Now, remember that banks were actively trading with pools of credits, right? This means that some credits contained in those pools became? bad?

I would find a tropical resort in Thailand complete with pool and private beach then fly all my friends and family there -- including all the kids.

A separate barn has been converted into an indoor project area with pool table and a dart board, also there is room to store any specialised equipment that visitors may bring.

In 8% of cases pool for is used

Opie only stayed with her father for a short time, waiting for Pool to come pick him up after she recovered from back surgery.

This is a most effective and proven method for pool treatment and as a result only small necessary amounts of chlorine are used.

In 5% of cases pool from is used

Good/Bad/Lucky break - a good/bad/unlucky chance, opportunity The most likely origin seems to come from pool or snooker, though the source suggested for give one a break is also a possibility here.

In 4% of cases pool through is used

We traipsed through pool and riffle in the subterranean creek.

Chevy Caveliers can drive through pools of water that reach the top of the tires and they won't stall out.

In 2% of cases pool about is used

I was trying to give information about pools, which they had asked for and I know and listed a few.

In 2% of cases pool into is used

These mortgages were packaged into pools and certificates were sold to investors.

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