Prepositions used with "rate"

to, of, in, at or on rate?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases rate to is used

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This rating scale is to rate every student on overall performance e.

Tap the bulleted list icon in the upper right corner to rate the song.

Participants were quite ready to rate ethnic groups with whom they had no personal contact.

It was a search engine that depended on a mathematical algorithm to rate the importance of web pages.

But bear in mind that it is difficult to rate captains because so much depends on what team they have.

They also had to rate her in terms of how likely they thought it was that she would have sex with a man on the first date.

For each picture, the volunteers had a few seconds to rate, on a scale of 1 to 4, how much they would like to date that person.

Dear me! -5 Click to rate Report miserablemoaninggit - 21-Feb-11 11:12 Well in Chris, a calm positive approach is always the best way.

This infers that MHLs (in Britain) are not a significant contributor to rates of cycling, especially when compared to the Low Countries.

In 14% of cases rate of is used

Check-out at 18:00hrs will be charged 50% of rate.

This is the part relating to the setting of rates.

Overall, further slowing of rates of growth seems likely.

Our hearts go through massive changes of rate during a surf.

Council then tried to fix them with the replacement of rates proposal.

In naval terms, these factors are called EVALs which depends on your time of rate, Advancement Exams and PQS.

We saw a great variety of rates and in what would be expected in terms of PMI if we did not put 20 percent down.

Pure temporal filtering in the rate-only representation is not directional and results in half the total number of rate channels.

Depending on the market conditions, one's credit profile and the reason they need the mortgage, a person could have a range of rates they can use.

The OUR said it asked the operators to submit a reference interconnection offer (RIO) inclusive of rates and a justification as to how those rates were derived.

In 13% of cases rate in is used

What he does nt claim is a reduction in rates.

An increase in rates by 1 percentage point to 7.

I think the daily swings in rates more or less amount to noise at this time.

Over half of respondents want a reduction in rates, even if it means a reduction in services.

I'd not predicting a rise in rates, but just observing that this is one of the possibilities.

He said the ECB was anxious to monitor the impact of December's reduction in rates before moving again.

However, I don? t see a sharp decline in rates in the next 1-2 quarters as the RBI is still watching the inflation matrix.

This government has now become notorious for its illogical and poorly advised decisions but this increase in rates seems to be a new low.

While short-term forecasts say an increase in rates is unlikely, they will go up at some stage, so it's important to act now before the opportunity is gone.

In particular, there has been tremendous focus on the rise in rates of overweight and obesity and their contribution to chronic illnesses and health care spending.

In 12% of cases rate at is used

They were lending at rates as high as 8 to 12%.

Portfolio investments in listed securities attract STT at rate of 0.

In short, America's youth are being arrested at rates that have almost doubled since 1965.

If an investor is forced to borrow at rates higher than bank interest it means the bank turned them down.

Expanding at rates of tens of kilometers per second, they last no more than a few tens of thousands of years.

This is in spite of the fact that the landlord can easily invest your deposit at rates much higher than the rate of inflation.

The CAG had in 2010 said the then Telecom Minister A Raja's decision to give away spectrum at rates fixed in 2001 had caused a presumptive loss of Rs 1.

Currently, certain term and notice accounts deposits are often available at rates which equal or even exceed the rates available on the interbank market.

Alums contribute to a fund at their alma mater, which taps the fund to extend loans it wouldn't otherwise offer -- at rates below what is available in the commercial market.

In 7% of cases rate on is used

Today's economic reports have little impact on rates.

Click on the MyAero tab on our website to access the Mailpac / Aeropost portal and click on rates 6.

I think if you look at the fact that other countries without the law have higher participation rates it provides some evidence that the law is lowering cycling rates.

In 6% of cases rate with is used

Limerick city and Donegal had the highest levels of youth unemployment with rates of 50 and 49 per cent respectively.

With rates starting from only 122 euros and often cheaper still, if you're lucky enough to catch one of our special offers.

However, short term pain could be worth the long term gain with rates expected to fall twice more between now and the summer.

Merge Income Tax and NI (both employer and employee) with rates of 40%, 50% and 60% above 10,000, 50,000 and 150,000 respectively.

It is to be hoped that they will be forceful since, as Stevan Harnad and colleagues showed this past week, the strength of green OA mandates is strongly correlated with rates of deposition.

I hope all those who say we should back it just because it's here (somehow I think we already are - forcibly with rates) are phoning the Rolling Stones, Queen, Phil Collins and whoever else.

With rates starting to rise, it is possible that CFOs may rush to pre-fund corporate issuance in January and that may cause some supply-demand imbalance leading to a small hiccup in spreads.

In 5% of cases rate through is used

While standard banner click through rates average around 0.

You can improve the click through rate of your social shares by writing a great meta description.

This can negatively impact on your quality score (I'll discuss this more shortly) due to low click through rates.

This can negatively impact on your quality score (I'll discuss this more shortly) due to low click through rates.

Pastor (American Airlines ): We track click through rates and referrals from our Facebook pages to our booking engine, www.

I've experienced a higher CTR (click through rate) with text only units but I will run more tests to see if a text &; image with a lower CTR could compensate in earnings with a higher CPC.

In 3% of cases rate for is used

For rates and booking information please see the Villas Sur Mer website.

TIP! Search for rates from a variety of companies before selecting the auto insurance that works best for you.

Subject to the terms of your tenancy agreement, both you and your tenant can be liable for rates and Government rent.

However, the share of profit coming in the hands of each company will be added in its computation only for rate purposes.

Lots of cost is killer currently; you can certainly come across boots and shoes marketing for rates more than one an array of endless dollars.

Utilizing a Real estate agent, compared to selling on your own, gives you professional guidance and thoughts, and exact information and facts for rates your own home.

In 1% of cases rate as is used

Many events, such as rate approval, creation of a new account or approval of a driver, are open for real-time collaboration through the simple social interface.

In 1% of cases rate from is used

Those on tracker mortgages, which automatically benefit from ECB rate cuts, have benefitted from rate cuts in November and December of last year.

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