Prepositions after "tiring"

"tiring of" or "tiring for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases tiring of is used

As for tiring of the never-ending battle.

Appleyard is tiring of the media attention.

Already we seem to be tiring of the fairytale.

For customers tiring of long lines at noon on Friday, Ginger Seamster had some advice.

Seasons 3 and 4 I stopped watching partway through because I was tiring of the formula.

Long-term Assad supporter Russia, some experts say, may be tiring of the Syrian leader.

If someone doesn't feel compelled to pray for you and is tiring of reading your posts, they don't have to read them.

Tiring of the debate the others agreed to shunt the whole debate onto a ' wiki ' page where it would be allowed to die.

There wasn't much time now, and you could see in the Highbloods eyes that they were tiring of your and Rosa's meddling.

Tiring of the dress and the control panel, he climbed down and sat under the Bluebird, sharing a pipe with his companions.

In 23% of cases tiring for is used

Lots of black text is tiring for the eyes.

Which is tiring for me playing as Rangers.

I am now 90 and this is indeed tiring for me.

And so it was that Joseph's days were long and tiring for as long as he could remember.

White people are not the only ones, and it becomes tiring for it to be presented that way.

Days at the clinic are full and tiring for Christine and Riley, but also rich and rewarding.

The reason people don't like reading of active lit screens is because they emit light, wich is very tiring for the eyes.

Such happening can not only be potentially frustrating for you, but tiring for viewers looking for more meaningful comments.

But if I were to teach the Dhamma and others did not understand me that would be tiring for me, that would be troublesome to me.

Take a sling/wrap with you Your baby feels safe against you but it can be tiring for you and uncomfortable for him to be carried.

In 7% of cases tiring after is used

This can get very tiring after a while.

Whatever, it still gets tiring after a while.

Writing about Muslim riots becomes tiring after a while.

Holding your palm up in the air becomes tiring after a short while as it feels unnatural.

Even the tentative teen romance, a novelty for the series, starts to get tiring after a while.

It is quite tiring after studying 2 hours because absorbing quality of my brain is becoming poor.

Unfortunately, there are a vast number of clichs throughout this film which does get a little tiring after a while.

Even dumb blondes can get tiring after a while (although there is something certainly to be said for getting tired on occasion.

I arrived on Tuesday morning and we have been training twice a day in Porirua, which has been pretty tiring after the flight over.

It is fun but as an adult it does get tiring after a while (even though I was only scoring!) -- the children never seem to tire of it.

In 4% of cases tiring at is used

And for me, it can get a little tiring at times.

Peter: It is interesting, but it can be very tiring at times.

We wished we had gone to the Crater, but it was very tiring at 18,800 feet.

The hike was long and tiring at some parts, however the view at the top was so worth it.

Things are constantly in a state of change during your travels and it can get tiring at times.

I'd understanding of people who react with emotion or pity, although it is a bit tiring at this point.

The story unfolds over 2 &; a half hours, which can be a bit tiring at times, but Daniel Day Lewis ' acting will keep you enthralled.

Nine straight days of stalking a convention centre floor without letting the smile slip from your lips can indeed be tiring at times.

Quite often I have to choose between napping (pregnancy is very tiring at the moment ), doing housework, or doing something actually fun.

Having seen Viktor when it was first created and a few times since, I could not help finding last week's performance tired and tiring at times.

In 4% of cases tiring on is used

The descent into Kinlochleven was long, and tiring on the feet.

So these are starting to become very tiring on me and everyone I'd close to.

If waiting for weeks can be tiring on your part, you can repair it yourself.

Great weekend just past, a bit tiring on the old legs as haven't done a function of that size for awhile.

Brilliant urban runabout and not out of place on the motorway although it can be tiring on a long journey.

The bulk of the story does take place in the sugary sweet Sugar Rush game world and that can be rather tiring on the eyes.

The thing about the breaks is your brain and eyes need to relax because looking into a monitor for so long is tiring on the eyes.

In 4% of cases tiring to is used

It must be tiring to beginners.

Sounds all too bloody tiring to me.

Long airplane trips can be tiring to your body.

It sure is tiring to those that run into your writings.

The dark alleyway and lobby is tiring to the eyes, it was not relaxing at all.

