Prepositions after "tiny"

"tiny of" or "tiny in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases tiny of is used

Ok, so I have a tiny of a favor to ask.

He was exempt for the tiniest of moments.

Battling to do the tiniest of daily tasks.

That stonking resolution makes even the tiniest of text on web pages stunningly crisp.

Families live in the tiniest of houses with no electricity or any level of sanitation.

When he lost the 400 hurdles at Baylor's own Michael Johnson classic, by the tiniest of margins, he was devastated.

But Murray sends his backhand as wide as he can, finding the tiniest of spaces to beat Federer on his forehand wing.

Which would explain why there have been reports of scientists observing pixels in the tiniest of microscopic images.

Planning a wedding on the tiniest of budgets is becoming more and more of a common occurrence in today's harsh economy.

In 23% of cases tiny in is used

I hadn't thought about Tiny in years.

Now they're just tiny in different ways.

The bottle was tiny in its meaty green fingers.

Although very tiny in portion size, it gave the impression of a full bowl of gazpacho soup.

The problem is that the faces appear super tiny in the chat dialogue even when you zoom in.

It felt cramped and tiny in ME2 compared to ME1 - that was NOT an improvement in my opinion.

The rocks look tiny in the photo, but they were actually huge! We even spotted a family, gathering items on the rocks.

Those classic tracks like ' Big Fun ' by Inner City -- it was tiny in America then became a number one track in the UK.

That particular demographic must be tiny in Dundee, so either they slash costs or it remains the ultimate niche market.

She is absolutely tiny in real life, too -- I'd 5 ' 2? and weigh about 8 stone, and she made me feel like a burly giant.

In 7% of cases tiny for is used

But it is tiny for several reasons.

Dotto is tiny for her age and very hungry.

I guess he is not too tiny for a 36 weeks+ baby.

If you're relatively young when you inherit the IRA, the RMDs will be tiny for many years.

We have put Sammy on a high protein diet to gain weight as he is still so tiny for his age.

No baby is too tiny for the Boba Wrap and premature infants actually thrive when in a Boba.

But then surely he's still small? Although he's so tiny for his age, I think of him as being a big bear, just like his.

I was tiny for ages, and I remember being the smallest of my friends and I used to get so hung up about how much younger I looked.

But then a puddle is so tiny for anythign to occour that will effect the biome or other surroundings, no visible effect will happen.

It is tiny for a speaker, even smaller than the size of a regular palm and yet, it is surprisingly good, belying the size of the frame.

In 6% of cases tiny by is used

Would make Jupiter look tiny by comparison.

Huge beside the seaweed tiny by the forest.

Copenhagen is tiny by comparison with either.

The European Union's 200 billion ($270 billion) program seems almost tiny by comparison.

I sow it thick, and start harvesting when the leaves are tiny by pulling out the whole plants.

The operation there makes Heathrow airport's security areas look absolutely tiny by comparison.

Mainline energy industry roads and adjoining pipeline corridors made industrial logging roads look tiny by comparison.

The computing power of the huge machine is tiny by modern standards at a miniscule 2kb of memory running at 1mhz speed.

The galaxy, named MACS0647-JD, is tiny by comparison to most of the galaxies we're more familiar with, including our own Milky Way.

Normally the team would've been picked from the fifth and sixth classes but numbers at the school were small, tiny by most standards.

In 5% of cases tiny to is used

He s 6 ft 3 so I seem tiny to him.

The pump schemes range from tiny to massive, like this one.

In pumice, the bubbles may be very tiny to the size of a match head.

In totally random order, from the teeny tiny to the enormously big, here's a bevy of blessings.

Is itn't cheaper to scan it yourself? Back, result construction options can be also tiny to us.

It would seem tiny to us but by the standards of the time Carlisle was a fair sized market town.

It has to be emphasised that there is no object in our solar system that doesn't show repeated hits from tiny to large.

The New Brokers of Work The intermediaries enable clients to accomplish tasks that range in size from tiny to quite large.

SEVENTEEN!! How did that happen? Where did those years go? We seemed to have moved from tiny to teen in a blink of an eye.

Since then, Zidisha has grown from tiny to small, with a portfolio now at $200,000, over 430 active borrowers, and 1400+ lenders.

In 4% of cases tiny with is used

The bathroom was not too tiny with a walk in shower.

She has always been tiny with bones like a sparrow's.

The bathroom was tiny with my knees hitting the walls.

The cabins were TINY with two squeeky and very uncomfortable childerns bunk beds in them.

Funny how an island so tiny with less than 5 million people already own us and we don't know it.

W &W; has a ton of slides so you will easily spend the day and Aquatica is tiny with very little to do so.

If they do they are tiny with a couple cardio machines, a mat and a few hand weights travelled as a couple Value Location Sleep Quality Rooms.

A key point, as stated yesterday, is that voting percentages between the bottom 5 or 6 are probably tiny with Ella hoovering up such a big vote.

I have seen girls with implants from the time they are tiny with hair that cascaded down and covers the implants so that you barely know they are there.

The fish and chip shop was so tiny with only two staff serving and the queue of people was atleast 50 or more so your average queuing time was about 40 mins.

