Prepositions used with "deal"

"to deal" or "of deal"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases deal to is used

Ten Ways on How to Deal with a Bad Boss Do a self-check.

Don't bring big bunches of flowers or plants -- they are a lot to deal with.

Part of me thinks our language just doesn't have the vocabulary to deal with this.

I also don't discuss it, because the prognosis isn't great, and I need to deal with that.

We have to move on to deal with mundane issues -- shelter, livelihood, health care, education etc.

They were unapologetic about designing a system in which public opinion would come second to deals stuck by a bureau of wise men.

When parents were brought in to deal with the issue most parents wouldn't believe that their child would be involved in the on-line bullying.

The gorgeous senorita and i bought stuff to be affixed to the bathroom and bedroom so i had my diy home improvement cap on to deal with it la.

West Indies? captain Darren Sammy has already begun playing mind games, saying it would take a lot to deal with Narine in Caribbean conditions.

In 28% of cases deal of is used

Some form of deal gives a the word brand for yourself.

If your funds are low, it may not be possible to make use of deals.

This type of deal is known as a ' sub prime ' or ' adverse credit ' mortgage.

If you want to maximize your coupons, have the money available to take advantage of deals.

They are working at new funds, developing new financial tools, and looking for new kinds of deals.

However the concept of deals and getting the lowest price possible for your purchases makes natural.

Additionally, a wholly owned Jefferies is expected to be a source of strength to Leucadia in terms of deal flow and expertise.

As soon as the tax holidays ended, most of the companies packed up and moved to some other country that offered the same type of deal.

One of the eye-candies was listed on the 8th page of the scan giving you its small, but relevant amount of deals for consoles and video games.

By number of deals, technology companies continue to drive the US IPO market, while energy and consumer products companies led by capital raised.

In 10% of cases deal for is used

Sign up for deals whenever possible.

I usually silently laid intended for deals with consideration.

Personally I would stick to ebay for deals as there is buyer protection there.

Facebook and Yelp, two powerhouse Internet firms that had big plans for deals, quickly backed off.

The airlines use these newsletters to give you opportunities for deals that are not available elsewhere.

LeapFrog has roped in Bangalore-based advisory firm Unitus Capital to help them scout for deals in India.

It was the highest sales total since late 2007, as the lending markets strengthened, supplying the needed debt financing for deals.

Sixty-four percent of large European companies use these products and services for deals within Western Europe and 62% use them for Asia-Pacific transactions.

Whether you're picking up some discounted Christmas gifts or looking for deals for yourself, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fantastic days to buy electronics.

In 6% of cases deal on is used

TIP! Sign up for an online community that shares information on deals.

The meds that she is on deals with about a quarter of the problems but not all.

Steve McKnight You'll make the most money on deals where you solve both property and people problems.

Tie them on deal with or chains of bags for creating contrast that completely go with your most important outfit.

As a consequence, they tend to focus too much on deal making and are ill prepared to manage the broad range of issues that arise during post-merger integration.

The money raised for distressed-debt funds gives the firms about 100 billion euros to spend on deals including leverage, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, Esq, runs Hoja Law Group, a boutique New York law firm that uses the law to bridge the African development gap through advising on deals that create wealth for Africa.

In 3% of cases deal in is used

Business A will also attract tie in deals and sponsorship opportunities worth y amount p/a.

Negligence in due diligence, and not taking proper precautions in deal structuring, can have disastrous consequences.

In 3% of cases deal with is used

Some sites are truly global, with deals for practically every country worldwide, while others specialise at a continental, regional or national level.

With deal sites you'll need to be able and willing to offer a deep discount on your product, and then you'll also have to share the revenue with the deal site.

My local dealerships Machine Racing, Sled Pro and Bondi Engines have been very kind to help where they can with deals on parts and welding stuff back together.

While using explained, the market industry offers numerous treatment methods inside way of products, creams, pastes, along with deal with clears, that presumably eliminate unnerving.

In 2% of cases deal as is used

For instance, we need to train health and education professionals to identify girls at risk as well as deal with health complications of girls who have already been subjected to FGM.

Another issue that faced the Government was dealing with the more than 11,000 former LTTE cadres who surrendered or were detained by the military during the course of the Humanitarian Operation.

In 1% of cases deal like is used

People like deals, and Ebay is a name that you can trust, so people will have no problem buying a product through your ebay affiliate link if you can provide them with what they want.

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