Prepositions used with "camp"

to, in, at, of or from camp?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases camp to is used

We plan to camp a lot of the time.

As the car returns to camp around.

Pulling into camp downwind from two different tacks.

It's crossed my mind to camp for a night right near the top where the waterfall goes over.

About 850 people flock to Totaranui to camp each summer, and most were Cantabrians, he said.

At first I was a massive Piper fan, but soon hopped over to camp Pheobe, the youngest sister.

Perhaps I should start back? As I was about to stand and begin my trek back to camp, I caught movement off to my right.

Spring Garden is at present, home to Camp Verley which is currently owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Jamaica.

When they got to Camp Nou, Rijkaard had the two of them working separately from the squad while Emili kept an eye on them.

In 20% of cases camp in is used

Morale in camp was lowered as a result.

Putting the men in camps, you focus their discontent.

Neat to see two deer in camp, one with a bell around its neck.

Instead, after such a poor start, three and a half weeks in camp will seem a lot longer.

He said the wrist has bothered him since he was in camp with the AHL-Springfield Falcons.

When you're in camp for such a long time it is really important to have your family around.

So far the stars have been split into two camps -- with them being sectioned off half in Snake Rock and the others in Camp Creek.

Before we left, every thing in camp was talking about Mr so and so, had gone hunting, and we would have some choice buffalo meat.

They no longer live in proper houses; many of them are in camps now with poor sanitation; exposed to the elements of the weather.

Afghan refugees in camps like Munda Hajizai and other parts of the tribal belt had announced they would celebrate the holiday with Afghanistan.

In 18% of cases camp at is used

Suharto at Camp David on July 5, 1975, Mr.

On one hand, I'd curious if Rain is okay at camp.

He then spent four months at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Ghana was one of four African countries invited to attend the G8 Meeting at Camp David in May.

Arriving back at camp late in the afternoon we found Pat Herr and his wife Ethel waiting for us.

He is often referred to as the architect of the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands.

At Camp Pendleton in California, a group of black Marines attacked white Marines they mistakenly believed to be in the KKK.

I won't name names, but some guys that played well at camp have backed that up, and some haven't quite had as strong a start.

From 1917 to 1918 he served alongside former middleweight boxing champion Mike Gibbons as the hand-to-hand combat instructor at Camp Benning.

The New Alliance concept was affirmed again by President Obama and other leaders of the G8 at the 2012 summit at Camp David in the United States.

In 13% of cases camp of is used

Branch won the starting job out of camp and 57.

In fairness to the lads, there are an awful lot of camp tramps that follow them about.

He was Executive Director of Camp Kawartha and the Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre for 10 years.

That is why, all the deaths occurred mainly within the first 10 days of camp's establishment only.

Until the rains we were beginning to see an increase in game at our waterhole in the front of camp.

Villarreal are not a rich club, far from it, and the population of the town would only fill the bottom tier of Camp Nou.

We went to see the site of Camp Independence and also visited the Commander's House (1872) and the East California Museum.

In addition to her philanthropic activities, Ms Hurst is the Founder/CEO of Camp Sunnyside, a not-for-profit youth camp in Aspen, CO.

In 5% of cases camp from is used

Escape From Camp 14 changed my life.

He spent the rest of his life moving his family from camp to squalid camp.

Augustine and guests saw wild dog on the Matambwe road, approximately 7km from camp.

Before breakfast Sherm drove to a little store a few miles from camp to put in the call.

There are also horse back safaris available for half or whole day horse rides from camp.

Some of our favourite trips move from camp to camp, and sometimes the camp actually moves too.

The sun bursts across the trail as Moses leads us out from camp on our final attempt at the summit.

In a dim-lit room it wasn't possible for us to check this in detail, but there's certainly no going backwards from camp Panasonic.

While hunting elk in Arizona a few years ago, I found myself alone in a high forest nearly ten miles from the pavement and about two miles from camp.

Two or three men will go hunting twenty miles from camp - and last night two of our men lay out in the wilderness rather than ride their horses after a hard chase.

In 5% of cases camp into is used

Pulling into camp downwind from two different tacks.

At the risk of punishment, he'd smuggled the ring into camp.

I stumbled into camp and thought best to avoid scaring Maria Rosa.

Americans are divided into camps that define and see the world in fundamentally different terms.

I'd ready to prove I'd an NHL defenceman and I want to come into camp, have a strong camp and show that.

Our hunter today killed a fat buffalo-cow on the way, and we butchered her, and packed the meat into camp.

Finding the walker head still alive, Daryl fires his crossbow at it, then heads into camp looking for Merle.

When pulling into camp I like to maneuver into position so that I can roll in for a stop on a short straight downwind tack.

Next I discovered some emigrant wagons going into camp on the plaza and found that they had lately come through the hostile Indian country and had fared rather roughly.

The Bombers head into camp strong at quarterback, shaky at offensive line, young at receiver and runningback, young on the D-line, decent at linebacker and great at defensive back and safety.

In 3% of cases camp for is used

We were going to ChungChao for camp.

There were 10 stars up for grabs, which meant a possible ten meals for camp.

Tell the japanese to look for camps if the past can't be the past Poor little Eric.

I must say that I've enjoyed writing this a lot more than I did the first novel I wrote; Twist of Hate back in June for Camp NaNoWriMo.

Hidden inside Cruelty Towers is ten stars, each star is worth a meal for camp and she would have ten minutes to find as many stars as she could.

In 2% of cases camp on is used

You have a lot of potential friends on camp if you let them in.

A news release said the congregation has already bought 40 acres of land on Camp Cardinal Road.

He then turned round and realised that he had another two trained doctors on camp and his anxiety switched to BJ.

In Afghanistan, further details emerged of Friday's attack on Camp Bastion in which at least two US marines were killed.

On a murky night, in the pouring rain, several Bobbies had braved both the weather and their inclination to lie on camp beds, and kept a close watch of the movements of Kalu Appu.

In 2% of cases camp with is used

The girls were shaved bald and tattooed with camp numbers.

Altogether about 7,000 people were interned, with camps in New South Wales at Berrima, Trial Bay and Liverpool.

It is the hub for all British operations in the province and, along with Camp Leatherneck, houses thousands of combat troops and Marines, including Danish and Estonian forces.

The work is picking oranges ***People traveling via camper-van your own transport will be needed! the town itself is set up with camp grounds as well as a truck stop with shower facilities.

In 1% of cases camp about is used

As Jerry and I got to know each other and became friends, he took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about Camp Lejeune.

He asked me where I was and to get my butt home and turn on CNN immediately because there was something on about Camp Lejeune that I needed to see.

What about Camp Warrants for Guiders? Please note that as this is a National Camp it is not necessary to have a warrant holder with newer Companies.

For the past three years, almost all my vacation time has been spent traveling to Washington with Jerry to meet with Congressional staff or to testify in Congress about Camp Lejeune.

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