Prepositions used with "back"

to, of, from, in or for back?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases back to is used

They don't love to back link you.

Refer to back to your paper draft.

But there is no debt to back the ABS.

Both are in the same boat -- maybe standing back to back, but standing in the same boat.

They are blocking access for 20-30 minutes while they serve passengers from front to back.

Of course, that's difficult to back up when one of the works in question features ham rape.

But Man-ok and Tae-ik remain oblivious -- they're enjoying their cafe date sitting back to back with huge cups in hand.

You will always find a place you want and you will always have someone to back you if your product and service is good.

She is certain that Lennox could have been offered a new life in the US but that the council couldn't bear to back down.

The FA is to decide on who to back in the Fifa presidency before the report is due however, at a board meeting on May 19.

In 11% of cases back of is used

The image became the focus of Back Home.

SHAPE OF BACK Rigid: low level fear or anxiety.

Most of all, he took the mystery out of back pain.

GOP is crooked &; lies &; is full of back room deals that helps noone in America but themselves.

When I was 11, it was the best film ever made, with the possible exception of Back To The Future.

BEDROOM 2: - Double room, located to the back of the house, radiator, carpet, view of back garden.

Provide postural education on reducing the load on the joints and muscles, so as to minimize the recurrence of back pain.

Yes, we just went to Ardha Matsyendrasana, but that still involves a lot of back bending and cleansing of the energy body.

Collaboration builds on awareness and it involves a lot of back and forth communication between investors and entrepreneurs.

Social networking optimisation also uses careful keyword research and positioning, in addition to the building of back links.

In 8% of cases back from is used

Thanks! I have rendered lard from back fat.

HUGE pressure especially from back home in Long Island.

Slight dog leg left to a green which slopes gently from back to front.

All in favor? ALL Aye! CARL All opposed? MEEK VOICE (from back of crowd somewhere) Nay.

We hung out for a while and it was really nice to catch up with old friends from back home.

So I've been experimenting with some scraps of fabric from back in the day when I used to sew.

The same disparity between first class and steerage passengers from back in the day seems to exist at this exhibition.

At the entry border to Laos, I get through rather quickly as I had purchased my entry permit visa from back in Jinghong.

Opie only stayed with her father for a short time, waiting for Pool to come pick him up after she recovered from back surgery.

But how well I remember so many of the DJ's from back then! I saw Lolita and George Nix mentioned on your site, but also Jack E.

In 8% of cases back in is used

Joe Park is in back begging for a match.

We don't splash action around the web or line up bets in back alleys.

But in back, the place widens out to an arched room filled with all ages.

Many back pain professionals now offer such courses with instructors who specialise in back pain.

Anichebe has finally scored in back to back league games hence I expect him to lead the line again.

Another cause could be oxygen deprivation or ischemia which results in back spasms, similar to cramps.

There is no denying that Chelsea are in a better position than they were in back when Andre Villas-Boas was in charge.

In Back to the Future Part II Marty McFly actually travels to 2015 - so perhaps in a few years we will get the real deal.

If that was an attempt to in back the Jews who are fed up with liberals, then I hope that the Democrats keep up the good work.

There were also performances that involved girls, and the same thing happened there--everyone had their time in front and in back.

In 5% of cases back for is used

We have implemented SAP for back office functions i.

I do not use article spinning software for back linking.

As for back scratching, I'd a bit like you in that regard.

It provides great support for back and side sleeping, but too big for stomach sleepers.

We braced for back to school, unpacked, moved furniture, guided children through new routines.

This is because there could be a number of reasons for backaches, starting from cancers and tumor to incorrect posture.

Thai Massage for Back Pain Inclusion criteria were back pain, lasting longer than 3 months, and one or even more trigger points within the upper or back.

NHS Warwickshire is cutting ' low priority ' treatments which include injections for back pain and any orthopaedic surgery must be first cleared by managers.

The way is difficult and tricky but you can avoid this disaster if you try, for back up the Lower Descending Passage is an escape route to the Grand Gallery.

In 5% of cases back on is used

When you click on Back button on Default.

Jessep: I'd gon na get on a plane and go on back to my base.

Waiting for its containers of PIs on back order to arrive from the PRC.

The man in white coat, with his hat on back of his head, is Lazaro Segovia.

Called them up and was told it was on back order but will be shipped out this week.

Why stop there? Let's roll on back to a time when Neanderthals and humans were at war.

An hour or so of this cat interviewing and we were ready to move on back to our other tasks.

I am an active reader of your blog and appreciate being able to stay connected to things going on back home.

I have business interests in NZ that bring me back on regular visits so I keep very close tabs on what goes on back home.

Mmm is it the clutch or the fly wheel??? Brakes are disc on front and drum on back on the 1560cc L1H1 and they ’ re c**p.

In 3% of cases back with is used

It was a 3 point tournament, with back, groin, and head shots allowed as points.

We have sitters for our children and back up sitters, along with back up photographers.

Re: How to deal with back stabbers? please help: ( I totally agree with anandhiselva, Rajee.

Re: How to deal with back stabbers? please help: ( Hi I am exteremely moved by your situation.

Put that on a clean kitchen towel or table cloth and stretch even more with back of your hands.

Being this has taken so long (with back payments, fees, late charges, paying for their lawyer fees.

How to deal with back stabbers? please help: ( Dear Friends, Really don't know in which forum i should write this.

This is more often than not repeated with back and biceps on Wednesday and shoulders and abzzzz on Friday, with some extra kurlzzz on Saturday afternoon before they go out.

In 1% of cases back about is used

I am so happy that the chiropractor is helping Andy, I know all about back problems and how much the chiropractor has helped me.

I've been counting down the days ---- truth! Does that make me a bad mom ---- maybe?! Or just a really tired one! As excited as I am about back to school I'd just as scared and nervous.

In 1% of cases back as is used

Assuming the tryst was over, it's not hard to imagine she still had access to quite a few other resources in the Petraeus's staff, as well as back in the military.

In 1% of cases back at is used

Look at back when the alert is now.

Peel carefully only the hard rind at back and eat the rest of the food.

Setting up that back-up support at Windows xp 7 is known as a easy undertaking, Windows Vista Home Premium, despite the fact that vital in case of product failures together with facts the loss.

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