Prepositions used with "availability"

"to availability" or "of availability"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 33% of cases availability to is used
    Early check in / late checks out is subject to availability of rooms.
    Change of project will incur a 120 administration charge, subject to availability.
    Stock2Retail Conditions Limit: 4 for you and 2 gifts for others Subject to availability.
    I want to stay on longer than originally planned, is this OK? Of course, subject to availability.
    Hyatt Gold Passport Gold Passport members can request a 2pm late checkout, subject to availability.
    Now -- something not free? No problem -- just buy it with this free money! * *Subject to availability.
    availability of Goods All products and services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.
    This is subject to availability, and in the case of quad share, couples will most likely share with other couples.
    Candidates accessing the website the earliest can choose the Date and Time of his/her choice subject to availability.
    A Weekend First Upgrade is available on East Midlands Trains at weekends and public holidays, subject to availability.

    In 32% of cases availability of is used
    Please note that the time of availability of.
    The economy is hurting because of availability of credit.
    Lack of availability of some amenities in the countryside.
    On the 21st Triumph was detached with Comus for a ten-day period of availability at Sasebo.
    P and get details of availability, Please, Please, Please, do something now, Before its to late.
    The advantage of the online early childhood lesson plans is the ease of availability and access.
    Reason for its lack of availability is that Pakistani insurers can not lay this risk off easily in the global reinsurance market.
    JA /JB Conditions While the claimant is participating in a course of education under the ET &D; option, the condition of availability is waived.
    The masquerade from outside truly is successful in getting others to underestimate the amount of availability of space one can come up with here.

    In 10% of cases availability on is used
    During the course of a day, prices fluctuate depending on availability.
    All offers are without engagement, depend on availability at the time of confirmation and are subject to all traffic rights.
    Currently, BioCreative depends on availability of data and volunteers to set up the tasks by providing both data and criteria to evaluate the results.

    In 6% of cases availability with is used
    I've found a camp ground with availability who will allow a 3 night booking (minor miracle) and I've checked out the rates of the parks.

    In 5% of cases availability about is used
    Q Asking about availability? Request a booking instead.
    There are also concerns about availability, quality of supply and service.
    What to do? After I dropped all those hints about availability of camera with GPS function, I thought you are going to buy me one? No? Well, I did try.

    In 4% of cases availability for is used
    Kafka nodes can be clustered for availability and extra capacity, which we've done.

    In 4% of cases availability in is used
    One possibility is that the increase in availability of dried plant matter during the dry season will mean that wildfire will be more intense and widespread than at the present day.

    In 3% of cases availability upon is used
    These were LIMITED upon availability and extremely rare.

    In 1% of cases availability among is used
    People choose among availabilities; what is not available is not chosen.

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