Prepositions used with "cycle"

"to cycle" or "of cycle"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases cycle to is used

Three Mills is also a lovely place to cycle by.

Click to cycle through all the types of tab stops.

People could meet here to cycle to the city together.

Minutes later, Ussher knew this wasn't his race and paused to cycle home with a catching Voyce.

Some even cycled on the top wall, it was only about two foot wide and they used to cycle on that.

A great fitness tip is to ride your bike more efficiently by learning to cycle one leg at a time.

Even with all of my bike-riding friends egging me on, it took me six months to pluck up the courage to cycle in London.

When cyclist choose to ride, what they choose to cycle, how they choose to ride and the risks they take are all their own.

Rather than to a voluntary wearing of helmets by individuals that chose to cycle where the risk of injury is more pronounced.

That's because enough polls have been released to cycle a SurveyUSA poll giving Romney a 10-point lead out of the calculations.

In 26% of cases cycle of is used

The 2,200 riders of Cycle Oregon.

Check for the number of cycles when you shop.

Number of cycles means the numbers of times you can sit on the fabric.

In practice the size can be set by the maximum number of cycles the machine will be run.

The vast majority of cycle helmets offer so little impact protection as to be next to useless.

Like cracking a safe, it should be easy enough to find the alignment of cycles that matches the Be10 record.

Yay kind of cycle buddies!! Except by the looks of your last entry, you're light years ahead of me in terms of ovulating.

Till 13th December, 6 cycles will be performed at SAR unit 2 and samples of cycles 1, 3 and 6 will be send to the laboratory.

There's research that reveals the health benefits of continuous ovulation, showing consequentially the dangers of cycle suppression.

Keeping this in mind, school headmaster and writer S Raghunath organised a workshop on cycle repair with the help of cycle repairers.

In 18% of cases cycle in is used

Funny how these things go in cycles.

In September 1996, Steve and I rode in Cycle Oregon IX.

For some reason, genre films tend to travel in cycles.

That the god Brahman became the universe and the universe will grow and shrink in cycles.

There will always be elements of cronyism in capitalism, and the degree will go in cycles.

Their families never know their whereabouts as they are locked in cycles of debt-bondage and misery.

SHORTBUS Seriously? LOL NICKNASTY I know friends at the gym who have juiced, and if you take it in cycles you can test clean easily.

These different phases of the menstrual cycle have different functions and are regulated by several hormones, which can explain the variations in cycle length.

I'd be curious to see the data that suggests: ' observed sharp rise in serious brain injuries in cycle racing since helmet mandation at that level ', I see no data on this when doing.

In 5% of cases cycle on is used

It's OK, I can tell you're no expert on cycle helmets.

I didn't know if my friends had gone ahead on cycles or if they were even headed this way.

In his spare time Daniel is a passionate cyclist and can often be found keeping fit on cycle tours or playing basketball.

Keeping this in mind, school headmaster and writer S Raghunath organised a workshop on cycle repair with the help of cycle repairers.

Face it, you are unable to rebut yourself the studies that show effectiveness of helmets, instead relying on cycle blogs as ' evidence '.

In 3% of cases cycle for is used

Raewyn Morrison rode home for Cycle Obsession, with Mark Leishman (Cabin racing) narrowing the margin by the finish.

It wasn't merely that the Irish adopted the bicycle (see return for cycle and motor mechanic John Keogh of Clarendon St.

Ireland had been to the forefront of the cycling craze (see return for cycle depot manager Rollins of Haddon Road) which swept the western world in the late Victorian era.

In 3% of cases cycle with is used

I find the same with cycle tourists.

The Maya calendar operates with cycles of years that were only supposed to have repeated themselves over 374,000 years? so similar to the four yugas of India.

In 2% of cases cycle around is used

So a typical 28 day cycle, the woman ovulates around cycle day 14.

If she has a longer cycle like a 36, she'll ovulate around cycle day 22.

If the disturbance happens around cycle max it is wasted as seen in 1830.

In 2% of cases cycle from is used

The state of nirvana that is liberation from cycle of birth and death can be achieved by following the Eightfold Path.

Such as Steve's spheres and those patterns that result from cycles of action; the action of waves, the action of wind, spurts of growth.

Then if I look back and see that I'd bumping the weight often, I can increase my training max in addition to a small increase from cycle to cycle.

In 1% of cases cycle per is used

It's estimated that if a women menstruates for five day and uses 5 disposable products a day, that equates to 25 per cycle, 300 a year and over 11,000 in her lifetime.

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