Prepositions used with "hell"

"to hell", "in hell" or "of hell"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases hell to is used

To hell with your sales quotas.

God condemn the killers to hell.

Go to hell with your skinny dick.

As Buddhist, we should not react to it, for we will surely follow them to hell if we do.

Will MT readers curse me to go to hell because I'd not support PR? EDITOR: Most certainly.

At the end of the day, who goes to heaven and who goes to hell is the prerogative of Allah.

Secondly, I should confront Imam Husain and kill him in battle and be hated amongst all the people and enter into Hell.

I hope everyone out there is create there own films from home or where ever that it time to drive them all down to hell.

What Laurie did is nothing compared to what Miller did from his untouchable perch of authority and to hell with baseball.

Obviously I am going to go to Hell if i commit suicide but even if i don't I will still go to Hell because I'd a lesbian.

In 21% of cases hell in is used

He died and was reborn in hell.

You don't have a chance in hell.

What struck me was when i scrolled down further the pictures and saw some images in hell.

There's no way in hell I can sneak up on these guys and my D4 with the 400mm won't do it.

Williams ' early attempts (Kora in Hell: Improvisations, 1920) opened the way for others.

A person who doesn't know how to be content with what he has and with what he gets is in hell; he is a perpetual pauper.

Personally I'd be quite happy if they sodded off then Labour wouldn't have a cat in hell's chance of getting into power.

Hence, in Hell the soul will no longer be prevented from considering those things which can be a cause of torture to it.

Thus their is unbelievable torment in hell but the torment of the souls are not eternal except the souls refuse to repent.

In 21% of cases hell of is used

Save me from the fire of hell, lol.

This is the superficial view of hell.

See the photogallery of hell for more.

Pains of Hell Let us now treat of the pains of Hell, and first of all, of that of sense.

Work is, work, not much new there except the traffic has been a fresh new level of hell.

Part three-the three loons! Klinger came bursting through the door like a bat out of hell.

In that regard, Jang brings a real sense of life and depth in the few moments we see the denizens of hell on the page.

He gave us free will and how we exerise our free will will either result in the torment of hell or the bliss of heaven.

The prospect that one day a vast number of people will be consigned to the everlasting torment of hell is most disturbing.

Oh, how we should look for ways to share the only message that can save unbelievers from the horrors of hell -- the Gospel.

In 6% of cases hell from is used

Some are looking for souls to save from hell.

The odd thunderous chasm from hell required a portage.

And my imam sais that allah rescues who he may from hell.

Where a slammin ' soldier girl would incinerate a guy who was, like, totally from hell.

Hangover from hell does not even come close to describing the state I was in the next day.

I appreciate that Nienstedt may want to save me from Hell for believing in same-sex marriage.

In the back of my mind I had visions of crashing into walls, car damage, and basically it was just going to be a day from Hell.

That's why little prepared us for the teacher from hell, who whether sharply or bluntly, beat us, twisted and wrung us before hanging us out to dry.

For more than three hours he fought and struggled against the demons from hell and finally overtook them enough to shut the door against their attack.

It has some weird Americanisms such as three wipers, way too many idiot lights, twin cooling fans, extra side lights and wiring from hell for all the ' safety ' devices.

In 5% of cases hell like is used

He's got to clamp down and yank like hell.

It took 6 weeks to heal and hurt like hell.

In variety shows, they make you laugh like hell.

Paddle like hell under the water and be smooth and calm on top where everyone can see you.

I'd sticking with a two nil to the USA prediction and hoping like hell we don't get tonked.

Exposed to the severe low pressure, his hand blew up to twice its normal size and hurt like hell.

I will fight like hell at the expense of myself, but it's taken me a long time to realize that this quality is rare.

Many citizens, hurting like hell, do not have the education or expertise needed to predict with confidence such ' end times '.

Then, the labs made a mistake, and destroyed all the mud stuff, so we had to redo it! Then afterwards, I had to swim like hell.

In 4% of cases hell into is used

It wants to push the person into hell fire.

And sadly, 230,548 people plunge into hellfire each and every day.

They were only able to utter one syllable before falling back into hell again.

Then will Allah pass orders and he will be with his face downward and thrown into Hell.

At the same time, we need have no fear of falling into hell in some later lifetime after death.

The song was released in 1993 as the first single from the album Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell.

Secondly, I should confront Imam Husain and kill him in battle and be hated amongst all the people and enter into Hell.

For instance, if we avoid making the mistakes that lead to affliction with anxiety, then we avoid falling into hell in this life.

The God in this play created the world (what he's doing here) and was disobeyed by Lucifer and Lightbourne, who he casts into Hell.

If any one there took upon him to call anything his own, he would straightway be thrust out into hell, and would become an evil spirit.

In 2% of cases hell through is used

I put Dell through hell while buying this laptop.

If You're Going Through Hell, his second album, was released in 2006.

I know u have been through hell to get to this, but good for you standing your ground.

My wife and I have gone through hell these last seven years, when I say hell i mean it literally.

So, to those voices I now say I think I made the better choices -- even if I went through hell for them.

When you are going through hell, allowing you to scream if you want to, seems to be the least the rest of us can do.

As for me, the accused, this was the final destination in a trip through hell that had scorched some ten years of my life.

The pneumonia that finally took her life put her through hell, but nowhere near the hell she would have had to keep going deeper into if she has lived.

Something called upon me, it took me and shook me, it made me suffer, it made me ill, desperate and so terribly sad! I went through hell, again and again.

In 1% of cases hell about is used

All I can say about HELL is Ouch, Ouch and more Ouch.

Some people, even the most devout, refuse to speak to children about hell, in case it would frighten them.

In 1% of cases hell at is used

Cena says he hopes to see Punk at Hell in a Cell.

Punk says he will not be facing Cena at Hell in a Cell.

He set up a Triple Threat match featuring all three women at Hell in a Cell.

He was happy with their match at Hell in a Cell because they pushed each other and had the fight of their lives.

Bradford: Big Show took all that Sheamus could give at Hell in a Cell and stood strong to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

The main dam was originally planned to be at Hells Gates, downstream from Corinna and this would have left the town under around one hundred foot of water.

Let us look at Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha; at hell and heaven; at nibbana; at religion; at beauty, goodness, truth, justice, and so on; at all the things that we admire and aspire to.

In 1% of cases hell for is used

And he probably qualifies for hell too +0.

I have news for you Mr Voter, the Christians and Jews think it is you who are destined for hell.

He is destined for Hell no matter what he does, or how much good he does because he is neither Muslim nor Christain.

As you were actually born to Muslim parents, you were brought up to believe Islam is the right religion, and you think that kafirs/apostates are destined for hell.

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