Small print can be boring and tiring to the eyes but it does not cause myopia.

It is lighter and easier to digest than other wines, and less tiring to the body.

So what's the result? -- The result is that reading text online is tiring to the eyes.

Today I had to cancel my plans because I couldn't get out of bed, the rain was so tiring to me.

It should be borne in mind that too much extra time in an examination may be tiring to the candidate and thus counter-productive.

In 3% of cases tiring as is used

It was quite tiring as a matter of fact.

They can all be tiring as the body is under stress.

For walking, it is also a bit tiring as the road in Hakone is hilly.

It was a continuous ascends to tackle and was very tiring as the sunrays hit us directly.

Even though, incredibly rewarding, operating with youngsters, it might be pretty tiring as a result of it.

Pretending to be different to how you are feeling can be tiring as well as increase your isolation from others.

The correct tools must be used in order to obtain the perfect outcome which can be very tiring as well as time consuming.

SL -- needs more planning, depending on what you want, but it can be quite tiring as the road system is not so well developed.

Drug Use, Manipulation, Sexuality -- it's an emotional landscape that is as busy and tiring as a city as big as London can be.

Duke soon married and became Doris Duke Cromwell, but their dream globe-trotting honeymoon became tiring as the media hounded the couple from place to place.

In 3% of cases tiring in is used

The climb up Anzac Hill was only tiring in the respect of the heat.

The boys are playing up merry hell this morning, which is tiring in itself.

There is nothing more tiring in a game than having to tackle, tackle, tackle.

Even after five months, I still find work tiring in a way that I didn't before.

Physically, the race was very hard, very tiring in the season, this is no doubt.

For a neophyte the practice of concentration is disgusting and tiring in the beginning.

With each new film, they face new challenges, never tiring in their quest for perfection.

Wuxia setting takes a lot more skill to act out, the script is more classy and it's more tiring in terms of makeup and physical effort.

Although it is not tiring in itself, the hike there from the One Stop Centre where you buy your tickets requires a decent level of fitness.

The 10km walk back to Darjeeling was an absolute pleasure, if still tiring in the slighlty rarified air that we are not quite aclimatised to yet.

In 2% of cases tiring over is used

If controls are placed too far apart, they will require a lot of movement which could become tiring over time.

But a football season is full of tests like these, and repeatedly picking yourself up off the mat can grow tiring over time.

Conclusion Turning the U920T from a tablet to a notebook is not difficult, but it could get tiring over time, and we're not sure how well the mechanics of the design will hold up over prolonged use.

In 1% of cases tiring about is used

Nothing at all tiring about that.

In 1% of cases tiring because is used

The trip is actually not tiring because of the mild temperature inside the forest.

It was a bit tiring because of all the slopes and hills but a worthy experience as we could observe the nature more effectively in this way.

In 1% of cases tiring by is used

The heavy pitch was beginning to find the visitors look fragile, defending deep and tiring by the minute.

During warmups, Jimmy tells the replacement catcher to let him know of the first sign of tiring by Ellen Sue, who has taken over full-time as pitcher.

In 1% of cases tiring from is used

Staying at home was easier, less tiring from trying to lip-read and fewer hassles.

We travelled with two other expats from Dodoma and although a little tiring from all the driving on some very rough roads the trip was wonderful.

People have experimented with having 1,000 friends, with opening a dialogue directly with businesses, but they show signs of tiring from this effort.

More subtle cues that your baby is tiring from playing or needs a change of pace or perhaps a change of activity, may be yawning, wrinkling her forehead or frowning, and hiccuping.

In 1% of cases tiring like is used

We did another hike, but it was not tiring like the previous one.

In 1% of cases tiring towards is used

Don't let this stop you - keep going It can get a little tiring towards the end, when you've walked for about three hours and then realise the rest of the way is all uphill, on a cobblestone road.

In 1% of cases tiring with is used

I am very grateful to you the past few weeks Have been especially tiring with anxiety.

SAYING THIS, I completely understand how it is tiring with no forward movement with the character.

We get a Cappuccino at a street caf, but it is quite tiring with all the sales people, beggars and shoe shiners who are all around you.

I don't feel like I want to go far from home alone, as its tiring with DD and if it all kicks off etc but equally, I was going stir crazy stuck in on Friday.

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