Prepositions used with "look"

"to look" or "of look"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases look to is used

We should ask skeptics to looks at the evidence and look coldly.

It's big and there is a lot to look at, so plan to spend some time.

These Ads Are Extremely Uncomfortable To Look At Please help us understand them.

We need to look at the material that youngsters have rammed down their throats every day.

Whoever continued to look forward to clemency from them could be no true ally of their own.

People solely observe their particular norms of behavior in addition to look and feel a chords.

You get to look at their own occurrence psychologically plus in a position to work with others together extra in person.

Which means if you need to seek to look into the matter you could make using selected procedures, http: **35;7789;TOOLONG.

Share your comments on Facebook 11 Responses to Look toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy I first saw it 13 years before.

Which Diabetes Symptoms Do I Need To Look For? It is when diabetes symptoms worsen suddenly that there is greatest cause for concern.

In 20% of cases look of is used

I have the type of looks that is served best by not trying so hard.

You know, the kind of look a person gives when they want to kiss you.

Not all the floral and color worked in every instance, but I like the variety of looks.

No face zoom Regardless of looks, it's not polite to get up in someone's grill to quite this extent.

She sports all kinds of looks from her favourite smoky eyes &; nude lips to even not wearing any makeup in some scenes.

There is a canteen that serves eateries to the customers but is nowhere in comparison to the serving outlets in terms of looks or hygiene.

She usually wears her hair in defined and even curls created at a distance to each other and you can also create that kind of look by yourself using a curling iron.

New revised proposed design: Yeah sure, the listed building sort of look out of place/quaint, but for me its the change to the hotel bit that is a massive improvement.

In 14% of cases look in is used

He is an amazing ball player, and isn't too bad in looks either.

The cast they choose is not even appealing in looks acting is the second part.

Note the differences in look and feel between the AWT GUI components and Swing's.

The French Revolution in Look To The West starts out being as violent as our history's.

Historians note that this child looked like his grand father the Holy Prophet in looks and in manners.

This edited article about tinkers originally appeared in Look and Learn issue number 786 published on 5th February 1977.

This edited article about Harry Houdini originally appeared in Look and Learn issue number 786 published on 5th February 1977.

The EVO is an exclusive phone on the Sprint network in the USA, runs Android, and is similar to the HTC HD2 in looks and features.

Design Aside from its new SIM card slot and slightly heavier weight, the Nexus 7 with HSPA+ is identical in look and feel to the original Wi-Fi-only version.

Shahrukh is not willing to take any chances, and admits that it may be tough to beat Hrithik in looks, then what is his plan to impress his kids and his fans? SRK revels that Ra.

In 7% of cases look on is used

But the game doesn't try to get by on looks alone.

I'll be the first to admit that was based entirely on looks.

Oh dear what a country we have become! If you want to start to find out what is going on look at www.

Why did you decide to place such a strong emphasis on looks? The band is very much about fantasy and escapism.

In 6% of cases look for is used

Also sprinkled paprika on top for looks.

The web designer is the individual that caters for looks.

Before that, some players wore headgear for looks -- and it wasn't always helmets that the players put on.

If you can prove that these appliances do not work and you don't want to replace them simply for looks, it is his/her responsibility to replace them.

In 6% of cases look from is used

We started from Look Out to Class House to Chapel Hill.

Aside from looks, which do you like most in a girl - smell or voice? Daesung: Well I like both.

Q: Apart from looks in a girl, what feature do you like best - smell or voice? Seungri: A good voice.

Editor's choice award from Look Smart Featured in the World Wide Web top 1000 book by Point Communications as one of the top 1000 sites in the internet.

So, apart from looks, which do you like better in a girl - smell or voice? Taeyang: That's difficult! I like when they smell nice, but of course I love someone with a pretty voice.

In 6% of cases look with is used

I am here to tell you that it has nothing to do with looks.

But I'd fit, and I have a ton of other things I like about myself that have nothing to do with looks.

To get it available in a most excellent or top appealing way, do research are available reports that generate us to compensate focus with look at to brains.

Once again, we ruthlessly tear someone apart because physically, they do not meet the utterly shallow and absurd expectations of a world obsessed with looks.

In 4% of cases look about is used

There is no logic in testing an ASPX HTML as it's more about look and feel.

But if you do not care about looks and the rest, it is a perfect solution to take a little more on your holidays.

You might or might not also wish to learn more about look at for a number of different good hair days straighener applied equipments.

She will quickly see patterns within the ways guys behave if they are actually confident or otherwise not, which has nothing about looks.

In 4% of cases look by is used

I ruled every one of them out just by looks.

She judges by looks, and she eats dessert before dinner.

Its gaze was met by looks of startled bewilderment from Arthur and Trillian, a resigned shrug from Ford Prefect and naked hunger from Zaphod Beeblebrox.

In 3% of cases look at is used

Somehow we ended up at Look Out Point.

If the host you're looking at look cheap, it probably is.

I washed my face with dew drops found on cocoa leaves at Look Out.

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