Prepositions used with "charity"

"to charity", "for charity" or "of charity"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases charity to is used

Better to donate it to charity.

To have given so much to charity.

The proceeds would go to charity.

Give some money to charity if you want but do it quietly you attention seeking idiots.

Goodness forbid they choose an item that could be donated to the school or to charity.

T hinking about what can be donated to charity? Make sure you follow this simple rule.

According to charity Papworth Trust, almost nine out of 10 respondents felt that disabled people are treated badly.

As the economic climate begins to change, we hope to see a steady increase in giving to charities and nonprofits.

But what you may not be aware of is his dedication to charity work -- and that he's currently the president of the U.

God is so rich Himself why he need a coin from me? He do not need us to be challenged into giving, like say to charities.

In 24% of cases charity for is used

Do it for charity - towards yourself.

Crouch is growing a moustache for charity.

I use one paper and 49 papers are for charity.

This is what happen: the school issue a small envelope by some organization for charity.

They actually do this to raise money for charity?! And they raise a lot for it!! Racing.

The Ward Union Hunt raises between? 50,000 and? 100,000 for charity every year, even in bad times.

I met him in Wimbledon when the tennis was on, he was raising money for charity where we were waiting for the bus.

In fact in 1988 I travelled twice around the World, some 48,000 miles in 5 days on aircraft, sponsored for Charity.

Experience in fund-raising for charity includes helping to organise bazaars, exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows.

She was out and about this week auctioning off some of Patsy's clothes for charity, when she was asked about dieting.

In 22% of cases charity of is used

Let us, look, for example, at the concept of charity.

The following day a whole lot of charity workers turn up.

After all, the welfare organisations are in the business of charity.

The State action necessary in order to maintain the work of charities and of churches.

There are also a number of charities signed up, who see it as a chance to raise funds.

There is a large amount of charities out there, all competing for the same piece of the pie.

A coalition of charities and non-profits has come together to form Inclusive Emergency Preparedness Canada (IEPC).

Anything beyond that is an act of charity which will be recorded among the good deeds of the hospitable, generous woman.

This was not done out of charity but due to political awakening of people of India and particularly those of Muslims of India.

Using the excuse of charity still does not resolve the issue of noise pollution to residents that can not avoid the noise over night.

In 9% of cases charity in is used

In charities, things go even further.

He was a neighbour who believed in charity.

Be involved in charity, possibly be a teacher and.

Although he possessed eighty crores, he was very reluctant to give anything in charity.

Their support are solidly working class and rooted in charities and appreciation of good football.

She was skilled (in handicrafts) and used to give everything that she earned in charity to the poor.

Those, who read, hear or write Shri Guru Geeta and give it in charity with money, all their desires are fullfilled.

Then he came to the women, and commanded them to give in charity, so they started to give their earrings and necklaces in charity.

I've volunteered in charity shops, and tried sending off my CV to 30 different employers -- but I've only had around two interviews.

I used my vintage china cups that I had picked up in charity shops as flower arrangements on the table, along with candelabras and pearls.

In 4% of cases charity by is used

Though its parent organization, CRISTA, World Concern is ranked as a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator.

Most of my research has been funded by charities and other non-RC sources, and via international collaborations.

Some projects, which are funded by charities or by the universities themselves may have more stringent restrictions.

Ben Parkinson carries the Olympic torch / Ken Neagle ' We find it difficult to see these buildings, these edifices that are being paid for by charity.

I'd even invite Bike Hugger to laugh at my pain and humiliation, but they're probably too busy either promoting products or being offended by charity ride plugs.

The Thunderclap **27;3695;TOOLONG app has been utilised previously by charities in order to bring supporters together at a specified time to push out the same message.

Consigned by Emily Thornburg and Craig Walton, this choice of Tequila calves from Avonlea Konnected to Kanada was purchased by Charity and Tommy Mazzaro with Duane Cole for $9100.

In Bogota, Colombia, I volunteered just a couple of days to help at a home - run by charity and private funds - for homeless street kids, many of whom had bone problems from poor nutrition.

In 2% of cases charity about is used

This isn't about charity work and sentimentality.

She knows I like to tell people about charities and events.

Whenever he spoke from the minbar about charity and refraining from begging, the Prophet (s.

Using social media to spread knowledge about charities is an easy, cheap and excellent way to help.

Attempt to seek more information about charities that identify as? public education? large portions of their direct mail and telemarketing expenses.

In 2% of cases charity on is used

It is only after meeting those obligatory expenses, that he is exhorted to spend on charity.

They lived on charity, with every penny they raised going to the school, orphanage and refuge.

Otherwise, he has some reservation on charity and typical corporate social responsibility initiatives.

So those men and women who have little should increase their efforts and not be dependent on charity and hand-outs.

Of course, he believes that charity is essential in some cases when the people have to depend on charity, because it is virtually impossible for them to support themselves.

A partner in Deloitte and Touche for many years, he maintained a large and wide-ranging business client base, which included a focus on charities and the not-for-profit sector.

In 2% of cases charity with is used

Lots of guys get involved with charities and there's lots of good ones.

She did that for 25 years and many of those classes were combined with charity events.

In each of the countries where our fund raising offices are located we are registered with charity commissions or the appropriate Government body.

Many organisations do charity work and were specifically created for that purpose but most Humanist Societies were not created with charity as their prime objective.

In 1% of cases charity at is used

By seeking to presume that charity is a lost cause because you stumbled unto a market selling donated items shows your skewed perception of the african story.

They certainly should not be sitting at top tables at charity dinners alongside Premier League managers, such as was the case with Mark Halsey and Sir Alex Ferguson recently.

In 1% of cases charity from is used

I do often buy ones from charity shops etc and then pass them back when I have finished.

In addition, Professor Shackleton said, the school bid successfully for research council cash and for money from charities, the European Commission and elsewhere.

A Great Investment For the sixth consecutive year, the ACLU has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America's largest independent evaluator of charities.

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