Prepositions used with "editor"

"to editor" or "of editor"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases editor to is used

Reviewers pitch ideas for reviews to editors.

For further information please contact: Notes to editors 1.

NOTES TO EDITORS Chester Zoo works with the ' Merseyside ' race of Sand Lizard.

Note to Editors: Pictures accompanying this release are available from the European.

You have to put a portfolio together, then maybe try submitting your work to editors.

Note to Editors: Pictures accompanying this release are available through the PA Photowire.

I usually do three edits of a novel before sending it out to editors and readers to make suggestions.

Notes to Editors: KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services.

Sorting through the wealth of Burns material available poses an exciting challenge to editors and researchers.

In 27% of cases editor of is used

So your two types of editors are not always distinct.

So your two types of editors are not always distinct.

We shouldn't get carried away with the distinction between the two types of editors.

And these punishments can vary from the burning of newspaper copies to the murder of editors.

In the film he was a proper cigar-chomping, braces, growling, feet-on-the-desk kind of editor.

The emphasis must now be on cultivating an organization of editors that can properly tend to its growth.

We deal with a significantly smarter-than-average population of editors, readers, and contributors at the JHU Press.

Easy to use, searchable database with e-mail addresses, physical addresses, telephone numbers and names of editors in UK and EU.

The ITC imposed a 2m fine after a thorough investigation, led by Michael Beloff QC and a former controller of editorial policy at the BBC.

Law of Editorial Correction: Anyone nit-picking enough to write a letter of correction to an editor doubtless deserves the error that provoked it.

In 16% of cases editor for is used

Notes for Editors Background 1.

Merging could mean job cuts for editors.

I went to a company that acts as a kind of referral system for editors, etc, http: //www.

But what I really agree with is your take on perfection and your take on the need for editors.

End Government Press Office **29;3204;TOOLONG Ph 01 6194098 Note for Editors Biographical Details for His Hon.

Note for editors For further information about the Ayurveda Days, contact Sabine Rosenhammer on +353 87 662 5235.

For editors and owners of news sites, all messages received about your iPad app look like you've sent them yourself.

The idea of paying someone who has always worked for nothing will be difficult for editors to take on board, so don't let them get happy and comfortable with the situation.

It is no longer enough for editors to understand what their readers want - we need to know what each specific community within that audience wants and the behaviours they exhibit.

In 12% of cases editor by is used

Bold emphasis added by Editor of.

She was encouraged in her work by editor Karl Shapiro, Paul Engle, and later Henry Rago.

It's the first step in a drive to cut staffing levels as announced by editor Alan Rusbridger in a note to staff last week.

In 6% of cases editor with is used

They reduced personnel by one-third, and introduced online links with editors and press merchants.

Invest some time in internships, develop relationships with editors on magazines that interest you and keep sending in your work.

I met with editors, listened to their advice, experimented with new styles and gradually began to get work illustrating other author's stories.

This audience might be a graduate adviser or committee, a discipline inclusive of multiple research methodologies, or publication outlets with editors receptive to qualitative approaches.

In 3% of cases editor from is used

My second novel, The Faerie Conspiracies, was much better and received good praise from editors, but no takers, so I self-published it.

In 2% of cases editor as is used

The producers were not happy with the film, and pleaded with Hunt to return as editor.

It was also a consideration that took on greater importance when Woodside was forced to resign as editor of The Sun in early February 1901.

In 2% of cases editor ex is used

It was probably not an exaggeration when Dileep Padgaonkar ex editor of Times of India was quoted as saying that he has the second most important job in the country.

In 1% of cases editor on is used

I especially appreciated your advice on editors.

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