Prepositions used with "face"

"to face" or "at face"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases face to is used

Aaradhya is not intimidated to faces.

Kang-hwi is thus left to face Lee Joon on his own.

So what? FaceTime and Skype are also face to face.

Face to face with that Order did I hear this; face to face with them did I receive this.

Just make sure that you have the right amount of patience to go on face to face with it.

It is part of our growing up where we are ready to face it from our Primary School Days.

Face to face contact was crucial and you need to get to know your customer well, sometimes even becoming good friends.

These posters here are so angry and vile, I would hate to see them face to face they just seem so scary and ugly to me.

Lazio -- Abdoulay Konko: The right-back will have to be careful on the night as he comes face to face with Gareth Bale.

They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time; and will ever continue to struggle.

In 17% of cases face at is used

They can not be taken at face value.

So now we take people at face value.

Just taking it at face value right now.

I think that makes you feel more sympathy with Jennifer who is taking him at face value.

Mic check is used at face to face gatherings where no electronic amplification is allowed.

Taken at face value, this verse is very shocking, but the key words all have double-meanings.

The best way to find out is by taking their claims at face value and engaging them on the substance of their argument.

We say ignore the name, and we mean that: take the updates at face value and don't let the label intimidate you so much.

Taken seriously, it seems like a self-indulgent film that encourages people to take the main character's words at face value.

It has already appeared in numerous English-language publications, however I'd not sure whether I would take it at face value.

In 12% of cases face of is used

Let F=f-1 be the new number of faces.

Alex was also shown photographs of faces and buildings.

So we gave everyone sets of face wash, bath soaps, etc for gifts.

Not the exact grounds of change of face, but was probably something related to copyright.

I now know that my lovely eldest girl is terrified of needles but can paint the bravest of faces.

He does not have the strength to do manual labour and to go begging would be a terrible loss of face.

But of course, your partner and relatives might not be too happy, since the concept of face is very important in Asia.

If you feel the serums aren't moisturizing enough, a thin layer of face cream over it might help seal in moisture better.

Throughout the 75-minute walk through park, amidst the pulsing activities, the eyes from hundreds of faces look back at us.

Every diagonal increase the number e of edges by one, and also the number F of faces, so that our equation (*) remains valid.

In 8% of cases face on is used

She is severely injured on face and all.

Apply the Whitening / Lightening Cream on face and neck.

Apply the Dermaline Skin Whitening Cream on face and neck.

Just make sure that you have the right amount of patience to go on face to face with it.

On face value the famous jock appeared to get stuck in a bit before accepting the game was up.

Thing win her is that she is nice on face but behind u she says things that have dreadful things IMPLICATIONs.

Maestro Polochick is also a regular panelist on Face The Music, a review of recordings hosted by Jonathan Palevsky of WBJC-FM.

The singing and dancing echoes through the mountains, there is literally leaping for joy, and the smiles on faces are incredible.

Turning the numbers around is turning despair to joy on faces like this Let us deal in facts and keep our opinions to ourselves for now.

If I take your post on face value can you please tell me how then the biggest parent in the Land continues to fail the children in it's care.

In 4% of cases face with is used

RTA will never issue a drivers licence with face fully covered.

The lower part of the base is decorated with faces and wreaths.

A sexy female cartoon with face similar to picture I can provide.

I have no issues with face covering veils as a religious symbol but they can be a security threat.

He is a condemned soul, and on the day of judgement, such people will appear with faces of donkeys.

Anatomical Position Supine position: In this position the body is lying down with face pointing upwards.

If I would be a bank employee, i would definitely like to make sure that I am safe when i see anyone with face covered.

The authors of this paper conducted a retrospective case-controlled study comparing negative pressure iron lung ventilation with face mask NIPPV in patients with acute exacerbations of COPD.

He dutifully carries out his orders without question but after near death at the start of the film Bond returns with face unshaven, eyes bloodshot and his heart clearly not in the job at hand.

For really complicated designs, she maps features out with a white eyeliner before filling in with face paint and white foundation, which she mixes with different pigments to get custom colours.

In 2% of cases face about is used

Cause the Cannon Law is talking about face to face confession.

Praying the quirky habit of the libs doing an about face depending on just which party is in the white house.

About face and palms (when there is a possibility of someone looking at her with sensuous desires ): It is definitely wajib to cover them.

Then right about face and to the gallows; forty-five thousand men were kicked out of bed to watch a prisoner being hanged for violation of camp rules.

In 2% of cases face for is used

This means I have no way of selling them on for face value.

I would gladly sell the Radiohead tickets to fans for face value but I can't due to the restrictions.

An easy at home scrub for face can be made using juice from half a lemon combined with 2 tsp salt and sugar added till the mix becomes thick.

More than 1,000 troops have lost an arm or leg in Afghanistan or Iraq, and the government estimates that 200 troops might be eligible for face transplants.

Christina I love GWTW, and I agree that some books need to be taken as reflections of their time and for face value of what they say based on when it was said.

Another possibility would be, however, that our center automatically for face recognition look to the middle of a head of steers -- where in most animals and humans sit eyes.

In 2% of cases face in is used

The canoe was in face in a car park.

Knock in Face After the oil has been applied, the knocking in process can begin.

They also need to develop a thick skin, in order that they might cope with the knock backs and doors slammed in faces that will occur from time to time.

Our understanding of the emotional state of other people in face to face communication is supported by very many cues from across most if not all sensory domains.

In 1% of cases face from is used

Yesterday, the Judge carlos Alexandre, sent all the arguidos from Face Oculta, for Court trial, without erasing a single crime.

Can we use 2 type of toner together? For example, i used sebamed clarifying toner 1st with cotton (bcos it can wipe a away dirt from face).

In 1% of cases face like is used

Steve Lee noticed that the security images and video he'd recorded had strange streaks of light across them and even what looked like faces in others.

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