Prepositions used with "flag"

"to flag" or "of flag"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases flag to is used
    The app even provides a vocal kick up the backside when you start to flag.
    After a few false starts, we managed to flag down a local collectivo bus, and got on.
    It's impossible to flag one down, even if their availability light is on, especially on weekends.
    As we continue to develop the platform, would you be interested in a fully integrated set of features to flag and score fake or suspicious.
    The software, which has been distributed to similar groups around the country, is used to flag certain households, including those with six or more registered voters.
    And we certainly don't want that momentum to flag, so please keep letting people know they can download the game or the trial directly to their Xbox from here: http: //bit.
    To flag up examples of speech that is both sexually explicit and morally worthy, as an argument against censorship of explicit material, is to reduce the debate around censorship to mere moralism.

    In 26% of cases flag of is used
    Certain cities prompt different levels of flag saturation.
    With lots of flag rods and American flags, the patriotism could be felt everywhere.
    Proper Display of flag * Display of the American flag is usually from sunrise to sunset.
    A different a recommendation for a sound course of action is to look at the number of flags that you set up.
    Sam: After a couple of mins I looked around and saw a bunch of flags on a different hillock much further away from the enemy.
    Symbolism of flag Elements White stripe denotes peace and unity and is also symbolic of the Niger River bisecting the countryside.
    I'd quite fond of the flag, in the sense that I enjoy picking it out of a line-up of flags when I'd abroad, and giving it a little nod of respect.
    I'd quite fond of the flag, in the sense that I enjoy picking it out of a line-up of flags when I'd abroad, and giving it a little nod of respect.
    The 1999 Heriot-Watt sea trials found that this type of flag was seen easily from up to a mile away, and remained discernible from nearly twice that distance.
    Any other questions? The flag of the United States includes the history of the flag, graphics of historic and current flags and an invaluable collection of flag FAQs.

    In 13% of cases flag with is used
    It needs to be dressed up with flags flying and poppies everywhere.
    Through villages and small towns, streets lined with flag waving crowds.
    Make your destination alluring to others and resist the urge to fill it with flags.
    With flags flying the other ships, six or more in port, signaled? adieu and safe voyage?
    And the year after that - there will be thousand peoples wandering in every direction with flags and everything.
    Correct: The government observed the three-minutes of silence at its headquarters in Admiralty at noon with flags flying at half-staff.
    On this day following a full week of activities throughout the island, the celebrations culminate with flag raising ceremonies usually organized by Parish Councils.

    In 7% of cases flag for is used
    flag warning of Jellyfish in the water Prevention 1) Look out for flags like the one in the image above.

    In 4% of cases flag in is used
    Whatif she be in flags or flitters, reekierags or sundyechosies, with a mint of mines or beggar pinnyweight.
    Glenties, when we arrived, looked as if it had just won the world cup, the main street covered in flags and bunting.

    In 4% of cases flag like is used
    He also wondered what would cause behaviour like flag, Donald and Frank.
    Thanks to these lines, puffins use their beaks like flags and thus communicate with one another over long distances.

    In 3% of cases flag as is used
    So you are leaving the cross that you have as flag obeying the power of capital.
    Malaysia is linked to the rest of the world through various fibre optics and satellite consortia such as flag, SE-MA-WE, APCN, China-US, Japanese-US, Measat and Intelsat.

    In 3% of cases flag by is used
    Traffic will continue to be controlled by flag persons and temporary traffic signals and there will be limited access for traffic travelling through this entire area.

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