Prepositions used with "mandate"

"to mandate" or "of mandate"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases mandate to is used

Though that's probably a little expensive to mandate.

CC's approach thus far has of course been to mandate public domain for all data.

National regulation to mandate for the capture of burgeoning landfill greenhouse gas emissions.

That funding was actually the bludgeon that the Feds used to pressure the State governments to mandate helmets.

Du n no -- at the end of course it needs some inter national body to mandate like IOC and work with governments to follow.

If the law is going to mandate that a hospital MUST treat you whether you can pay or not, then the law should be paying for you.

I wonder if the data is sounder in the papers from outside of Australia? There are particular reasons not to mandate helmets for children.

We announced during the summit that the UK will be the first country to mandate large companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions.

The only way to keep your declaration order consistent between different people is to mandate their CSS declarations must be in alphabetical order.

All of this surveillance issues are driven by the need for profit and a willing purchasing Goverment willing to write laws to mandate the use of this technology.

In 18% of cases mandate of is used

Nearly two-thirds of Mandate's 2,000 recommendations would be adopted or attempted by the Reagan Administration.

This is the argument of Mandate Politics, by political scientists Lawrence Grossback, David Peterson, and James Stimson.

Equally, the mayor's opponents must acknowledge he has some degree of mandate from voters to implement his progress agenda.

Within the campaign exist vicarious liabilities so great that few associating with the folly dare concede the absence of mandate.

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