Prepositions after "tired"

tired of, from, after, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases tired of is used

I am tired of teaching as well.

One began to be tired of ' I '.

Anonymous Sick and tired of it.

And then report the TRUTH! I am sick and tired of the bias all your news programs show.

Romney is a pansy and I know what you mean about being tired of that kind of president.

No wonder the general public are tired of the signs, the complaints and #fearmongering.

But I'd already getting tired of the bulk email messages claiming that Kerry is the embodiment of progressive dreams.

Allah SWT has NOT been tired of originating and repeating the NEW Creations of the Heavens and Earths (the Universe).

Truth be told, he appeared tired of the NBA grind, like a man who realized he might have made a mistake in returning.

This country is in trouble and people are tired of footing the bill for government figureheads to line their pockets.

In 3% of cases tired from is used

Legs still tired from yesterday.

I was very tired from yesterday.

I was tired from a day's travel.

First a brief nap - we're tired from walking around the east and west villages today.

His eyes are tired from the many sleepless nights he spent and the many tears he wept.

You and Liam danced lazily, tired from dancing a lot earlier, as the last song played.

At about eleven in the evening, Tata and Toto returned to the guardhouse, less drunk but tired from all the action.

Although I kinda felt that Big Bang were tired from all the tours already hahahaha! thanks! it was a fun experience.

She looked for strawberries, played with flowers, and after a while fell asleep -- tired from all the running about.

In 2% of cases tired after is used

Would be super tired after the.

She retired after the Olxmpxcs.

They are both tired after work.

I could see italian getting tired after a couple days, but that's simply my opinion.

Well if he gets TIRED after 2 minutes it's probably because he's doing all the work.

Wasn't it a waste of time and energy? For sure he was so tired after digging hahaha.

Everyone gets tired after a hard day's work, and it is only natural if you feel tired after coming back from work.

After arriving at airports you fell somewhat tired after going from the hassle of endless waiting adjusted values.

I always feel very tired after a run through and I think that is the physical engagement as well as the emotional.

I was tired after a long train journey but I stopped to give a woman begging on the platform at Victoria my dinner.

In 1% of cases tired at is used

I was already tired at this time.

I am tired at the end of the day.

Amitabh Bachchan looks tired at places but does an excellent job as the underworld don.

That was his first time running over three miles and he wasn't too tired at the finish.

Yes, it appears I can write more lucidly waking at 3am than I can feeling tired at 9pm.

My first walking day to Hornillos was wonderful, met many nice people, and wasn't overly tired at the end of the day.

Looking tense and tired at Xstratawouls shareholder meetingand Daudio-videoi formats declined to comment on his plans.

Let's say that you feel bad about running over a small animal late at night, while you were feeling tired at the wheel.

If you're tired at the end of a tutorial it's tempting to just throw everything into a pile, but this makes life harder.

In 1% of cases tired by is used

Usually, though, I'd tired by 9.

I was already VERY tired by then.

Today I felt very tired by it all.

Maximianus was not far off, since, tired by his journey, he was resting near Octodurum.

Number 2 - Most entrepreneurs are burnt-out and tired by the time November comes along.

Sometimes, we have to trek to school and we get so tired by the time we arrive in school.

I was pretty tired by this point so I threw up my tent in a shallow depression out of the way and slept for 10 hours.

In the evening, we were tired by our trip, and when I was sitting in the train, I was telling Baba that I am so tired.

We'd start off the evenings by drinking super strong coffee and then play games until we were tired by about 2 or 3am.

But I think at the end with Miguel, you know he got so tired by the eighth round that Floyd just had his way with him.

In 1% of cases tired for is used

I'd just tired for our country.

Myth 4: You're too tired for sex.

It can leave them tired for the match.

I was tired for the first 3-4 weeks but you should have normal energy back after that.

People working under hot conditions may well feel tired for perfectly natural reasons.

A full abdomen will make you uncomfortable for asana practice and tired for meditation.

He? s exhausted Chances are, if your partner says he? s too tired for some late-night nookie, he? s really exhausted.

For my races, when I do the last minute route orientation, I feel very tired for the race, especially in the morning.

She also felt extremely tired for this time and said her flow was dark and clotty, she felt it was an unhealthy flow.

I was also tired for most of it, but I think this was mainly due to already having an active two-year-old to look after.

In 1% of cases tired in is used

Others are tired in the evening.

I'd pretty tired in the evening.

We were tired, but tired in India.

But I still feel soooo tired in the morning - and it does nt go away the tired feeling.

My wife and I used to get tired in the late afternoon, but that rarely happens anymore.

It may also leave you feeling a bit tired in the morning because of insufficient sleep.

MU look tired in the second half after the CL match on wednesday and the three replacement should come in immediately.

Poor suju's they look so tired in the latest perfomances: s I do not know why I was crying while reading this article.

I would wonder how Swamiji was so tired in one minute and in another minuten Even if he was tired, he was not defeated.

Guided by an enthusiastic presenter, Andrew, who never got tired in answering all the questions our group fired at him.

In 1% of cases tired on is used

He went to blanket tired on Oct.

Yes, he does look tired on stage.

Maybe a bit tired on a short turnaround.

They are tired on Friday when they are in Buffalo as they take on the Islanders Thursday.

The Kings are tired on Saturday when they play the Wild after playing in Edmonton Friday.

My ex now claims that 30 minutes is too far and that my son is tired on Wednesday evening.

Ron Paul is an old man, who would simply look tired on the world stage, and encourage our enemies by that image alone.

Koh Tao After a hard journey on the night bus to Chumphon and an early morning ferry we arrived hot and tired on Koh Tao.

The Flyers are tired on Sunday when they face the white-hot Pittsburgh Penguins as Philadelphia take on Ottawa on Saturday.

Simply as that really, I feel tired on the days that I don't do anything and loads of my friends that don't exercise at all.

In 1% of cases tired with is used

People are tired with their PS3.

We already tired with your hanky panky game.

His body must be very tired with all this detox.

You must be very tired with so much swimming! Hope your journey goes well! Love, Mrs.

Completely off topic here, but I see many people being tired with duplicate questions.

It took him until July, generally, to pick up again; and he was tired with his journey.

You could tell he was tired with the heavy red eyes and the flip-flop from super happy to crying in 2 nano seconds.

There's just no point of getting tired with it when there's always something to discover everytime you pay it a visit.

Our anchorage is calm and peaceful and it should be great nights sleep with everyone very tired with todays adventures.

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