Prepositions used with "bit"

"to bit" or "by bit"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases bit to is used

We must have been blown to bits.

Sometimes my nerves went to bits.

I hope the press rip this prick to bits.

When our own people are being blown to bits in mosques, markets and schools, it is our war.

And I love it to bits!! Thanks Bee michaelt 04/14/12,04:37 I have read some good stuff here.

Clinic - again, love ' em to bits, but I'd not gon na pretend they're masters of reinvention.

Next target is a New York Jets game! I also have two whippets, who I love to bits and love taking for walks on the beach.

However, Saunders, a Beijing Olympian in his teens, blew the Aussie to bits with a blizzard of explosive southpaw combinations.

My first real contact with someone in the skeptical culture was watching James Randi on television, just tearing Geller to bits.

David Young, the ex-marshal, brought in a huge home-made gasoline bomb and threatened to blow everyone to bits if their demands weren't met.

In 19% of cases bit by is used

You earn the right, over time, bit by bit.

We have to move it bit by bit and by many people.

Bit by bit, I started to memorise prayers such as Al-Fatihah, but without yet being a Muslim.

The initial state of the watermelon, and the location of the observer, is all encoded by bits.

Bit by bit, bad assets were hived off, new capital was injected and new skills and knowledge poured in.

If you don't feel that you can go 100% vegan straight away then take it gradually by cutting out non-vegan foods bit by bit.

He learns bit by bit, but as a fast learner, he started to build up his latest career as a freelance full time photographer.

To ensure you get the correct combination of sugar and butter, make sure your butter is in small cubes so you can add bit by bit.

In these last few years, I fully lost my ability to call myself a PC gamer, something this chronology shows I let slip away, bit by bit.

In 15% of cases bit of is used

Did quite of bit of it when I was a kid.

Also my garage full of bits and a tired old engine.

There's still a lot of bits and bobs than need to be done.

Lots of bits and pieces of leftovers from my Central High Kit.

Money storage, in these days of bits and bytes, can be handled by software.

The shifting of bits, recording data in registers and so forth has energy costs.

Have a couple of bits by all of the above but would love unlimited funds to get more.

There were lots of bits of knowledge that went into the press -- the ink, the type etc.

Depending on the sample value, it chooses a number of bits to represent the sample value itself.

Lots of snippets from event logs where I found bugs, lots of bits &; pieces as well as ' to do ' items.

In 11% of cases bit in is used

I loved that you'd rub my back in bed when it was in bits.

Just had my mum on the phone in bits which is totally understandable.

Dunn got Fredo to make appearances in bit parts in some of her movies.

The origin was in there, but it wasn't the whole film, and was served up in bits here and there.

As soon as I got back home, I chopped a clove of garlic in bits, and took them like pills, with the orange juice.

Can u explain in bit detail how to change the A name records or how to redirect your naked domain to blogspot blog.

The cross grain joints all failed at about the same strength, and all resulted in bits of wood from one part sticking to the other.

Whoever it is that Brutally carried out these murders needs to be given a dose of his own medicine in bits until the day of his final execution.

I had also began researching regarding RA on the internet, but could get info in bits and pieces (This was the reason for me to start Regulatory One).

This article is excellent in bits, but overall it feels like eating brocolli everday for five years: you know it's good for you but that doesn't mean that it's enjoyable.

In 7% of cases bit with is used

It's a holdover from long ago when poultry routinely arrived with bits of blood and pinfeathers still attached.

Results The most obvious result of all my testing is a pile of mutilated bits of scrap wood with bits of glue on them.

They wrote load and store instructions to get stuff in and out of memory and they played about with bits and bytes and stuff.

But we have lots of theology all with bits taken from others as they have evolved, so my point is, good luck in your search for authenticity.

The Rat, with a nod to Toad, went to the door and ushered in the Mole, very shabby and unwashed, with bits of hay and straw sticking in his fur.

Just because they are sitting at computer terminals instead of charging around in white robes with bits of rope doesn't make them any less scary.

If you do something fun and interesting with bits of LugRadio, we'd love to hear about it! Drop us an email or post to the LugRadio forums; we like hearing about how LugRadio shows up.

What is in store for you? Nostalgia - months of it!!! With BITS Pilani giving you an environment to feel at home, you can relieve the old days in the familiar atmospheres of the BITS campus.

In 3% of cases bit between is used

If there are no distances between bits of matter (as in a singularity) there is no time.

In 3% of cases bit for is used

I try to make sure in docs that I use Mb for bits and MB for bytes.

My mind was quiet for bits at a time; I caught glimpses of my mind being totally quiet.

My mind wanted to behave the way it did when I was online: juggling lots of things and digging around for bits of information instead of focusing on one thing.

I hunted for bits of broken colored glass and having found some couldn't have been hap- pier if I had found a perfect and gorgeous Turk's-cap on the sands of Florida.

In 2% of cases bit at is used

People like to get a look at bits of the world they're normally excluded from.

The theme of most of the haters is to grasp at bits of information and forget the facts.

I enjoyed the regular visits to the temple and meeting with people from all walks of life who I knew as a student and later as faculty member at BITS.

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