Prepositions after "tight-lipped"

"tight-lipped about" or "tight-lipped on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases tight-lipped about is used

They were all very tight-lipped about it.

They're pretty tight-lipped about projects these days.

She was notoriously tight-lipped about her own affairs.

The owners have been somewhat tight-lipped about which option they will take.

David Chase was very tight-lipped about the ambiguous ending of The Sopranos.

The PD and staff members are rather tight-lipped about what is going to happen next.

Investigators are tightlipped about the major security breach which has sparked outrage at the DPP's office.

But NBC insiders have remained tight-lipped about when the forthcoming changes could take effect at 30 Rock.

Both Canadian and American border agencies are aware of the ship but remain tight-lipped about the situation.

In 21% of cases tight-lipped on is used

However, he remained tight-lipped on P.

Tight-lipped on Shebesh There is nowhere she is going.

HTC and Verizon are tight-lipped on the details of the phablet.

The Sun remains tight-lipped on whether it will heed the demands of the campaign.

The Foreign Office was tight-lipped on the matter because of its sensitive nature.

Bell was more tight-lipped on the open source dogmatic aspects of working with Android.

The SSC remained tightlipped on the matter yesterday, but a formal announcement by SG Changi is expected in a few days.

However, Malik Siraj kept tight-lipped on Urooj Zia's abusive tweets and his advices remained dishonestly directed at me.

Police officials were tightlipped on whether they have CCTV footage to prove that he was responsible for the scooter theft.

Security agencies in the Volta Region have remained tight-lipped on the arrest which was effected by the military from Accra.

In 4% of cases tight-lipped over is used

Founding members of the NDP are tight-lipped over details about its leaders.

Rajoy remained tight-lipped over the details of his austerity plans during last year's election compaign.

Officials of the NDC are jittery about the formation of this new party and are tight-lipped over the issue.

He was also tight-lipped over the likelihood of agreeing an 11th-hour deal with Drogba, amid reports the club were refusing to budge on the forward's demands for a two-year extension.

Rennes midfielder Tongo Doumbia has claimed to have sealed a switch to the Hawthorns only then to reveal it had fallen through but the club have kept tight-lipped over any potential deal.

The Bangladeshi Government remaining extremely tight-lipped over the recent developments - as they have internally decided to deny it on record - fearing backlash from their own hardliners.

Even though Nana Konadu continues to remain tight-lipped over whether or not she was behind the new party, initial speculations had linked her as the brain behind the NDP without any concrete proof.

In 1% of cases tight-lipped after is used

Cheryl remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped after being brutally thrown off The X Factor USA last year.

In 1% of cases tight-lipped in is used

She sat tight-lipped in the passenger seat.

We all watched his prudent remarks in the television while many conscious people were tightlipped in a controlled environment under emergency rule.

Although they had stayed typically tight-lipped in the press, their spectacular shows are doing all the talking for them as they return to their place at the top of the UK's rock tree.

In 1% of cases tight-lipped regarding is used

But so far Microsoft has remained tight-lipped regarding a new games console.

So far, the Transition Authority has been tight-lipped regarding their thinking about when functions should be transferred to counties.

Meanwhile, Town are remaining tight-lipped regarding developments on their search for a new boss with Clegg having said earlier in the week that he is hopeful a new man could be at Birmingham.

In 1% of cases tight-lipped to is used

From being tight-lipped to giving the briefest responses that don't go beyond ' hmms, huhs or yes and no ', to mean tones and loads of sarcasm - are a few hints that you can look out for.

Famously tight-lipped to the media, much of what we have gleaned about her life so far has been, detective-work style, through grainy paparazzi images and questionable sources quoted in tabloids.

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