In 3% of cases tiny at is used

While the proposed investment was financially tiny at $4.

With that said, the cabins are tiny at 97 to 113 square feet.

The puppy was so very tiny at that time, and it would not have survived otherwise.

Although tiny at the moment as they get older their sizes will also start to differ greatly.

The prostate gland is very tiny at birth and it remains small until a boy goes through puberty.

I accepted my limitations (I am tiny at barely five feet tall) and I learned to recognize the danger signals.

What I mean is that this lens is big in terms of M43, however relative to its DSLR cousins it's tiny at only only 305 grams.

Currently 10MP seems to be the sweet spot for P &S; cameras and as the G11/G12/S90/S95? s sensor arrays are already tiny at just 2.

Babies start moving very early in the pregnancy, but the baby is so tiny at this time that the mother will be unable to feel these movements.

In 3% of cases tiny on is used

Xu Qing Wei is tiny on smiling.

The text and icons will look tiny on it.

Rely this fast cash advance tiny on contact you.

Your logo should resize well at any size, whether it's huge on a truck or tiny on a badge.

Posted by: Tiny on January 24, 2008 10:05 AM Thats what you all get for being corporate drones.

One of them is so tiny on the grand stage of things, you'd almost wonder why I makes me so depressed.

But I remember the first day I put him there, he looked so tiny on such a big white space! I was tempted to grab him up again.

I scanned right past the author's books because the author's name was so tiny on the covers, in thumbnail it couldn't be read.

I would write this message on my 3G enabled mobile phone (sturggling with the tiny on screen key board ), but there is no point.

Yes, he could buy a place independently (somewhere tiny on the outskirts of the city ), but that would be making a statement too.

In 2% of cases tiny from is used

Everything had looked tiny from up there.

Gonads that are already tiny from being Citiots.

You might be so tiny from the level from the world.

When the Irwins adopted Tiny from AAC they were his legal owner per their adoption contract.

I will, however, always miss my precious baby who died when she was very tiny from cytomegalovirus.

The concrete blocks which had seemed tiny from afar now towered ominously, maybe 10 or 12 feet above my head.

The individual that adopted Tiny from the Seward Animal Shelter also did not bother to reregister Tiny in her name.

The views were truly panoramic and remarkable, with the sky so clear and huge geographical features looking tiny from so high up.

In 2% of cases tiny like is used

Even if it's tiny like 5000 a week, that's 250k.

He gives a dimension for the speck: something very tiny like the size of a grain of mustard.

I had to open 2 regular savers because they had a maximum of something tiny like 200 a month per account.

They remind me of when I brought Bella home for the first time she was alot darker thenand very tiny like your little one's.

It just had this tiny like early 60s very early Stones vibe to it, and then of course the CD was this glossy massive super produced thing.

Mistakes can be careless or accidental, gigantic like losing one's life savings in an investment or tiny like spilling juice over a school essay.

And my forehead appears broad from the front but I don't lnow why but i keep lifting my head but when i do, my forehead looks so tiny like i do nt have a forehead.

In 1% of cases tiny as is used

His body still felt tiny as a pebble, but his mind dwelt in a vast ocean of happiness.

Now, tiny as well as middle tenure enterprises can get benefited from this clouded cover formed technology.

He's 1st in the charts in France, that's true, but the venues that are sold out this tour are tiny as opposed to Bercy for instance.

This was, unfortunately, highlighted even more by the fact that Kryz Uy (the girl lead/love interest) is as cute and tiny as a button.

In 1% of cases tiny next is used

I am pretty tiny, but she was tiny next to me.

I felt so tiny next to her and just in awe of her presence and how calm she was.

He looks so tiny next to other children his own age and my heart was so touched to see him stand up and sit down and sing his little heart out.

You all know for me the most amazing thing I've seen on Earth is the Sahara Desert nothing is more amazing then feeling so tiny next to it and seeing the dunes role out as far as the eye can see.

In 1% of cases tiny against is used

He brought these tiny beliefs, tiny against the universe, with him wherever he went.

If the sight of the never-ending ocean was not daunting enough, the rather small boat looked even tinier against the large waves on the choppy seas.

In 1% of cases tiny relative is used

My on-chip cache is only 6 MB, which is tiny relative to both a, say, 0.

Other than Amazon, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of Android tablets, which are still tiny relative to iPads.

It is not the first time, though it may have been the worst, that the crowd, which is tiny relative to the number of voters, has been adrift from the voting.

In 1% of cases tiny after is used

Mine got tiny after my cat walked across my keyboard.

The oldest is a few months younger than me and it turns out knows people I know (Ireland is tiny after all!).

Comments I know this is the theme but your comment font is soo tiny after the posts! And you get a lot of comments.

The hindu temple of Ek Phnom was built in the 11th Century and are tiny after seeing all the temples in the Angkor Archelogical Park but impressive all the same.

In 1% of cases tiny under is used

Even with it's tiny under powered engine.

Her face looks tiny under an elaborately bedecked hat.

A tiny under powered plastic shoe on wheels (Clown Car) is not going to sell well.

In 1% of cases tiny about is used

The chat he had with Tiny about what kind of protein powder is best for muscles remains on his mind.

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